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Uh, yep, that looks exactly right. Quick personal aside, this is precisely how I felt when I went from being a full-time Creative Director to a full time At-Home Mama. Oof, it was a tricky transition {I burnt a shitload of cookies}. Anywho, this photography series – that clearly strikes a chord with me – is the work of Chicago based artist Patty Carroll. All of these images are from the latest iteration, titled ‘Demise’, of her ongoing series ‘Anonymous Women’. Here is the description from Patty’s site:

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“‘Anonymous Women’, consists of a 3-part series of studio installations made for the camera, addressing women and their complicated relationships with domesticity. By camouflaging the figure in drapery and/or domestic objects, Carroll creates a dark and humorous game of hide-and-seek between her viewers and the Anonymous Woman …

In the latest narratives, “Demise,” the woman becomes the victim of domestic disasters. Her activities, obsessions and objects are overwhelming her. Her home has become a site of tragedy. The scenes of her heartbreaking end are loosely inspired by several sources including the game of clue, where murder occurs in one of five rooms of the house: Dining Room, Kitchen, Hall, Conservatory, and Library.”

Domestic disasters… ah yes, I know them well.

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