People Are Applauding This Company That Encouraged Their Employee To Show Off Her Tattoos In A Headshot Pic

Working in some offices comes with a set of expectations on a person’s appearance. Often they require the employees to dress formally and have natural hair colors. It is expected for women to wear makeup but not too much, and to wear only minimal jewellery, otherwise they might be considered to be unprofessional and not taken seriously.

Visible tattoos are also often seen as an issue in a business environment. So if someone wants to get a tattoo and work in an office, they might need to cover the images on their body with clothes or get them in places that aren’t that visible.

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However, in the past decade, businesses have been loosening their requirements: suits are becoming less of a popular attire, bright hair colors are more acceptable and tattoos are becoming less of a problem. As proven by Evolution Capital Partners, where a manager suggested his employee not hide the tattoos on her arms and just have them on show in the headshot picture.

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This woman shared how her managing partner wasn’t opposed to her getting a company photo with her tattoos exposed and actually encouraged it

Image credits: Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA

The employee’s name is Jessica Hanzie Leonard and she was getting her professional photo updated for her new role at the company that would be put on its website. The photographer was not only taking photos for the company’s website, but for LinkedIn too. Jessica was planning to wear a jacket to cover her tattoos as that is what people imagine to be professional.

She thought she would like to have some photos without the jacket so she could use them for her personal LinkedIn profile, but felt the need to ask her managing partner if he wouldn’t mind her taking it without a jacket and revealing her tattooed arms.

Image credits: Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA

Jessica is an accounting and investment executive who was used to hiding her tattoos for fear of being considered unprofessional and not being taken seriously

Image credits: Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA

To Jessica’s surprise, not only did the managing partner didn’t mind, he actually encouraged the employee to show off the art on her body in all of the photos. She was so shocked and pleasantly surprised that she shared the story on her LinkedIn, showing how the photos turned out and it went quite viral.

The post has more than 31k likes and over 2.5k comments. People loved the managing partner’s attitude and that he didn’t think that an employee’s skills are less valuable when they have a different way of expressing themselves in their appearance.

Image credits: Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA

That is why she was taking new company headshots with a jacket to hide her tattooed arms

Image credits: Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA

The founding partner of Evolution Capital Partners, Jeffrey Kadlic, spoke to Good Morning America and told them “It is the content of one’s character that is most important to us. […] We see Jess for who she is and embrace all of her because she shares our core values and is a tremendous talent. At the end of the day, that is all that really matters.”

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That was truly a refreshing attitude for Jessica as during her whole career, she felt that she needed to cover up and wear long sleeves even in the middle of a scorching summer, being careful not to reveal some small tattoos behind her ear and on her leg or ankle.

When she brought up that she would like some photos for personal use without the jacket, a colleague suggested to take all the photos like that

Image credits: Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA

Jessica was pleasantly surprised and shared her experience in a LinkedIn post which went viral

Image credits: Jessica Hanzie Leonard, CPA, MBA

It can really start to feel like you are not being allowed to be yourself and take notice of how you dress and what hairstyle you have instead of looking at the work you do and the results you bring in.

Jessica is happy that her new workplace is not like that. Even though the company she left didn’t openly say that she should not show her tattoos, they never openly told her that they are fine, like in Evolution Capital Partners, so she didn’t feel as free.

People loved the story and wished that more companies would have the same attitude

Especially when other people made comments to her as mentioned in the LinkedIn post: “I saw your new photo on LinkedIn showing your tattoos… I was a bit surprised. You’re not going to use that as your bio photo in proposals, though, right?” or people saying that they wouldn’t get tattoos even if they wanted them because their position wouldn’t allow them as others wouldn’t take them seriously.

The saddest part was that most of these comments were made by other women in leading positions that she looked up to as mentors.

People also expressed their dissatisfaction with how there is still so much pressure to look professional when it doesn’t add to the knowledge and skills

They think that the pandemic might help with that and that more companies will loosen up the rules about appearance

However, the comments under the post were overwhelmingly positive. People loved the fact that there are companies who don’t give in to stereotypes and what they look for in an employee is skills and knowledge.

Many of the comments shared the same opinion that tattoos or different hair colors don’t determine the professional value of a person and actually makes them interesting and indicate more about who the professional is as a person.

Some pointed out that actually, those features make a person more interesting and tell more about their personality and not their skills

We would like to hear what you think about Jessica’s post and do you think that more companies should get rid of the stigma surrounding tattoos and stop caring about how their employees present themselves as long as they are good at their jobs? Or do you think that looking professional, meaning no tattoos or extravagant makeup, clothes or hair should remain among a company’s values? Let us know in the comments!

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