People Are Loving How This Leech Son Finally Got What He Deserved After Living Off Of His Parents’ Income For 31 Years

Being self-sufficient, independent, and capable of pulling your own weight—these are all qualities that were admired as much throughout history as they are in modern times. Sleeping in late, failing to keep down a job, and playing video games all day long, however, are not things that a grown-up person should be proud of doing. If someone’s over thirty and this is their life, something obviously needs to change. And fast!

Redditor u/Frequent_Gas6500 shared a couple of brutally honest posts about their brother—aka the 31-year-old ‘man-baby’—with the members of the r/TrueOffMyChest subreddit. Despite having raised 3 very successful kids, the OP’s parents, unfortunately, failed with the 4th. Or, as the author of the story put it: “They have allowed the man baby to sit in his cradle and make demands for 31 years too long. And now, they find themselves with an overgrown toddler who sits in the attic playing Valorant all day while cursing my mom out when she dares to ask him to clean up the rotting garbage he spreads across his room.”

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After their dad had a medical emergency, the family decided to sell the house. And the ‘man-baby’ got the news that he’d have to move out and fend for himself. The gravy train had ended. According to redditor u/Frequent_Gas650, the “meltdown was legendary.” Scroll down for the full story, the update, as well as how Reddit reacted to the drama.

Though we all mature at different paces, it’s clear to most people that a 31-year-old should have a job and not spend the entire day playing video games

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A person explained how their ‘man-baby’ brother was finally forced to ‘leave the nest’ and how he caused tantrum after tantrum

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The OP wrapped up the story in an update that many internet users were eagerly waiting for

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Image credits: Frequent_Gas6500

It isn’t just that u/Frequent_Gas650’s brother is lazy, it’s that he’s malicious. The redditor described him as “an annoying, violent, self-centered brat who would push my parents in front of a bus for the thrill of the dopamine hit.”

For him, life’s all about video games, online forums, and eating food from a pantry that ‘magically’ fills itself. Whenever he doesn’t get his way, he lashes out. So much so that even the non-emergency line knows what his temperament is like: he’s violent. Meanwhile, the firefighter neighbor is also aware of this and is available to calm things down if needed.

In the update, the OP shared how their brother was shocked to realize that he’d have to use his own savings to pay for his food. Money that he’d rather have spent upgrading his computer. Eventually, however, he realized that all of his temper tantrums and sulking would have no effect. Eventually, he started working with Uber to make some dough and ended up finding a place to stay that… sounds absolutely horrible if we’re honest with you.

According to the OP, he began “living in a room above the garage in a 3 bedroom, rundown crackhouse straight out of Compton.” The rent’s cheap, but he’s still badgering his family for money. Meanwhile, he thinks he’s too good to work for McDonald’s (though it’s actually possible to make quite a career there, even earning six figures as a manager, as Bored Panda wrote recently over here). “The man-baby has left the building,” the OP was overjoyed. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

Being grateful for what you have comes easier for some people than others. However, it’s a skill that can be learned and, arguably, should be learned. It grounds you. It keeps you humble. And it makes you aware of all the blessing you have in your life. It’s also one of the cures for a deep sense of entitlement.

Fitness expert and entrepreneur Jack Bly previously spoke about gratitude with Bored Panda. “Gratitude is incredibly important, I believe. I practice it every single morning as part of my routine. Having good mentors helps big time,” he said that other people can help guide you and help keep you humble no matter how high you might rise. “And also life usually has its way of humbling those who are too proud,” he noted.

According to the fitness expert, some ways to practice gratitude can be very simple. For instance, you can start by writing out 5 to 10 things you feel you’re fortunate to have. You can then try to send a message of gratitude to someone you’re grateful for.

Jack said that it’s very easy these days to take everything for granted. However, with a shift in perspective, you can change everything. He said that you can ‘train’ your perspective to focus on gratitude. He added that one of the best things that anyone can do in life is move their body more. “Figure out what you enjoy that involves movement and do it. It could be sports, hiking, walking around a mall, etc.”

The author of the post revealed some more of their thoughts in the comments while others shared their opinions about the family drama

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