Parsons' New Online Design Programs: Product Design Essentials & UX Design Foundations, for $99/Month

The New School’s Parsons School of Design is located in New York City, where you may or may not want to go after the pandemic is over. If you don’t, but would still like to avail yourself of their education, here’s two new online design courses they’re launching:

Product Design Essentials

Product Design Essentials offers an introduction to industrial design and product development that explores the diverse career opportunities tied to these disciplines. Wallpaper*, the world’s number one global design publication, joins as the program’s media partner; helping Parsons and Yellowbrick co-develop the curriculum based on their editorial staff’s considerable expertise and industry connections.

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Focusing on the integration of the design, manufacturing, and marketing components of the product creation process, Product Design Essentials combines interactive learning tools and real-world activities to create a broad and engaging learning experience. The course is built on compelling video lessons taught by world-renowned faculty from Parsons and Wallpaper* editorial staff, as well as experts and insiders from across the industry. Based on their own career trajectories, instructors offer students key insights into various career paths and skills required in industrial design.

UX Design Foundations

UX Design Foundations offers an exploration of the critical stages of the UX – or “user experience” – journey. Learners will receive a thorough introduction to the principles and practices behind UX design, as taught by Parsons faculty and industry experts. The program offers exposure to a range of topics from usability research methods, concepting, wireframing, designing with data, and UX analytics; as well as the latest technologies shaping the future of modern user interface design. UX Design Foundations consists of five course modules: Introduction and Fundamentals of UX, Project Planning and Research, Designing for the User, Visual Design and Feedback, and Designing with Data and New Territories in UX.

Despite the images they’ve provided, above, these courses are 100% online.

Each course consists of five modules, with each module totaling 3-5 hours of presented material; from what we understand, the time to conduct your own assignments is on top of those hours, and is conducted at your own pace. Signing up gives you access to the course materials for one full year, within which you’re expected to complete the program.

Parsons reckons that all told, it will take you 30-40 hours to complete either program.

Both courses cost $999—but if you’re speedy and plan to tear through the courses quickly, you can also choose a $99/month subscription model, potentially saving you a bundle.

Lastly, to be clear, these are non-credit certificate programs.

You can learn more at the links below.

Product Design Essentials

UX Design Foundations

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