Otters Are One Of The Cutest Animals, Here Are 148 Pics To Prove It

Otters have earned the reputation of being one of the most adorable animals on the internet, and deservingly so. Even though otters are predators in the wild, they possess a natural talent for striking some of the cutest, funniest, and most photogenic poses for the camera.

There are quite a number of various otter types, with European otters, sea otters, and river otters probably being the most well-known ones. Otters are frolic by nature and like to play with their young ones in the water. Baby otters, who are called pups by the way, learn to swim when they are around two months old. It is always lots of fun watching them play with each other. 

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Otter fur helps them stay warm and dry underwater, and even contributes to their ability to float. Unfortunately, it is also considered highly valuable among people, and that’s why otters have been hunted for many centuries, leading to some species being in danger of extinction. 

You have probably seen many photos of sea otters holding hands while sleeping. Not only does this look sweet, but it is also a means of survival. Otters hold hands and entangle themselves in seaweed to make sure they don’t drift away from the group in their sleep. 

We have collected some of the best pictures of cute otters on the internet that are sure to bring a smile on your face and make you go “Aww, look at this little cutie!” Which one is your favorite?

#1 My Boyfriend’s Reaction When The Otter Let Him Rub Her Belly

Image credits: kingqueefsalot

#2 Baby Otter

Image credits: remarkableintern

#3 Blessed Otter

Image credits: omegasnk

#4 A Zookeeper Gave This Baby Otter A Sock To Keep Warm. She Later Turned It Into A Onesie With Holes For The Hands, Feet, And Tail

Image credits: ral365

#5 Otter Showing It’s Pebble To Everyone

Image credits: reddit73838

#6 Baby Otter Sees Something

Image credits: tweedyourtoast

#7 Baby Otter Taking A Nap

Image credits: SwantonMom

#8 A Baby Otter From A Zoo I Visited

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Image credits: WordedSumo8

#9 This Baby Otter Drinking Milk

Image credits: Axariel

#10 Otterly Adorable

Image credits: dnhellar

#11 How Can You Have A Bad Weekend After Seeing Bixby’s Furry Face?

Image credits: Georgia Aquarium

#12 Baby Otter

Image credits: isaynonowords

#13 Is It Snack Time Already?

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#14 My 10 Year Old Took This Otter Photo

Image credits: SeoulFeminist

#15 An Incredible Five Otter Pups Have Been Born At Auckland Zoo

Image credits: aucklandzoo

#16 Otter In A Hat

Image credits: hootersbutwithcats

#17 Cute Otter At Rescue Centre Near Me

Image credits: XLons

#18 Bath Time

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#19 This Baby Otter In A Tub

Image credits: ProDvorak

#20 Baby Sea Otter

Image credits: OolongOolongOolong

#21 Otter Kits

Image credits: zoonewengland

#22 Otter And His Bae

Image credits: Bongnazi

#23 A Baby Otter Stole My Friend’s Keys

Image credits: iamalgamate

#24 Hands-On Experience With An Otter

Image credits: SuperSeagull01

#25 Sea Otter At The Vet

Image credits:

#26 Dreaming About A Snack

Image credits: friendlyotters

#27 It’s Baxter And Ryer’s Birthday Tomorrow

Image credits: hartley3

#28 Baby Otter Wrapped In Baby Blanket

Image credits: moKatheward

#29 A Cute Otter Puppy

Image credits: PickyIcky1234

#30 These Towels Are Sooo Comfy

Image credits: FloatingOtter

#31 Funny Fact: Usually Hazel And Pushan Can Destroy 200-300 Plastic Balls Per Month

Image credits: leokyiv

#32 Happy Halloween

Image credits: carteltheotter

#33 I Took This Picture Of A Yawning Otter. Hopefully Otters Aren’t Too Played Out Around Here

Image credits: VFAGB

#34 Tazzy Says Hello

Image credits: vanaqua

#35 Comfy

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#36 Cute Otter

Image credits: otter_kinaco

#37 Mr. Bingo, Please Return My iPhone

Image credits: bingo_the_otter

#38 Most Recently An Otter Cub Was Brought To Us

He was found circling in a pond, and after a quick health check was swiftly returned to see if mum would come back for him. Unfortunately, she had long gone, so came into our care for a few days before being taken to UK Otter Trust, where he was paired with another otter similar in size and is due for release in the next couple of weeks!! The Eurasian otter is found all across the UK. Sadly, they are classified as Near Threatened due to the pollution of our rivers, habitat destruction, and fishing. Otters can get caught in fishing nets or lines, which causes restriction injuries or can even drown them. Please dispose of your fishing equipment responsibly, you can refer to the Angling Trusts & RSPCA’s guidance on correct disposal methods, this will not only help otters but all marine life affected by this potentially lethal litter. Otters are actually a fantastic sign a river is healthy and has plenty of fish stocks! So protecting them and their habitat will have a positive impact on the entire food chain, including us!! If you find an otter cub alone, do not approach (unless injured), monitor from a distance and if mum does not return, you can ring the UK Otter Trust directly or contact us for further guidance and advice.

Image credits: Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre

#39 Cutie

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#40 Happy Rescueversary Jojo! Joey Was Rescued On This Day Two Years Ago

Image credits: Vancouver Aquarium

#41 New Baby Otter At The Monterey Aquarium

Image credits: billy_bose

#42 My Mornings Usually Start Not With Coffee But With Hazel Sleeping On My Shoulder

Image credits: friendlyotters

#43 After A Long Day’s Work

Image credits: uso_otter

#44 Chonky Boy

Image credits: otterdeli

#45 Mocha Looks Like A Baby Dinosaur

Image credits: otters.home

#46 Bath Time With A Rubber Duck

Image credits: nork421

#47 I Work At A Tropical Zoo In Denmark, Our Otter Family Got A Bit Bigger This Week

Image credits: horse12

#48 Sea Otters

Image credits: aquarium_zoo

#49 Surprise Otter

Image credits: In_Otter_News2

#50 Cute Otter

Image credits: Vancouver Aquarium

#51 Here’s An Otter Dressed As A Shark

Image credits: Plsdepositeme

#52 Meet Edison Saldivar Valdez, Cutest Otter Ever

Image credits: EdisonSaldivarValdez

#53 Otter Maru

Image credits: usomaru317

#54 Uso The Otter

Image credits: uso_otter

#55 Cuties

Image credits: hirakawazoo

#56 Otter Tsubumi

Image credits: otter_tsubumi_kawauso

#57 Cute Otter Baby

Image credits: Only-Role

#58 Chilling With My Brother

Image credits: otter_kinaco

#59 Time To Eat

Image credits: kawauso_sakura

#60 What A Cute Lookin’ Bunch

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#61 Cutie

Image credits: ottersfig

#62 It Looks Good

Image credits: otterdeli

#63 Boop Me Please!

Image credits: ottersanctum

#64 Cute Otter

Image credits: kawauso_chura

#65 Otters Like Snow! Nom Nom Nom

Image credits: Eric Kilby

#66 Asian Small Clawed Otter Holding A Stick

Image credits: tongue_kiss

#67 Otter With A Hat

Image credits: otter_kotaro_hana

#68 Little Otter

Image credits: exterrashop

#69 Eurasian Pup

Image credits: Marena84

#70 Otter Wearing A Hat

Image credits: 702neor

#71 Cute Otter With Toy

Image credits: Doomgriever

#72 Hello There

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#73 Tsumuri

Image credits: zoocafe_HARRY

#74 Sea Otter Cinder, Now 5 Weeks Old, Was Found Orphaned In Alaska Last Month. The 5-Pound Pup Is Now Receiving Care At SeaWorld In San Diego

Image credits: KTLA

#75 3 Youngsters

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#76 Do You Have Any Games On Your Phone?

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#77 A Little Derp

Image credits: friendlyotters

#78 After Shower Photos

Image credits: otter_joe

#79 His Name Is Maple

Image credits: uso_otter_second

#80 Just Chillin’

Image credits: cbulle8

#81 Waiting For Those Belly Rubs

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#82 Angry Otter On Top Of A Ladies Head

Image credits: Bibbus

#83 Just A Cute Whittle Baby Otta

Image credits: PandaMuffin1

#84 Hey There

Image credits: OtterBeginner

#85 Brothers Sleepy Time

Image credits: ramu_kawauso

#86 Cute Little Musician

Image credits: otter_for_adoption_

#87 With His Blanket

Image credits: otterofgram

#88 ITAP Baby Otter

Image credits: Bobert1025

#89 Cute Otter

Image credits: yuki.otter

#90 Otter Sakura

Image credits: kawauso_sakura

#91 Otter

Image credits: Tom Page

#92 Otter

Image credits: saitama_aquarium

#93 Otter

Image credits: MotorScience14

#94 Happy Otter

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#95 Newborn Otters

Image credits: yuki.otter

#96 The North Carolina Aquarium Needs Help Naming This 3 Otter Pups

Image credits: evilottergames

#97 I Got To See Sea Otters

Image credits: future_beach_bum

#98 Meet Lincoln, President Of Sea Pups, Winner Of The Pupular Vote

Image credits: @OregonZoo

#99 Lazy Sunday

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#100 Tell Me A Story

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#101 Need To Work On My Summer Body

Image credits: otter_kinaco

#102 Do Not Disturb Me While I’m Sleeping

Image credits: friendlyotters

#103 Hello Everyone, I’m Joe

Image credits: otter_joe

#104 There Is The World’s Most Cozy Coach In My Living Room

Image credits: hazel_pushan

#105 This Is Kira-Chan Talking. By The Way, Her Voice Sounds Like Donald Duck

Image credits: yu_mofulavia

#106 It’s My Duck!

Image credits: otterinheart

#107 High-Five

Image credits: otter_tsubumi_kawauso

#108 Two Cuties

Image credits: nork421

#109 Cute Otter In A Cute Bucket

Image credits: roseh.ale

#110 This Is For All The Rialto Fans – Of Which There Are Many

Image credits: Vancouver Aquarium

#111 I Have Had A Lot Of Stress Going On Lately, But I Just Went To The Zoo With A Bunch Of Family, So That Was Great Being With Them! Saw Cute Otters And Got To Stroke A Goat

Image credits: PlantZexias

#112 Cute Otter

Image credits: goji99

#113 Grrr

Image credits: otter_unagi

#114 Cute Otter

Image credits: otter_joe

#115 Folks Travel For Miles Just To See This Smile

Image credits: Oregon Coast Aquarium

#116 Peekin’ Out At Monday Like

Image credits: Brookfield Zoo

#117 Otter

Image credits: natsume.hatsume

#118 Otter

Image credits: kotsumate_fuk

#119 Nero The Otter

Image credits: nerodeotter

#120 Mother Sacrifices Her Firstborn To A Vengeful God

Image credits: KnifeFed

#121 Baby River Otter I’m Currently Rehabbing

Image credits: skunkangel

#122 We All Need A Hug… And Kisses Too

Image credits: carteltheotter

#123 Just A Cute Otter Picture

Image credits: Z3ph24

#124 A Happy Couple Enjoying Eachotter’s Company At Our Backyard Pond

Image credits: BoydsWillBeBoyds

#125 Otter With A Ball

Image credits: Shedd Aquarium

#126 Otters Sleep While Floating On Water So They Hold Each Other’s Paws So They Don’t Drift Apart

Image credits: -_Anonymous__-

#127 Cute Little Otter With A Bow Tie

Image credits: meeturself

#128 Missed Her Breakfast Again

Image credits: friendlyotters

#129 Sharing The Snoozing Spot

Image credits: uso_otter

#130 Hey There

Image credits: otterhuinos

#131 Playing Dead During The Leash Training

Image credits: davin.mumu.oci_pets

#132 Piper Enjoying Her Corn Food Enrichment

Image credits: Otters03S

#133 Snow Time

Image credits: Seattle Aquarium

#134 Having A Good Nap

Image credits: davin.mumu.oci_pets

#135 Ramu The Otter

Image credits: ramu_kawauso

#136 Otters

Image credits: saishiba_

#137 What’s Better Than Sea Otters And Pumpkins

From putting snacks in skulls to enriching aquatic shelters to explore and food puzzles out of pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, the animals from otters to reef fish have new sights, smells, and tastes to explore.

Image credits: shedd_aquarium

#138 Hi, I’m Dr. Cheeks. I’m Doing My Rounds And I’m A Little Behind

Image credits: Gillzter10

#139 Oh Hai

Image credits: Icondesigns

#140 Relaxing

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#141 ITAP Of A Sleepy Sea Otter In Alaska

Image credits: RenovatedBeef

#142 Happiest

Image credits: otter_kinaco

#143 Really Tired After Gym

Image credits: kawauso_sakura

#144 Favorite Toilet Paper Core. Right, You Can’t Eat It

Image credits: otter_gomagoro

#145 Pet Me Hooman

Image credits: zoocafe.harry

#146 Summer Look

Image credits: otter_joe

#147 Bingo The Otter

Image credits: bingo_the_otter

#148 Do You Like My New Hat?

Image credits: the_ottergram


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