Over-the-Top, Powered "Computer Cockpits"

A company called Cluvens makes these bonkers “computer cockpits,” workstations that go a long way to get rid of a conventional desk:

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That’s their entry-level ($3,400) SK Scorpion model. The angle of recline and monitor height is power-adjustable:

The pivoting table-arms are manually adjustable:

Their Manticore model ($3,500) lacks the scorpion styling but is a touch wider, and features a genuine leather seat.

The Unicorn model ($3,900) is the Mantircore, but with a heated massage chair.

The Gatling model ($4,200) features fake Gatling guns on either side and is mounted on tank-like treads. The treads are functional but unpowered; you (or your minions) can push the thing forwards or backwards for, I don’t know, exercise.

And if you’re worried all of these are too boring-looking, customization is available.

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Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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