Open-Source Design for a Biodegradable Prescription Pill Bottle Made from Paper

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For those taking prescription medications, plastic is likely the only vessel they come in–and some 90% of them are not recycled, according to Tikkun Olam Makers, an Israel-based collective dedicated to solving social and environmental problems. Thus they’ve created the Prescription Paper Pill Bottle:

“The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle, a first of its kind, is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Its open-source design adheres to FDA regulations for durability, light, water, and child resistance. It’s available to any pharmacy for filling prescription tablets and capsules. Once used then emptied, the paper bottle can be tossed into any compostable bin with its Rx label to decompose and be reused as fertilizer to safely replenish the soil in fields, gardens, and landscapes.”

I wondered how they’d pulled off the childproofing bit, and here’s their solution:

The open-source design can be downloaded as an .stl file, with attendant images and assembly instructions, here.

Source: core77

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