Online Gig Platforms Allow Designers as Young as 13 to Earn Money

While some states are starting to open up, not everyone’s eager to go out and risk infection. If you’re among the many Americans still staying at home, and you’ve got a creative teenager that’s bouncing off the walls, here’s a potential solution.

Fiverr is an online portal for freelancers, i.e. some company needs a logo, and they can pick from the signed-up designers pitching their services. (They offer other services too, but we’re only concerned with design here.) I was shocked to learn that their age limit for participating is 13!

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I was thinking if I was 13 and trapped in my parents’ house, and interested in design, I could be talked into working on a portfolio (with some guidance) just to pass the time. The carrot would be if I could actually land a freelance project and earn my own money.

Fiverr competitor AnyTask‘s age limit is a nearby 14.

If you try this and it actually works, be sure to let us know.

“I’ll say it again, Robert: Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick TWO.”

Source: core77

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