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  • Why artist Barry McGee has no interest in a traditional museum retrospective.
  • A list of the must-see gallery shows in New York this September.
  • See the first trailer for HBO’s new documentary about the high-flying art market.
  • Secrets of the LA art world, Part I: The Hills.
  • David Teiger’s blue-chip art collection could exceed $100 million at Sotheby’s.
  • Richanda Rhoden, a fascinating painter whose work was rarely shown in her lifetime.
  • Is the art world ready for the sanctuary movement?
  • Major London exhibition will spotlight iconic street artist Richard Hambleton.
  • José Parlá’s Amistad América by Osman Can Yerebakan.
  • Art spaces can bridge social divides—but first you need to know your neighbor.
  • What is the real-world value of a left-wing art show?
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is judging an open call for artist-designed coins.
  • Christopher Anderson commissioned from Shenzhen’s Daken Art Organization to capture life in China.
  • Artist Simone Leigh will create a towering bust for the High Line’s first Plinth commission.
  • Can Kansas City’s Open Spaces biennial help bridge the divide in one of America’s most segregated cities?
  • Guggenheim receives $750,000 grant from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for 1960s and ’70s art.
  • Culture pass has New Yorkers reaching for their library cards—but demand is exceeding supply.
  • Conceptual art wasn’t meant to be collected. Now it sells for six figures.
  • New online database of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings offers a template for a more up-to-date resource.
  • Preview Art21’s profile of pioneering sound artist Susan Philipsz in Berlin.
  • Frieze Film 2018 commissions The Otolith Group, Paul Pfeiffer and Lucy Raven.
  • Artists to watch at the Governors Island Art Fair.
  • Can ex-gallerist Joanna Kamm design a more sustainable art fair?
  • These artists reveal the artists they collect.
  • Marvel Comics legend Marie Severin dies at 89.
  • Why I did not see the Picasso show at the Tate Modern.
  • London’s National Portrait Gallery’s steep decline in visitors due to counting error.
  • Why Brexit is a golden opportunity for the U.K. art market.
  • A fraud case against the Academy of Art University in San Francisco can go to trial, judge rules.
  • Shell sponsorship deal with Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum ends.
  • The revealing story of the painting that inspired Julian Schnabel’s new Van Gogh film.
  • A drawing of Van Gogh’s most famous painting Starry Night is being held by Russia.
  • The museum pieces that every school kid in the US needs to see.
  • How two thieves stole thousands of prints from university libraries.
  • The pleasures and pitfalls of starting and sustaining an artist-run gallery.
  • Artists on the materials that inspire and drive their work.
  • The Drawing Center’s new director Laura Hoptman on the big potential of a small museum.
  • Julie Mehretu paints to make sense of a violent and chaotic world.
  • AI-generated art just got its first mainstream gallery show.
  • Street artist Escif is using augmented reality to challenge the boundaries of graffiti.
  • I saw Burning Man art in a museum while not on drugs, and here’s what happened.
  • Is Burning Man’s art relevant off the playa?
  • Experts uncover ‘exciting’ new evidence in Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi painting.
  • The German Expressionists’ shockingly raw work exploded bourgeois values and reinvented art.
  • How brutalist luminary Marcel Breuer became a master of concrete.
  • The Village Voice‘ folds after 60 years of publication.
  • ‘Interview’ Magazine will relaunch in September after Peter Brant essentially repurchased it from himself.
  • How gorgers and grifters have conned the art world for generations.
  • The frescoes in Pompeii’s lavish villas reveal the fabulous lives of ancient Romans.
  • Annie Leibovitz shoots Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti for Vogue.

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