Origami Rack's Fold-Flat 1,000-Pound-Capacity Shelving Unit

A company called Origami Rack makes a variety of fold-flat objects: Carts, desks and shelving. I was looking at one of the latter, their R5 unit…

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…and wondering what application this could possibly have; the similar but non-folding racks I’ve got in the basement are needed as racks all of the time, and never need to be folded up.

Then it occurred to me: There are plenty of organization projects I can think of where you need to temporarily remove a lot of items from a unit to re-sort them—imagine re-organizing a bookshelf, pantry, workstation etc.—and I think this would come in handy there. Maybe not something I’d spend the $139 on, but for one of those professional organizers that go to people’s houses to straighten their stuff out, I think this would be perfect.

The manufacturer says the R5 will hold 1,000 pounds—without the wheels, that is. Adding the casters drops the load capacity down to just 300 pounds.

Source: core77

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