Outside-of-the-Box Designs Spotted in 2022

In no particular order, these are the designs we saw in 2022 that demonstrated the most outside-of-the-box thinking.

A Sticky Wall Clock

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An Off-Road Electric Bike–With Gas Tanks in the Wheels

Impressive Bicycle-Mounted Beer Stabilizer

A Self-Closing Jar

Clever DIY Self-Closing Gate Mechanisms

Ergonomically Superior Rotating Nail Clippers

A Bike Rack that Keeps Your Saddle Dry

Rack-less Solution for Bike Transport: A Scalable Suction Cup System

Hankook’s Omnidirectional WheelBot Could Change the Future of Auto Design

A Simple Roof Rack Alternative for Skis and Snowboards

This Flying Car Re-Orients Like Boba Fett’s Slave One

Clever Design for a Rotating-Top Dump Truck

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Retrofittable Tandem Shower Head Lands $650K in Crowdfunding

Lightweight Concrete Spiral Staircase Cast in 3D-Printed Molds

Drone Swarms that Can 3D Print While Flying

The Cleverly Designed Optic Portable Laser Cutter

Cabinet Design, When No Boards or Sheet Goods are Available

A Strut-Free, Skewed Shelf Storage System

A Multifunctional Scoop Stretcher That Transforms Into a Wheelchair

Screen Door Alternative to Keep Bugs Out: “Fly Curtains”

How the Harinacs Staple-less Stapler Works

Nail-Clipping Aid for Non-Compliant Cats: The Mofumofu Mask

The Most Unusual Walkman Design: The Toshiba Walky

Image: Cassette Players Walkman Blog

A Self-Collapsing Tissue Box

Infant Evacuation Vests and Aprons

The Tushy Travel: A Portable Bidet

Garbage Can Designs That Ditch the “Can” Part to Save Material

Clever Design for an Ultra Lightweight Camping Air Pump: The Schnozzel Pumpbag

Eyeglasses with Metal-Free, Elastic Cord Hinges

An Unusual Design for the Haircut Cape

The Ultimate Boot-Cleaning Machine: Walk-Through Style

Floodworx: Smart Design for Easier Flood Protection

Eyejusters: Self-Adjustable Reading Glasses

Low-Tech Eyeglasses with User-Adjustable Water Lenses

Thoughtful Design: A Thumbtack that Doesn’t Actually Pierce the Paper

Industrial Designer Creates Two-Piece, Attachable Engagement/Wedding Ring

The Pocket Shot: An Innovative, Dangerous Circular Slingshot

Redesigned Fire Extinguisher is Shaped Like a Steering Wheel, Worn Like a Shield

Using Balloons to Suspend an Ultra-Long, Moving Pesticide Hose

Moderately Silly Book Tree Might Actually be Useful for Reference

A Tactile Desk Calendar That Doubles as a Ruler

A Pickup Truck Bed Extender Alternative Made from Fabric and Straps

An Architect’s Outside-the-Box Space Saving Furniture Designs

An Upside-Down Power Strip Keeps Dust Out

McDonald’s Bathroom Sink with Smartphone Washing Station

Parasitic Signage Uses Light from Existing Sources

That’s it from me! See you next year.

Source: core77

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