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“I got this” – yeah you do. A new Saturday, a new ART FOR YOUR EAR. If you didn’t hear the first couple of episodes in this new season, I’ve decided to change the format a little bit. Instead of interviewing artists about their personal journeys, I’ve recruited a group of creative experts to be my co-hosts. Today’s expert is the talented and hilarious, Minneapolis based artist and gallery owner Terrence Payne. He’s giving some really great advice on pricing and, even scarier sometimes, talking to strangers about your work! Tip No. 1: Don’t get drunk at your art opening. That, and more helpful advice (not to mention a story about an inappropriate Halloween costume from the 80’s) that you can listen to on the player right up there, or subscribe on iTunes.

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Here are a bunch of the images we talked about during the episode… a few of Terrence’s latest text-based pieces:

LOVE! Now, even though these images are gorgeous, you really need to see them in context to truly appreciate their amazingness. In progress shots and reference for scale:

I mean, come on. So good. Also good… Terrence’s foray into the world of quilting:

I hope he really does try making capes … I want one!

And, of course, a peek into Terrence’s gallery, Rosalux:

Hm, October 30th deadline? You’ve still got time! Open Door is “open to all North American residents working in any 2D/3D media and video. Only works completed within the past two years are eligible for submission.” If that’s you, go for it!

And finally, THIS:

Oh my word. I cannot begin to express how happy this photograph makes me. Yes, those are the parents who let Terrence go trick or treating as a terrorist in the 1980’s (I blame this scene from ‘Back to the Future’.)  Ahhh, it was a “special” time. Anywho, thank you to Terrence for sharing so much fantastic advice… I can’t wait for the next installment of PAYNE POINTS with TERRENCE PAYNE; another big round of applause to thank THRIVE for supporting this episode of ART FOR YOUR EAR; and of course, thank you for listening ~ Danielle

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