Our Favorite (Weird or Unusual) Designs from 2018

How’s your NYE hangover going? If the room’s stopped spinning and you can stand some brain-benders, here are some fine examples of outside-of-the-box design thinking.

A Mechanical Flipdot Tetris Machine

Panasonic’s Noise-Canceling Office Blinders

A Pillow Designed for People Who Wear Glasses

A Set of Extra, Wearable Legs for On-Demand Seating

Noah Deledda’s Incredible Hand-Formed Aluminum Cans

How Rich People Board Their Private Jets: Via Elevator

A Look at the Amazing Expandable “Wax Trucks” of National Ski Teams

An Innovative Way to Carry Heavy Items: The Monowalker Fatmate

High-End Portable Booze Storage: Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender’s Trunks

What Would U.S. Money Look Like, Given the Proper Attention of an Industrial Designer?

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Source: core77

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