Pants That Let Women Pee and Poop Outside

Chickfly pants are designed for women who want to enjoy the great outdoors without the need to pull down their pants every few hours to void their bladder and/or bowels. Claire Barber, a writer for Outside magazine, wrote about her practical tests of this invention:

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I hung in a climbing harness and let my friend and belayer laugh as I awkwardly grabbed at my crotch and attempted to pee midair. I squatted in various locations, including beside dirt roads and in a snowy canyon. […]

Once you’ve practiced using the fly, the process is the same as any time you pee outdoors—find a comfortable place, squat, and go—but takes half the time. And the major win here is for privacy. You don’t need to pull the pants all the way down to go, and if you’re opening them from the front, your back and sides will be fully covered. When you’re done, the stretchy fabric springs back into place so you never feel exposed for long. Granted, you’re still peeing outside, so privacy is relative, but you avoid the hassle of hoisting your pants back up and mooning other outdoor patrons.

-via TYWKIWDBI | Photo: Chickfly

Source: neatorama

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