Optography: Preserving a Dead Person’s Last Sight

In 1924, Germany was rocked by a sensational case of multiple homicide. Fritz Heinrich Angerstein, a resident of Limberg, Germany, had brutally killed his family including the household staff in a murder-suicide attempt gone terribly wrong. Angerstein's horrifying spree began with the murder of his wife, followed by a botched suicide attempt on his part. He then turned his violence towards his mother-in-law, justifying his actions by citing her mistreatment of his ailing wife as the cause of his anger.

Angerstein did not stop there; he also took the life of his maidservant, which he later stated was due to her culinary mishaps and general disapproval of her behavior. By the time the carnage came to an end, Angerstein had claimed the lives of eight individuals, which included his sister-in-law, the bookkeeper, the clerk, the gardener, and his assistant.

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Source: amusingplanet.com

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