Party With Your Friends From The Comfort Of Your Couch With This App

Houseparty is an app that lets you connect (and party) with your friends even if you’re all far away from each other. Houseparty is a free video chat app that lets you play games with friends. The app is a Snapchat-Zoom hybrid, and has been gaining popularity during the pandemic. The Huffington Post has more details: 

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 “It’s a super fun way to host game night with friends,” Woods said. In fact, she and her friends schedule game nights on Houseparty a couple times a week. Woods also pops into the app throughout the day when she’s notified that friends are online. “It’s a quick five minutes of play to break up the day, then I’m back to work.”

If you want to ping someone to come online, you can simply “wave” at them, “kind of like a nudge for those familiar with Words with Friends and other similar games,” Woods said. Once you have a party room open, you can play a game. Woods is partial to the drawing game, in which one person uses their finger to draw a picture of the word at the top of the screen while the other parties try to guess what it is. “There’s also an off-brand Cards Against Humanity-style game (called Chips and Guac) that was OK, but is best for a larger group of five to six,” she said.

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