People Are Cracking Up After This Dad Shared His 10-Year-Old Daughter’s Christmas Wish List

Kids love Christmas and it’s not only an opportunity to spend time with their families, have fun with decorating their homes and eating delicious meals that get them excited about the holiday. In fact, the best part for them is probably the gifts. After waiting the whole year to ask for the latest gadgets and trendy toys, kids finally start to list their wishes. While it’s easier for parents whose children still believe in Santa Claus, since they can blame him for not meeting all of their kids’ demands, having older kids is a different story.

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Recently a father shared his daughter Christmas wish list that left people cracking up

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Take for instance this 10-year-old who made a list of gifts so long, it would last for another 10 Christmases. The father who was left in disbelief posted the list on his Twitter account and people were left in stitches.

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Image credits: a_johnson412

The list read as follows:
“Christmas list

iPhone 11
air pods
New mac book air
A real Bunny
Hiydro flask
pink pumas
Guci slided
Chanel purs
asenchal oil
American girl doll car
New shoes
earings/ julery
chekered vans
Go pro
pink Duck tap
glues food coloring and landry diturgent
clothes for bunny
4,000 dollars
lol doll camper
lol dolls/ Bigsister
lol doll Shalay
New shets amd cover
alarm clock”

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“My soon to be 10-year-old daughter clearly has a false sense of funds that we have with this Christmas list. But kudos to her for her expensive taste,” the dad wrote after sharing the list on social media. Well, it’s obvious that the little girl didn’t hold back. After listing some very expensive devices, she didn’t forget to mention some high-end fashion items, too.

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However, Twitter users noticed something peculiar about the list. The girl has listed such things as $4,000 and laundry detergent prompting them to think that she may be planning on starting a new life away from her family. While the list is hilarious, all parents will relate to what a headache it may be to fulfill her wishes. What outrageous things have your children asked for Christmas? Share them in the comment section below!

Here’s how people reacted to the list

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