Online Course: Learn How to Design for 3D Printing

For those of you who still haven’t dipped your foot into the 3D printing pool, Netherlands-based online education platform Addmio is offering a comprehensive online course on the subject. The 3D Printing for Entrepreneurs training will have you “Learn how to design for 3D printing, find your perfect application, and launch your 3D printing startup,” the company writes.

We leave out all the useless stuff and marketing stories. We’re not here to sell you 3D printers or materials, we’re here to help you create a successful 3D printing business. We took 5 years of work floor experience and condensed it into a 3 day course.

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Not mentioned in the video are the 3D printing methods they’re covering, which are:

– Plastic extrusion (FDM/FFF)

– Plastic sintering (SLS/MJF)

– Stereolithography (SLA/DLP)

– Metal melting (SLM/LPBF)

The course has already been successfully Kickstarted, and that’s where you can sign up. At press time a few of the $90 early-bird price slots were still available, and once they’re gone it goes up to $105. There’s still 5 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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