People Are Bored Of The Traditional Christmas Decorations And Gave Them Their Own Twist (214 Pics)

One of the ways to celebrate Christmas and to make the waiting for it more fun is decorating our houses, rooms, yards and even workplaces with lights, garlands, and of course, the Christmas tree. 

But sometimes we get bored of the traditional decorations, especially when we do the same thing every year. It takes just a little bit of creativity to make them a little different and bring joy to the festive season.

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Bored Panda is fascinated with people who can come up with different ways to do the same old things and went to the internet to find the most out-of-the-box decorations to both admire them and get inspired.

#1 Rate My GF’s And My Christmas Decor This Year

Image credits: GeekyPeeky

Christmas in the Christian tradition is the birthday of Jesus and that is why it is celebrated. But as many other seemingly Christian festivities this one also has its roots in the times before Jesus was born and was just adapted to make more people join the new religion.

Researchers often associate Christmas with the winter solstice when the North Pole is tilted farthest away from the Sun or the Roman festival Saturnalia dedicated to the Roman agricultural deity Saturn.

#2 My Husband And I Always Try To Find The One Tree We Think No One Will Take Home. This Year Our 14’ Tree Has A 12” Gap At The Top. Complete With Mini Lumberjack Mouse

Image credits: wsb3237

#3 This Is Wholesome

Image credits: jayhillary

And it is very possible that the tradition of hanging up decorations during the darkest and coldest period of winter comes from the same Saturnalia festival. Many of their decorations were natural and involved greenery. They were hung over doorways or windows. Often the ornaments had sun symbols on them, stars and faces of the God Janus. 

Actually, food was also part of the decorations. Gilded cakes in different shapes, like the sun, moon, stars or animal shapes.

#4 This Year I Decided To Not Buy An $80 Christmas Tree But Instead Made My Own From Branches. I Miss The Smell Of A Real Tree But They Only Last For 2 Weeks Anyway

Image credits: ban5h3e

#5 My Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Image credits: citygirl44

#6 LEGO Wreath – 3D Printed For The Holidays

Image credits: A_MajesticMoose

If you’re wondering where the tradition of decorating Christmas trees came from, you may be surprised to know that it’s actually a quite recent custom. Different sources give a different date and place but it is around the 16th century during the Renaissance. One of the written records  of a decorated Christmas Tree dates from 1510 and it was put up in Riga, Latvia. Others contribute the start of the tradition to Germans a little bit later in the 16th century.

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#7 Christmas Tree Created From Local Sea Glass

Image credits: TheSacredEarth

#8 Biblical Christmas Tree Angel

Image credits: willyouquitit

#9 It’s Neat

Image credits: PRADAXBBY

Whatever the origins of the decorations were, now they are very different from what they used to be and they actually have different significance. For example, the star on the top of the Christmas tree symbolizes the star of Bethlehem which led the three Kings to Jesus when he was born. 

The wreath which many people hang on their front door or put as a centerpiece on the table is often said to represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. 

Christmas is also unimaginable without lights which represent the stars in the sky. The bells are often associated with the shepherd who would ring the bell to call their sheep back. Talking about shepherds, their stick with a rounded end used to guide the sheep took form as candy canes in modern days.

#10 Cool Christmas Setup My Dad Built For My Step Mom

Image credits: Snickle_Frittz99

#11 I Made Some Ornaments To Commemorate 2020

Image credits: Tgclark

#12 My Friend Was Trying To Take A Photo Of Her New 2D Christmas Tree When Her Kitty Decided To Jump In And Become The Star

Image credits: hissyfit

Sometimes it may seem that the winter holidays are quite meaningless and full of rushing and all these chores that must be done, like decorating the house, but often they stem from something deeper and significant.

Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, what are your go-to decorations? We would also love to know which ones of the decorations you liked the most from this list. Let us know by upvoting them and commenting!

#13 My Kind Of Christmas Tree

Image credits: Browndog888

#14 My Daughter Made This Ornament For Our Christmas Tree

Image credits: stevewallen

#15 Every Holiday Season My Dad Displays This Santa I Made In Elementary School. I’m 45

Image credits: lateralus1075

#16 Our Christmas Tree This Year. We Made All The Ornaments As Well

Image credits: couchpotatolady

#17 Christmas Freak. Grinch Tree

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Bat7297

#18 My Girlfriend And I Have A Tiny Apartment So We Made A Decorative Danny Instead Of A Christmas Tree

Image credits: Grey_faukes

#19 Christmas Tree On A Corner

Image credits: forsto

#20 I Made A Christmas Tree Topper Of The Orion Spacecraft Orbiting The Moon

Image credits: raptorattackmzk

#21 Awesome, Creative Idea For A Christmas Tree, Right?

Image credits: TheSceneVault

#22 My Dad Decided Normal Christmas Trees Are Too Boring

Image credits: trsturbo

#23 This Christmas Tree Made Of Latex Gloves In My Laboratory

Image credits: pine_apple_pizza

#24 Modular Christmas Tree, From Scrap Oak Ply

Image credits: thatguyfromreno

#25 My Boyfriend Told Me I Had To Come Home Late Last Night. Surprised Me With This

Image credits: 4b3ats

#26 My Husband And I Didn’t Put Up A Tree This Year, The First Time In 52 Years. As Gifts Came In I Realized That We Were Putting Them Around The Cat Tree So We Decorated It

We have a Christmas tree after all. And Milly is our topper

Image credits: skipnina

#27 Christmas Lights And A Sleeping Furball

Image credits: Xilona

#28 Decorations In The Office Are Up

Image credits: MartinMucklowe

#29 Sandworm I Made For Xmas

Image credits: Infamousduane

#30 This Christmas Tree We Made In Chemistry Class

Image credits: l1ll3r

#31 I Made A Stained Glass Nightmare Before Christmas Window

Image credits: olwenglass

#32 I Needed A Star For My Christmas Tree So I Built One Out Of LEGO

Image credits: Warvanov

#33 The Best Christmas Decoration

Image credits: Rederanged2

#34 How To Deal With The Cat Attacking The Christmas Tree? One Creative Solution

Image credits: JimHarris

#35 This Year We Thought We’d Do Xmas A Little Differently. Meet Branch Deveraux, The Drag Tree

Image credits: kn05is

#36 I Added Paperclip Candy Canes To My Festive Ram Christmas Tree

Image credits: LaggyRockets

#37 Loving The LEGO Xmas Tree I Put On My Desk At Work

Image credits: drdalebrant

#38 Just Need To Find/Make A Topper And It’s Done

Image credits: badgalkiki

#39 When You Really Are Excited For Christmas But Aren’t Ready To Give Up Halloween Just Yet

Image credits: imflukeskywalker

#40 A Dad Took Four Months Planning And Building This Tardis For His Kid’s Bedroom Door For Christmas

Image credits: BissoumaTequila

#41 I’m No Longer Allowed To Help With The Xmas Decorations

Image credits: drdalebrant

#42 My Boyfriend Gifted Me This Amazing Ornament

Image credits: Little-Echidna

#43 NSA Issued Enigma Machine Ornament From 2019

Image credits: Arkhiah

#44 Homemade Xmas Tree From Scavenged Branches

Image credits: dooblav

#45 Started Christmas Decorations To Surprise The Wife When She Got Home Tonight

Image credits: Important-Tower8798

#46 Covid-19 Wreath In Walgreens Today

Image credits: firstname_m_lastname

#47 Check Out My Xmas Sneakers

Image credits: Stoneway933R

#48 My Xmas Tree Is A Lot Like Yours, Only More Interesting Because It Involves Robots

Image credits: HypnagogicPope

#49 Pets vs. My Wife And Christmas Tree, Season 6

Image credits: peirelic

#50 Show Me A Better Christmas Decoration. You Can’t

Image credits: SyntaxE330R

#51 The Perfect Tree Doesn’t Exi…

Image credits: prattlibrary

#52 We’ve Heard Of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, But This Is Next Level

Since there isn’t a ton of room for a full-size tree in a tiny house, this resident had to get creative with his holiday decor. What a fun way to get into the spirit of the season.

Image credits: VCP_HQ

#53 There’s A Christmas Tree Competition. Today I Arrived To The Office To This Brilliant Piece Of Holiday Lulz

Image credits: carlagriggio

#54 This Wins Best Christmas Decoration

Image credits: Cax6ton

#55 Best Christmas Decoration Ever

Image credits: SilentNoMore21

#56 My Christmas Tree Is A Mannequin

Image credits: abyssiphus

#57 At 35-Years-Old, I Finally Have A Christmas Tree Of My Very Own

Image credits: FarmerHandsome

#58 A Tree-Rex Was Spotted In My Yard

Image credits: TheInevitableJ1

#59 Nailed It

Image credits: cowskeeper

#60 Neighbor Kept Their Halloween Decor Up And Turned It Into A Heartwarming Holiday Scene

Image credits: ShirazGypsy

#61 This Pizza Box Christmas Tree At A Local Pizza Shop

Image credits: SpaceyEve

#62 Visited My Fiancé During Christmas, Managed To Take This Around The Neighborhood. We Have Nothing Like This In The UK

Image credits: Ryan_jwn

#63 Finished My Nutcracker Project. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: gingerfish89

#64 Left My Christmas Lights Up. Laziness Paid Off For Once

Image credits: nieman23

#65 Early Xmas Tree Decorations

Image credits: SinceInktober

#66 2020: The Year For Crude Christmas Decorations

Image credits: skylarskylar

#67 An Ornament My Mom Made For Me With My First Pic, Hospital Wristband And The 1st Hat That I Wore

Image credits: Michiganus_Maximus

#68 Got My 2021 Ornament. I Was Celebrating Being Vaxed, Some Said This Was In Poor Taste

Image credits: Brkiri

#69 These Ornaments Just Complement Each Other. Merry Christmas

Image credits: Neomaxizoomeddweebie

#70 Saw These Christmas Lawn Decorations Constructed Entirely Out Of LEGO Today

Image credits: AfrAsian

#71 The Bar My BF Runs Is Pretty Cozy This Time Of Year

Image credits: pusszilla

#72 We Can Have Halloween On Christmas

Image credits: ihazacat

#73 Sensible Christmas Tree With A Toddler In The House. The Struggle Is Real

Image credits: Playful_Direction_97

#74 Stud Of The Sea On The Xmas Tree

Image credits: Allymcbeals

#75 JWST Christmas Tree Topper, I Made It Over 10 Years Ago And This Is Finally The Month

Image credits: teacoffeesuicide

#76 Christmas Tree Is Up. Merry Sithmas Everyone. Happy Hothidays? Seasons Greedoings?

Image credits: PlumpJedi

#77 My Favorite Tradition Christmas Decoration At My House

Image credits: hahnsoloii

#78 Pokemon Fans, If You Needed Any Christmas Decoration Ideas, I Have One

Image credits: RedHeadGamer16

#79 Unconventional Christmas Tree In My Creative Department Office

Image credits: Acinoyx

#80 Loving The Christmas Tree In Our Teaching Lab

Image credits:

#81 My Christmas Tree Is Upside Down

Image credits: circle941

#82 I Made A VHS Tape Christmas Tree This Year

Image credits: _BAMBOOZLE_

#83 My Mom Made Me A Grogu Stained Glass Ornament And Had To Share

Image credits: nullpotato

#84 Hand Painted Godzilla Ornaments

Image credits: ElDabstroyero

#85 I Mean, The Ornament Isn’t Wrong

Image credits: Panserbjorne_OD

#86 My Sister-In-Law Cross Stitched This Ornament For Us

Image credits: TheShizknitt

#87 During Christmas My Parents Have Christmas Ornaments With The Places They Travelled. This Year, Some Friends Of Theirs Gave Us This

Image credits: Cheese-Of-Doom22

#88 Dad Bought This Handmade Xmas Ornament At A Local Shop In Crestline, CA

Image credits: bertoh_riff

#89 I Add New Characters Every Year To My Xmas Decor. This Year It’s Ralph And Milhouse

Image credits: altum

#90 Just Have To Share My Sister’s Quagsire Tree

Image credits: DiscoAlienQueen

#91 My Most Prized Christmas Ornament, Complete With A Hole For A Light To Poke Through

Image credits: cs502

#92 My Coworker And I Turned Our Clinics Empty Covid Vaccine Vials Into Christmas Lights And Ornaments

Image credits: RedheadInA6Speed

#93 Neighbor’s Christmas Display

Image credits: HummusHumper

#94 The Christmas Tree At My Obgyn’s Office

Image credits: hamas57

#95 This Is My Neighbor’s Christmas Tree. He Said It Was The Last One On The Lot

Image credits: duck5067

#96 Here Is Our Portal Themed Xmas Tree

Image credits: greentree428

#97 Anybody Else Getting Ready For Xmas?

Image credits: ragebubble

#98 Nothing Puts A Shine On A Kid’s Eyes Like Turning On Xmas Lights

Image credits: Rainbow-Death

#99 P1 In My Heart And On My Christmas Tree

Image credits: Dr_Whiskers_MD

#100 My Sister-In-Law’s Christmas Tree

Image credits: turquoise404

#101 Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You May Remember Me From This Christmas Ornament

Image credits: pmo88

#102 My Aunt Propagated Some Succulents And Turned Them Into A Christmas Tree

Image credits: uncanny_goat

#103 My Family And I Made Lady Solstice Instead Of Putting Up A Christmas Tree

Image credits: iEmHollywood

#104 Just Put Up Some Funny Christmas Cutouts

Image credits: Commandersilv89

#105 Merry Christmas From The Professor

Image credits: jackattack_345

#106 Merry Christmas Workers

Image credits: yudoit

#107 Made Nakatomi Plaza For My Christmas Tree. Yippie-Kai-Yay

Image credits: ke11y24

#108 This Creative Christmas Tree

Image credits: ChesterAlumni

#109 Waghorn’s Got Wiiings! Loving My New Christmas Tree Topper

Image credits: futurechatham

#110 Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree. A Festive Time At LPHS. Our Students, Staff And Parents Are So Creative. The Contest Is On

Image credits: JuleeannaL

#111 My Limited But Creative Christmas Decoration. My Christmas Tree The Tinselnator

Image credits: Truhopefaith

#112 Must Have Christmas Decoration For This Year

Image credits: maxpell123

#113 I Better Win The Christmas Decoration Competition. How Can I Fail With These

Image credits: jam1865

#114 I Love Our Christmas Tree Festival. So Creative, So Lovely. The Gin Tree And Little Match Girl Were Favourites

Image credits: LGThomson1

#115 My Daughter Made This Beautiful Christmas Decoration From Her Positive LFTs

Image credits: AcuteGP

#116 We Immortalized Our Favorite Derpy Boi On Our Christmas Tree This Year

Image credits: thelast_creampuff

#117 A Christmas Tree Skirt

Image credits: iklegemma

#118 My Wife And I Made A Fort For The Weekend To Watch Christmas Movies

Image credits: kapncrunchy

#119 My Brother-In-Law Subtly Improved My Parent’s Christmas Decorations

Image credits: SenSurroundDX

#120 Celebrating Christmas In The Southern Hemisphere

Image credits: YoungBahss

#121 Christmas At Galerie Lafayette

Image credits: petit_arc_en_ciel

#122 Sharing The Christmas Spirit

Image credits: 86ftw

#123 Discovered A Covid Christmas Tree That The Physical Plant Team Where I Work Decorated For Their Break Room

Image credits: kbridehut

#124 Masked Dogs As Christmas Decoration

Image credits: mlaor

#125 Happy Christmas

Image credits: AzeredoLab

#126 This Decorative Cover For A Pointy Roof

Image credits: Vengeful-Wraith

#127 My Dad Laser Cut & Engraved These Ornaments For Our Family This Year For Christmas

Image credits: reidminer

#128 This Christmas Tree Made Of Mannequins

Image credits: a215girl

#129 Experiments In Our Biotech Lab Mean We Must Come Into The Office So We Decorated With A Chemistree

Image credits: startup_guy

#130 A (Semi) Cat Proof Tree Setup

Image credits: discolettuce

#131 I Made A Thing! Christmas Tree Made From Dehydrated Citrus Slices

Image credits: PalmsToPines

#132 We Are Having A Door Decorating Contest At Work! Her Is Lab’s Door

Image credits: AlwaysAngryFox

#133 Didn’t Get A Tree This Year, But Still Wanted To Decorate

Image credits: Last-Place-Trophy

#134 This Creative Christmas Tree

Image credits: lundby.monica

#135 Zero Waste Christmas Tree

Image credits: now_is_not_forever

#136 Pasta Tree

Image credits: raxneta

#137 My Mom Started Decorating Today

Image credits: Klipshy1011

#138 Great Work Decorating! And Their Neighbor Has A Lot Of Lights

Image credits: supercman99

#139 Only Get A Short Time To Display The Nativity Spatula

Image credits: bigmark9a

#140 Christmas 2020. But I’m Ready To Go This Year Already

Image credits: merrykrystenmas

#141 My Husband Came Down This Morning And Asked When The Christmas Bomb Exploded

Image credits: Shark-Farts

#142 My Grandma Spent Years Combing Beaches In Mexico And As A Result, Has Thousands Of Shells. Every Year She Makes An Ornament For Everyone. Here Is My Collection

Each shell was found, cleaned, and crafted by her. So much love.

Image credits: syellen09

#143 When The Four-Year-Old Has The Pick Of Any Tree In The Forest… And You Just Go With It

Image credits: airGads

#144 Making Felt Ornaments For My Son Who Was Born On Christmas Eve 2019. Have A Few More To Go But I Am Proud Of What I’ve Done So Far

Image credits: victoriasbiggestfan

#145 This Was Our First Tree Together, So We Always Find A Spot For It

Image credits: ZatVandal

#146 My Schwibbogen (German Light Arch). These Are Hand Carved In The Ore Mountains In Germany

The first predecessor of candle arches was manufactured in 1726 from wrought iron.

Image credits: dacoitdan

#147 Have Been Having A Hard Time Lately, So I Needed A Little Christmas Right This Very Minute

Image credits: deathbytango

#148 Calvin And Hobbes Christmas Decorations In Someone’s Front Yard

Image credits: surfinggirl7

#149 Woodland Critter Christmas

Image credits: TimCaseyPhoto

#150 A Christmas Tree Ornament My Sister Made Last Year

Image credits: jonmatttomben

#151 In The 70s, Christmas Ornaments Looked Like Corona Virus

Image credits: weidow1

#152 Ornament My Ma Made For Christmas This Year

Image credits: radagasthebrown

#153 So I Made A New Ornament For My Wife

Image credits: morendral

#154 Homemade Ornaments Are The Best

Image credits: nsharer84

#155 I Enjoy Making Molded Soaps, Here Are Some Ornamental Krampus Soaps For The Holidays

Image credits: Hexenhut

#156 2020 Summed Up On One Ornament

Image credits: S1arMan

#157 Handmade Tree Ornament We Were Gifted, Perfect Way To Commemorate 2020

Image credits: SirMatches

#158 Got A New Annual Ornament Today

Image credits: FPS-Titan

#159 My Wife Bought An Ornament Kit And Made Me And The 5 Kids (14-22) Paint Ornaments

Image credits: LitDad

#160 The Ornament Placement On My Friends’ Tree

Image credits: violinnerd_GG

#161 Wanted Some Bob’s Burgers Christmas Decorations So I Made My Own

Image credits: notthatholyghost

#162 I Hate Putting Up Christmas Lights But Promised I Would After Thanksgiving

Image credits: HosWoodWorks

#163 Houseplants’ Xmas

Image credits: bmwmay

#164 3D Xmas Tree

Image credits: JelloRancher

#165 Harry Potter Xmas Tree Decoration

Image credits: theolivesparrow

#166 My Daughter Made Her First Succulent Christmas Trees

Image credits: iBrakeForWildflowers

#167 I Was Told This Belongs Here. Made Some Christmas Yard Art

Image credits: its4thechildrenwu

#168 A Christmas Tree Made Of 19,000 Empty Coronavirus Vaccine Vials

Image credits: -Omegamart-

#169 This Might Be My Favorite Christmas Decoration I’ve Ever Bought

Image credits: MYSTIC7

#170 When You Really Want To Win The Christmas Decoration Contest At Work

Image credits: dhrubovcak

#171 Christmas Decoration Competition – Here Is Our Minimalistic Decors That Can Be Recycled! We’ve Seen That The Door Bow Seems To Be Popular So Decided To Make Our Own

Image credits: EdinSurg

#172 This Has Got To Be The Weirdest Christmas Decoration I Have Ever Seen

Image credits: marieRealtor

#173 My Neighbors Have This Inflatable Christmas Decoration. It’s So Creepy. And It’s Eyes Follow You

Image credits: idge_8

#174 This Is A Pitot Probe Internal Circuit Board, Which Is The Piece Of Equipment That Measures The Airspeed, Temperature, And Etc For A F/A18 F Superhornet

Image credits: GreensideScythe

#175 Teachers Got Creative With The “Oh Christmas Tree” Challenge

Image credits: Nat_Flo

#176 This Phenomenal Nurse, Lizette, Had The Creative Insight (& Energy!) To Create Christmas Tree Decorations From Empty Moderna Vials. How Cool

Image credits: lipiroy

#177 Our Parts Department Is Getting Creative As We Get Closer To Christmas

Image credits: PlilerInternat1

#178 My New Favorite Christmas Decoration! It’s 5′ Tall

Image credits: thatntac

#179 A Small Little Nest

Image credits: darkvash

#180 Merry Christmas, Eddie

Image credits: mkr7

#181 Christmas Time In Florida Feels Strange But Decorated Palm Trees Look Cool

Image credits: lukasshannon

#182 My Bat Doorknockers Are Ready For Christmas

Image credits: PuzzleheadedBobcat90

#183 I Gave My Husband A LEGO Gingerbread House For His Birthday. It Looks Great As A Christmas Decoration

Image credits: prisz

#184 First Decoration Of The Year, A Snowing Christmas Tree

Image credits: ImBenScribner

#185 My Friend Painted A Tree On His Wall Earlier This Year And Has Decided To Decorate It As His Christmas Tree

Image credits: IdgePidge

#186 Creative And Funny NHS Christmas Decorations

Image credits: zoedetoledo

#187 Scandinavian Goat Guards Christmas

Image credits: kristin__wilson

#188 My Sister Made This Baby Yoda Christmas Tree Decoration! I Cried When I Saw It

Image credits: dopamineh

#189 My Sisters Contribution To Her Workplace Christmas Decoration Contest

Image credits: maggipedia

#190 My Favorite New Ornament Hanging On The Tree

Image credits: sahm-gone-crazy

#191 I Decorated A Snoopy Christmas Statue To Look Like My Dog

Image credits: flatulentbabushka

#192 A Friend Of Mine Decorated His Drum Set With Christmas Lights

Image credits: TM-PIANO

#193 Hand Forged Christmas Ornaments

Image credits: Th3Doctor89

#194 Every Year I Make A New Ornament For My Christmas Tree. This Is 2020’s

Image credits: Rebeccie

#195 Just Realised My Santa Ornament Looks Like A Hobo Next To A Bin Fire

Image credits: hoogilyhoog

#196 My Local Renfest Was Canceled This Year Due To Covid. This Is Their Holiday Ornament

Image credits: PlecoP

#197 An Absolute Star On The Top Of Our Tree This Year

Image credits: ChrisWormwell

#198 Merry Christmas From Broken Hill, New South Wales Australia

Image credits: Psiwriter

#199 I Wanted To Warm Up The Office Space With Some Christmas Decorations

Image credits: fozzythemexican

#200 The Best Purchase Of Christmas Decoration I Have Ever Made

Image credits: Pixelarmada

#201 Just Put Up My Favorite Christmas Decoration In My Office

Image credits: jcp717

#202 Look At How Creative How Gravesend Learning Tech/Library Staff Have Been! I’m Sure Father Christmas Will Leave Lots Of Presents

Image credits: NKCLTC

#203 I Made My Apartment Extra Cozy This Year

Image credits: TerpinOne

#204 This Might Not Count But I Try My Best With My Little Office Each Year

Image credits: mattieknowsworst

#205 My Lil Sitting Corner, Nighttime Edition

Image credits: _sammylamby_

#206 I Didn’t Have An Angel Or Anything To Put On My First Christmas Tree At My Own Place

Image credits: ObscureName69

#207 My Brothers Christmas Tree

Image credits: spatsiziman

#208 Hoa Requires Elaborate Christmas Decorations In This Neighborhood. This Resident Complied

Image credits: Porcupineemu

#209 Christmas Decorations Made From The Trees Of Christmas Past

Image credits: MrAndMrsChristmas

#210 Saw Another User Post Their Decorated Door And It Reminded Me Of Mine Last Year

Image credits: Tuesafterdark

#211 A Christmas Decorated Bus Outside Of Zurich (2020)

Image credits: CABOE

#212 Last Year, I Wanted To Have Small Decorations In My Room, When There’s A Small Christmas Tree

Image credits: jjangstarnuna

#213 My Mom Found A Used Easel And Decided It Would Be The Christmas Tree This Year

Image credits: Cultural-Equipment68

#214 More Creative Opportunities To Decorate A Christmas Tree

Image credits: GiffnockNursery


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