“optimistic as f*ck” : AFYE ep.152

How’s that for a way to kick off the new season of the podcast? Yes, after an almost year long personal hiatus, ART FOR YOUR EAR is back! I’m shaking things up a little, and instead of interviewing artists about their personal journeys – from childhood till present – I’ve recruited a group of creative experts to be my co-hosts! We’ll be digging deep into the nitty gritty of being Artists {with a capital A} covering a huge range of topics from self-doubt to business plans. We’ll also laugh a lot. Speaking of which, my first co-host is the always hilarious and fabulous Ashley Longshore. Ashley requested we kick this season off by getting real. As she said, “it ain’t all sunshine and roses… but it’s about getting up and getting stuff done when it’s raining.” There were also a few fishing analogies in there too, but we’ll get to those! You can listen right up there under those pink jeans, or subscribe on iTunes.

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Here’s a rundown of everything you heard about on this episode… paintings, Instagram posts, and links. Let’s start with Ashley making an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers:

Yep, that’s Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, beside her too. Okay, I know she didn’t make a big deal of this on the episode, but as a daily viewer of Seth’s show… yeah, this blew my mind. An artist on late night TV. Hell, YES! Moving on. DVF NYC:

Ah, this is such a fantastic project! Ashley has now painted 49 powerful women in collaboration with fashion design icon Diane Von Furstenberg… and I have a feeling there will be more coming. There’s just too many extraordinary women to celebrate! {Mmhm.. that’s Ashley hanging out with Gloria Steinem, Diane, and Chouchou Namagabe, an outspoken Congolese radio journalist and co-founder of the South Kivu Women’s Media Association.}

How does Ashley make all of this stuff happen? She works really, really hard… see:

Ha! Had to throw that last one in given the theme of her most recent watercolor sketchbook. If you follow her on Instagram {you do, right!?}, you’ll notice that Ashley is never not working. Most of the time she’s painting, but when she’s not actually at the easel, she’s emailing, promoting, going to meetings, or traveling. In fact, sometimes she’s traveling to New York to be the official artist-in-residence for Fashion Week. WHAT?

YASSS! Ashley was painting as models walked the runway at Christian Siriano‘s show… art and fashion, literally hand in hand.

Up next… Warren Buffet, Oprah and Rihanna:

Yep. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with gettin’ paid.

Oooh, Ashley’s NEW art book – I DO NOT COOK, I DO NOT CLEAN, I DO NOT FLY COMMERCIAL. Did we even talk about this?

I’m not sure we even got to this, but I did ask Ashley to mail me a signed copy… which I’m going to GIVE TO ONE OF YOU! It is big, beautiful, hilarious, and filled cover-to-cover with Ashley’s gorgeous work. Just leave a comment below, and I’ll draw one name and announce the winner on next week’s podcast. And with that, I’ll say thank you Ashley for her hilarious, joy-filled, honest conversation; huge thanks to THRIVE for raising their hand to help support ART FOR YOUR EAR; and of course, thank you for listening ~ Danielle

ps. This is Che Che:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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