Over 1,000 Urge Canadian Art Institutions to End Collaboration With Israel-funded Cultural Activities

This week, over 1,000 Canadian cultural workers and artists signed an open letter in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation, urging “Canadian art organizations and institutions to end any form of collaboration with Israeli state-financed and sponsored art and cultural activities with Israel.”

Written in French and English, the missive comes as a response to recent weeks of escalating violence in the region and debates in Canada over local media coverage of the events. Over 250 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces; Israel says the attacks were a response to rockets launched by Hamas, which killed at least a dozen people. The latest bloodshed marks the deadliest attack in the occupied territories since 2014. In response, thousands flooded the streets of Canadian cities to demonstrate their support for Palestinians, urging the Canadian government to impose military and economic sanctions on Israel. Meanwhile, journalists and cultural workers have amplified their demands for nuanced coverage from the nation’s news organizations.

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Earlier this month, over 2,000 signed an “open letter to Canadian newsrooms on covering Israel-Palestine,” beseeching more “fair and balanced coverage” on the occupation. After signing the document, two journalists from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), the country’s national broadcaster, were barred from covering the Israel-Palestine conflict. A CBC spokesperson told VICE World News that the organization’s decision was to assure “editorial distance between signatories (of the letter) and our daily coverage for the near future.”

But opposition to the Canadian media’s approach to the conflict has been ongoing for many years. In 2017, legal scholar Azeezah Kanji wrote an opinion article in the Toronto Star following former US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, condemning the mainstream Canadian media’s failure to properly contextualize Israeli occupation in its coverage.

In today’s open letter, artists and cultural workers likewise call upon the Canadian media to reform its coverage, saying: “It is time to end the decades of suppression of the Palestinian narrative by the Canadian media and political interest groups.”

Read the full statement in English and French below.

* * *

We, the undersigned Canadian artists and cultural workers, support the Palestinian people in their seven decades of struggle for freedom, liberation, and the Palestinian refugees’ right of return. We call upon the Canadian government to impose military and economic sanctions on Israel and end its complicity in the oppression of Palestinians.

We are deeply shocked by the recent developments on the ground in Palestine/Israel — the fourth bombardment since 2009 in Gaza. The death toll of 260 lives, including 62 children, and the random destruction of residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and infrastructure, constitute war crimes. Enough is enough. The two million Palestinians in Gaza, over 70% of whom are refugees, forcibly expelled from their homes during the establishment of the state of Israel, have also suffered a brutal land, air, and sea blockade imposed by Israel since 2007. Since 2018, people in Gaza have held weekly marches in the Israeli military buffer zone, insisting and demanding to fulfill their right to return to their villages across the dividing border.

In the West Bank, Israel continues its illegal military occupation, dispossession, and displacement of Palestinians, manifested in the forceful expulsion of Palestinians from their homes, the demolition of thousands of homes, the seizure of land, and the building of illegal Israeli-Jewish settlement colonies, and Israeli-only roads. The military occupation system has also fragmented the Palestinian community with 700 kilometers of a 9-meter high concrete wall and hundreds of military checkpoints, controlling the Palestinians’ movements, social and cultural connectivity, and economic activities. In addition, thousands of Palestinians have been incarcerated in Israeli prisons, and the occupation forces terrorize civilians with regular night raids. In Israel, the current violence carried out by Israeli police and Israeli Jewish citizens against the Palestinian citizens of Israel, including lynching, shooting, attacking, arresting, and marking homes of Palestinians, reveals decades of systemic discrimination against indigenous Palestinians.

Let us name it for what it is: apartheid and settler colonialism with the aim of ethnic cleansing.

Silence in times of injustice is tantamount with complicity with the oppressor. The latest reports by Human Rights Watch and the Israeli human rights organization, B’Tselem, clearly demonstrate with rigorous research that Israel is committing war crimes.

We support the international Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli companies and organizations and the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) and call upon Canadian art organizations and institutions to end any form of collaboration with Israeli state-financed and sponsored art and cultural activities with Israel. We declared our support for the historic South African fight against apartheid – the same should apply to Palestine’s struggle against the Israeli apartheid state.

It is time to end the decades of suppression of the Palestinian narrative by the Canadian media and political interest groups. We are moved to speak out against the ongoing violence and destruction of the Palestinian people’s homes, their natural environment, farmlands, and resources. We are furthermore determined to work towards the end of the dehumanization of the Palestinian people as a result of decades of support that has been given to the settler-colonial state of Israel.

                                                                      * * *

Déclaration des artistes et travailleur·euse·s culturel·le·s canadien·ne·s en soutien à la lutte du peuple palestinien contre l’occupation militaire, le siège, la colonisation et l’apartheid

Nous, les artistes et travailleur·euse·s culturel·le·s canadien·ne·s soussigné·e·s, soutenons le peuple palestinien dans ses sept décennies de lutte pour la liberté, la libération et le droit de retour des réfugié·e·s palestinien·ne·s. Nous demandons au gouvernement canadien d’imposer des sanctions militaires et économiques à Israël et de mettre fin à sa complicité dans l’oppression des Palestinien·ne·s.

Nous sommes profondément choqué·e·s par les récents développements sur le terrain en Palestine/Israël – le quatrième bombardement depuis 2009 à Gaza. Le bilan de 260 morts, dont 62 enfants, et la destruction aléatoire de bâtiments résidentiels, d’hôpitaux, d’écoles et d’infrastructures constituent des crimes de guerre. Trop, c’est trop. Les deux millions de Palestinien·ne·s de Gaza, dont plus de 70 % sont des réfugié·e·s, expulsé·e·s de force de leurs foyers lors de la création de l’État d’Israël, subissent également un violent blocus terrestre, aérien et maritime imposé par Israël depuis 2007.  Depuis 2018, les habitant·e·s de Gaza organisent des marches hebdomadaires dans la zone tampon militaire israélienne en exigeant de pouvoir réaliser leur droit au retour dans leurs villages, de l’autre côté de la frontière.

En Cisjordanie, Israël poursuit son occupation militaire illégale, la dépossession et le déplacement des Palestinien·ne·s, qui se manifestent par l’expulsion forcée des Palestinien·ne·s, la démolition de milliers de maisons, la saisie de terres, et la construction de colonies de peuplement illégales israélo-juives ainsi que de routes réservées aux Israélien·ne·s. Le système d’occupation militaire a également fragmenté la communauté palestinienne avec 700 kilomètres de mur en béton de 9 mètres de haut et des centaines de points de contrôle militaires, limitant les mouvements des Palestinien·ne·s, leurs liens sociaux et culturels, ainsi que leurs activités économiques. En outre, des milliers de Palestinien·ne·s ont été incarcéré·e·s dans les prisons israéliennes et les forces d’occupation terrorisent les civil·e·s par des raids nocturnes réguliers. En Israël, la violence actuelle exercée par la police israélienne et les citoyen·ne·s juif·ve·s israélien·ne·s contre les citoyen·ne·s palestinien·ne·s d’Israël, y compris le lynchage, les tirs, les attaques, les arrestations et le marquage des maisons des Palestinien·ne·s, révèle des décennies de discrimination systémique contre les Palestinien·ne·s autochtones.

Nous devons appeler cela pour ce que c’est : l’apartheid et le colonialisme de peuplement dans le but d’un nettoyage ethnique.

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Le silence en période d’injustice équivaut à une complicité avec l’oppresseur. Les derniers rapports de Human Rights Watch et de l’organisation israélienne de défense des droits de la personne, B’Tselem, démontrent clairement, grâce à des recherches rigoureuses, qu’Israël commet des crimes de guerre.

Nous soutenons le mouvement international de boycott, désinvestissement et sanctions (BDS) contre les entreprises et organisations israéliennes, ainsi que la Campagne palestinienne pour le boycott académique et culturel d’Israël (PACBI), et nous demandons aux organisations et institutions artistiques canadiennes de mettre fin à toute forme de collaboration avec les activités artistiques et culturelles financées et parrainées par l’État israélien. Nous avons déclaré notre soutien à la lutte historique de l’Afrique du Sud contre l’apartheid – il devrait en être de même pour la lutte de la Palestine contre l’État d’apartheid israélien.

Il est temps de mettre fin aux décennies de suppression du récit palestinien par les médias canadiens et les groupes d’intérêts politiques. Nous sommes déterminé·e·s à dénoncer la violence et la destruction continues des maisons du peuple palestinien, de son environnement naturel, de ses terres agricoles et de ses ressources. Nous sommes en outre déterminé·e·s à œuvrer dans le but de mettre fin à la déshumanisation du peuple palestinien, résultat de décennies de soutien à l’État colonial d’Israël.




b.h. Yael

Vicki A. Lee

Alessandra Abballe

Nuzhat Abbas

Hiba Abdallah

Reem Abdel-Jabbar

Randa Abdelkarim

Rita Abdul-Malak

Iqra Abid

Manar Abo Touk

Jude Abu Zaineh

Benjamin Abu-Halaga

Amera Abunada

Ibrahim Abusitta

Moeen Abuzaid

Colectiva Abya Yala Toronto

El Achek Maïmouna

Guillaume Adjutor Provost

Allyson Adley

Sarah Adly

Elorm Agbeyaka

Aaditya Aggarwal

zahra agjee

Julie Agro

Carmen Aguirre

Binish Ahmed

Hafsa Ahmed

Farah Ahmed

Fatima Aijaz

Suezan Aikins

Nadia Akbarali

Saba Akhtar

Mina Akida

Kenda Al Yakobi

Hsain Al

Rajah Al Sur

Saad Al-Hakkak

Shatha Al-Husseini

asmaa al-issa

Banaan Al-Nasser

Sama Al-Zanoon

Jaser Alagha

Rusaba Alam

Sofia Alarcon

Noor Ale

Robin Alex McDonald

Ghadi AlGhoul

Mona Ali

Samiya Ali

Ashna Ali

April Aliermo

Tamara Alissa

Syeda Alizay Fatima

Teyama Alkamli

Dina Alkassim

Lauren Allen

Lou Allexxis Amores

Leila Almawy

Rima AlSalah

Razan AlSalah

And Also Too

Russell Alton

Meryem Altundal

Kris Alvarez

Scotty Alveberg

Aida Alves

Basil AlZeri

Zainab Amadahy

Golboo Amani

Sarah Amarica

Jessie Amery

Naimah Amin

Olia Amish he no

Marc Andre Mahood

Janice Andreae

Chris Andrews

Sara Angelucci

Thu Anh Nguyen

Sam Anis

Amina Anjum

Rotem Anna Diamant

Sarah Anne Murphy

Nariman Ansari

Robert Anthony O’Halloran

Robert Anthony O’Halloran

Alex Apostolidis

Alex Apostolidis

Brittney Appleby

Stephen Appleby-Barr

Ashfa Aqeel

Maheen Aqeel

Pamela Arancibia

Justin Aranha

Jade Armstrong

Jacqui Arntfield

Jessica Arseneau

221A Artist Run Centre Society, Vancouver/Unceded Territories

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Sahar Ashraf

Michelle Ashurov

Magdalyn Asimakis

Magdalyn Asimakis

Sonny Assu

Monica Attanasio

Stephen Attong

Jennifer Awad

Elias Ayoub

Hannah Azar Strauss

Mailyne B.

Nedda Baba

Brit Bachmann

Ali Badshah

Althea Balmes

Sharlene Bamboat

Ana Barajas

Rachel Barclay

Kate Barry

Kaia Barth-Lessard

Alana Bartol

Sarah Bassnett

Riley Bataillard

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Christina Battle

Mel bauer

Mackenzie Bedford

Simon Belleau

Racquel Belmonte

Manel Benchabane

Kat Benedict

Kat Benedict

Xenia Benivolski

Yuula Benivolski

Ron Benner

Khosro Berahmandi

Khosro Berahmandi

Adi Berardini

Jessica Bernard

Amber Berson

Jennifer Bertrand

Karl Beveridge

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Jayce Salloum

Huthaifa Salman

Mira Salti Jen Budney

Razan Samara

Sheila Sampath

Julian Samuel

Amery Sandford

Aman Sandhu

Aqsa Sardar

Tamira Sawatzky

Jeremy Saya

Alice Schoenberg

Michael Schreier

Sabrina Scott

Marissa Sean Cruz

Justin Seiji Waddell

Michaëlle Sergile

Alysha Seriani

Iso Setel

Meera Sethi

Anah Shabbar

Anna Shah Hoque

Lana Shaheen

Fatimah Shahid

Fatimah Shahid

Sam Shahsahabi

Shafia Shaikh

Bhavika Sharma

Camille-Mary Sharp

Sid Sharp

Brittany Shepherd

Rahma Shere

Sarah sheridan

Katrina Shirley

Amy Siegel

Amélia Simard

Robin Simpson

Dominique Sirois

Haema Sivanesan

Kathy Slade

Jessica Slipp

Sharon Sliwinski

Jennifer Smith

SD Smith

UNIT/PITT Society for Art and Critical Awareness

Tabban Soleimani

Dahae Song

Min Sook Lee

Florencia Sosa Rey

Marie Sotto

Michelle Soulliere

Genne Speers

James Spencer

Veronica Spiljak

Stefan Spirodon Christoff

Danielle St Amour

Kristine St-Pierre

Stefan St. Laurent

Brian St. Denis

Jason St. Laurent

Mattieau St.Cyr

Jel Stankovic

Patricia Staples

Orvis Starkweather

Katharine Stein

Madison Sterling

Erin StJohn

Andrea Stokes

Lauren Strybos

Nicole Sudiacal

Max Suillerot

Christopher Sumpton

Leyla Sutherland

Blair Swann

Meaghan Sweeney

Rabeea Syed

Maria Sylvia

Vanessa T

Nawang T. Kinkar

Eve Tagny

Eve Tagny

Maria Tahir

Ayan Tani

Riri Tariq

May Tartoussy

Saint Tawfik

Anna Taylor

Emily Taylor

mateya taylor

Polina Teif

Sarah Teixeira

Jihane Theocharides

Paula Thiessen

Jeff Thomas

Kathleen thomas

Samira Thomas

Spencer Thompson

Daisy Thompson

Cameron Thorpe

Alanna Thurgood

Cara Tierneh

Magnus Tiesenhausen

Namrata Tilokani

Mathew Tommy

Alia Toor

Michael Toppings

Siram Tortumlu

Esra Tortumlu

Faten Toubasi

Larry Towell Austin Henderson

Alana Traficante

The Truth & Dare Project

Julie Tucker

Dot Tuer

Dot Tuer

Svetla Turnin

Laura U. Marks

Shuheda Uddin

Ris V. Rose (Karisa Bili)

Aishah Vakily

Wanda vanderStoop

Indu Vashist

Mercedes Ventura

Claudia Vergara

Bri Vermeer

Tamlin Vetter

Sarah Vezina

Andi Vicente

Aaron Vidaver

Erica Violet Lee

Alma Visscher

Tam-Ca Vo-Van

Michaela Volpe

Matthew Volpe

Kristijonas Voveris

Greg Wadden

Dominique Wakeland

Rinaldo Walcott

Ellyn Walker

Geneviève Wallen

amanda wan

Theresa Wang

Loren Wang

Stanley Wany

Leia Warren

Ashley Watson

Tobaron Waxman

Tobaron Waxman

Kathy Wazana

Jimmy Weaver

Mercedes Webb

Morgan Wedderspoon

Natalie Wee

April White

Aysha White

Natasha Whyte-Gray

David Widgington

David Widgington

b wijshijer

Jayne Wilkinson

Jayne Wilkinson

Greg Williams

Nic Wilson

Michelle Wilson

Diane Wong

Rita Wong

Fan Wu

Laura Wythe

Joy Xiang

Liz Xu

Ariel Yang

Sayem Yar Khan

Bo yeung

Su Ying Strang

Sungpil Yoon

Ayah Yousef

ibraheem youssef

Clare Yow

Chelsea Yuill

Sonia Zafar

Tina Zafreen Alam

Mariam Zaidi

Karen Zalamea

Josema Zamorano

Jordan Zanni

Mars Zaslavsky

Shaheer Zazai

Andrew Zealley

Evleen Zeidan

Shellie Zhang

Alize Zorlutuna










Source: Hyperallergic.com

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