Panasonic Is Serious About Their Fancy Electronic Shoe Deodorizer

Say goodbye to putting baking soda and air freshness in your smelly sneakers because Panasonic recently announced, “There’s a machine for that.” The Japanese electronics company’s new MS-DS100 is a shoe deodorizer device that works overnight for up to 7 hours to freshen those smelly, nasty, gross, dank sneakers you’ve been wearing everyday for the past year. 

Below is a closer look at the device’s design. It’s bulky, but its body rests vertically in the shoe, taking up less space than expected. MS-DS100 isn’t wireless, which is slightly strange. The targeted outlets at the bottom release “nanoe X” into the shoe, which we’ll get to unpacking in a moment.

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To use MS-DS100, simply place the device in your shoes, press the power switch and let that baby run overnight for 5-7 hours.

Panasonic states that the device is successful due to the use of “nanoe X”. The mysterious “nanoe X” term refers to an electrostatic atomized water particle Panasonic developed back in 2016, which purifies air and eliminates odor better than typical “nanoe” inclusive products on the market. You can learn more about nanoe X here, but the diagram below explains what happens when the MS-DS100 releases nanoe X ions into shoes:

The MSD100 is definitely not something I’d store on a shelf, but at least it’s easy to clean.

In true Japanese fashion, the level of detail put into this single-use item is unbelievable. It’s unclear whether MS-DS100 is making fun of sneaker culture or completely serious, but given the immense detail included in Panasonic’s online announcement, it’s safe to assume this is as serious as it gets. If you want to see for yourself, the MS-DS10 is launching next month in Japan only.

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