Painted Wolves: Africa's Colorful Carnivores

The painted wolf is neither dog nor wolf and belongs to its own branch in the Canidae family. This elusive species is not well known outside Africa.

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The painted wolves’ mottled coats have splashes of brown, black, white and yellow, and the color pattern is different for every individual, according to National Geographic. The long-legged mammals stand between 30 and 43 inches (76 and 109 centimeters) tall and weigh from 40 to 79 lbs. (18 to 36 kilograms) as adults. Another distinguishing feature is their large round ears that help them pick up the faintest rustlings in the bush.

Every individual painted wold has its own unique coat pattern! Aren’t they adorable?

Image Credits: Charles Sharp/Wikipedia

Source: neatorama

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