People Are Posting 133 Mildly Infuriating Things That Annoy Them More Than They Should (New Pics)

It only takes so much to ruin a perfectly good day. From little things like waiting for the 5-second ad skip countdown, to paying for an overpriced meal that doesn’t even taste good, to dealing with bureaucracy and the wild goose chase it leads to. These minor annoyances, first-world problems, not-that-big-a-deal issues, or whatever you want to call them, they’re all around us. They’re real. They’re blood boiling. And just thinking about them is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

Apparently, some of these hassles tend to trigger the same vague feelings of frustration in virtually everyone, uniting people in their experiences. Feeling irritated and uncomfortable, people instantly turn to the internet to vent. So we at Bored Panda have put together a list of photos of the mildly infuriating things and pet peeves that prove just how annoying everyday problems can get.

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While we suggest you take a deep breath before you continue scrolling through this vivid compilation of pictures, you may find comfort in knowing there’s definitely someone who shares your pain. So enjoy (or loathe?) witnessing these annoyance-inducing examples and be sure to upvote the most accurate ones, and then let us know what tips you over the edge down below in the comments.

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#1 Multi Billion Dollar Businesses Asking For Donations

Image credits: rebeccawatson

#2 This $10 Salad I Paid For At A Restaurant

Image credits: WoundedDonkey

#3 No. Just No

Image credits: sondesix

#4 But Why Tho

Image credits: mkbhd

#5 I’m Just Trying To Refund Two Tickets

Image credits: Pansexual_Paniccc

#6 I Just Want A Bigger Pocket Please, Is That Too Much To Ask For? Sincerely, Women Everywhere

Image credits: Wonder0486

#7 You Arrive 10 Mins Early For Your Train, The Train Gets Canceled, The Next Train Is 25 Mins Away, And It Arrives 15 Mins Late, And When The Doors Open You See This

Image credits: bluntman

#8 I See Your Bread From Hole Foods And Present To You My Croissant

Image credits: ivobivo

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#9 “Stay Here For $61”

Image credits: Mj118356

#10 The Amount Of Packaging Required For Me To Buy The Additional Equipment I Need To Use My iPhone

All of this would have come in the phone’s box five years ago but Apple decided to stop including them to cut down on packaging and waste.

Image credits: BeckburyWolf

#11 Friggin’ Hate This

Image credits: mostapha451

#12 Been In The ER Waiting Room Since 5 Pm, It’s 5 Am Now With No Sign Of Being Seen Anytime Soon

Scared it’s some sort of hernia or appendices. This is ridiculous. Nothing but respect and compassion for the medical personnel.

Image credits: grimfisher4

#13 Why Do They Always Put Stickers In Cooking Items?

Image credits: Inferiex

#14 There Is An 11-Day Bin Man Strike In Edinburgh And This Is Only Day Two. Most Of The City Is Like This

Image credits:

#15 You Guys Hate Carpet In The Bathroom? I Can One Up That. My Parents Have A Bathroom With Carpet That Goes Up To The Bathtub Walls. Bonus Points For The Terrible Wallpaper

Image credits: jbird2525

#16 This Is How They Send My Contacts. Every. Year

Image credits: dankenport

#17 I Got This Bread From Whole Foods. More Like Hole Foods

Image credits: igothitbyacar

#18 Job Expectations

Image credits: PotatokingXII

#19 My Local Gas Station Only Tells You How Much Something Costs If You Bring It To The Register

Image credits: Proud_Tailor5532

#20 Wanted To Buy A Sandwich At This Bakery. At First, I Thought It Was Sesame. Well It Was Not

Image credits: cooljuulguy

#21 Hate It When This Happens

Image credits: blastzonepod

#22 Paper Straws, The Most Useless Item Ever Created

Image credits: jleex84

#23 Woke Up This Morning To My Light Full Of Water. Our Apartment Is Brand New

Image credits: euphoricbirthdaycake

#24 This Burrito At My Job Is $5.54 And We’re Not Allowed To Leave To Get Food

Image credits: Kami_Ouija

#25 Why Are The Gaps So Big In US Bathroom Stalls

Image credits: Alcatraz1331

#26 Dave & Busters Spin Game Landed On The 500 And It Only Gave Me 4 Tickets. Showed To Manager And Said It Needed To Be In The Middle

Image credits: Dohello

#27 It’s The Middle Of The Night And I Can’t Open This Cake Lid Without Waking Everyone In A 10-Mile Radius

Image credits: CaramelXIII

#28 Left On My Sister’s Windshield. Who Is From Asheville, But Has South Carolina Plates. Stay Classy Asheville

Image credits: Cylant

#29 Ordered 27 Books From Amazon On A Single Order. Got 27 Boxes With 1 Book Each Delivered

Image credits: sousaj

#30 What Do I Do About This Truck That Backs Into His Spot And Makes It Very Annoying To Get To My Apartment?

Image credits: Ilovemywinry

#31 In Case You’ve Ever Wondered Why Women Get So Frustrated With Our Clothing Sizes – Every Pair Of Jeans Pictured, Is A Size 12

Image credits: chloemmx

#32 The Bill For My Liver Transplant (US)

Image credits: no_not_like_that

#33 Why Does This System Exist?

Image credits: jamcolley

#34 This Packaging For 1 Potato

Image credits: Minecraftpig96

#35 McDonald’s Trying To Save The Environment With Paper Straws But Still Uses The Plastic Lids

Image credits:

#36 You Sit On A Throne Of Lies

Image credits: HailChanka69

#37 Whoever Invented These Teeny Tiny Tabs On Seals, You Are Not My Friend

Image credits:

#38 DoorDash Is Asking For My Sexual Orientation For A Job Application

Image credits: TheMonsher

#39 I Paid $47 To Upgrade To This “Window Seat”

Image credits: time_fo_that

#40 Ordered A Replacement Bolt From TREK, This Is The Amount Of Packaging It Came In

Image credits: FormerCrow97

#41 The Low-Hanging Fruit Of Bad Design

Image credits: unlocomqx

#42 This Egg Peeling Fiasco

Image credits: RedBeardMark

#43 My Disappointment Is Immeasurable

Image credits: majecaps182

#44 I Got 19 Letters From Verizon Thanking Me For Enrolling In Paperless Billing

Image credits: ThatLooksSerious

#45 Shin Buster 9000

Image credits: D3STROY3R33

#46 I Thought This Was Silver Wrapping Paper

Image credits: myphoon

#47 The Tag On My New Sports Bra Had 24 Pages

Image credits: bmangan15

#48 My Fridge Has An Egg Case For Only 9 Eggs

Image credits: BiancaMadalina

#49 These Fake Pockets. They Went As Far Enough As To Put A Real Zipper On

Image credits: __No__Control

#50 When You Prefer To Buy Things In Person, But Its Not Even Remotely Feasible

Image credits: teenagediplomat

#51 The Fact You Have To Pay At A Hospital Of All Places

Image credits: hollyholowath

#52 When You’re Left With These

Image credits: trillionmarketcap

#53 Manufacturers That Put These Labels On Their Products, Especially Food Products, Deserves To Step On A LEGO

Image credits: lulustargaze

#54 Amazon Started Placing Their Lockers In My City. That’s How Our Park Sidewalks Look Now

Image credits: garrygh13

#55 I Don’t Understand How This Notice Can Exist

Image credits: acurr530

#56 Shaking My Head

Image credits: Thick-gamer

#57 In Hospital For 4 Days. Dot Missing On Tile

Image credits: OutlandishnessHour19

#58 Mildly Infuriating Level: Refund

Image credits: Cyrinne

#59 Annoying Useless Round Bit Stopping Me From Charging My Laptop

Image credits: ShadowChief55

#60 Peeling These Things Off Always Annoys Me

Image credits: jgeorge1983

#61 Most Annoying

Image credits: IndependentFix2594

#62 To The Person With 3/4 Outlet. I Present My Apartment’s 1/3 Outlet

Image credits: Yggdrasil5218

#63 This Only Happens When I’m In A Bad Mood

Image credits: LegitimateShift8

#64 I Absolutely Hate My Life. The Third One Also Just Fell On The Pile

Image credits: Invicti8660

#65 This Toiletry Trash Can That Opens Into The Other Stall

Image credits: SouthpawAce14

#66 Both Spelling And The Actual Password For The WiFi At A Hotel Where A Friend Is Staying

Image credits: notdanstevens

#67 I Opened My New Sketch Pencils Today. Honestly, I Don’t Know What I Did To Deserve This

Image credits: beany33

#68 I Pulled My Tights Up, And My Finger Went Straight Through

Image credits: grey-green-eyes

#69 They Put A Wooden Lid On The Plastic One To Make It Seem More Eco Friendly

Image credits: Der_Lancelot

#70 Apparently, They Got The Name Of This Puzzle Wrong. It Should Be “4,999 Colors”

Image credits: Lobbychopsticks

#71 This Ratio Of Juice And Foam

Image credits: r-two-d-two

#72 When It’s Just One Of Those Days

Image credits: TheLadyNina

#73 Gotta Love It

Image credits: BreadDucky451YT

#74 Penny Fell Into My Car Charging Port And I Can’t Get It Out

Image credits: Caitlyn_Jennerlolz

#75 Just Got This Gold Bond For My Taint. Isn’t Even Half Full. I Am Mildly Infuriated

Image credits: RoscoeJenkinsBrown

#76 A Little Peek Of What We Find Dumpster Diving. Maybe A Little More Than Just “Mildly” Infuriating

Image credits: hailey199666

#77 A Tiny Plastic Bead Has Somehow Wedged Into My Laptop Charger. It Is A Perfect Fit And Impossible To Remove, We’ve Tried Many Techniques

Image credits: claire303

#78 What The Hell

Image credits: Ttv_lowkeylost

#79 How Did That Get There?

Image credits: Satarn_27

#80 The Worst Thing In The World

Image credits: ddfbvr

#81 Ola App Sending Fake Notification. For Peddling Their Services. 8 Missed Calls From Mom

Image credits: Ilovepuppup

#82 Personal Portable AC For Small Bedroom Now Comes With A Flashlight

Image credits: bubohms

#83 I Hate It When This Happens

Image credits: Laut-Aao-StevenGrant

#84 I Don’t Even Know What To Do

Image credits: tjflashtony

#85 When They Pack The Paper Towels In So Tight That You Have To Dry One Fingertip At A Time

Image credits: marginalerror123

#86 The Way This Paper Is Packaged

Image credits: GamerBrine101

#87 The “Face-Mask” My Sister Bought

Image credits: jakobsheim

#88 I Dropped A Small Screw Somewhere In This Area. I Need It To Hold The New Rubber Seal On The Inside Of The Faucet. Does Anyone Out There Care For A Game Of “I Spy”?

Image credits: common_citizen_00001

#89 This Really Sucks. 2€ Per Liter In Finland

Image credits: aleks1hoo

#90 This Is Next-Level Annoying

Image credits: hzleyeqt

#91 Trying To Create A PS5 Account. That’s Legally My Last Name. My Husband Is Mexican

Image credits: phoenix_ash182

#92 Most Annoying Combo

Image credits: mrpampersisgood

#93 This Happens To Everyone, I Write A Lot. Problems Of Writing Left-Handed

Image credits: Mustachetacocat

#94 The Most Infuriating Thing About The Area Where I Live

Image credits: K418

#95 Why Write The “S” Like That? The More I Read It, The More It Mildly Infuriates Me

Image credits: Upointerlo

#96 My Chem Teacher Sucks

Image credits: NekonecroZheng

#97 Spent A Half Hour Taking An Online IQ Test For This Ambiguous Turd Of A Result

Image credits: diggabytez

#98 Why?

Image credits: yudoit

#99 This Clothing Store That Hung Its Shirts Sideways

Image credits: RedditNoly

#100 Landed A Great Job, But This Is The Chair And Cubicle I Was Assigned

Image credits: fresh-spinach

#101 My School Locked All The Doors To The Toilets And Complain When We Don’t Go During Breaktime And Lunchtime

Image credits: MadCharlie77

#102 It Happens Almost Every Morning No Matter How Much I Tuck It In. Every Time I Wake Up And See It, It Royaly Annoys Me

Image credits: Yakobster_

#103 I Hate It When This Happens

Image credits: Boring-Suggestion215

#104 The Way Apple Wants Me To Recharge My Mouse Is Mildly Infuriating

Image credits: Venomous72

#105 My Toaster Lets You Pick Six Different Levels Of How Toasted You Want Your Bread To Be. 6 Being The Most Toasted. This Was What I Got For Level 2

Image credits: geosunsetmoth

#106 Good Thing They Covered Each Tiny Orange In Their Own Packaging. This Is Why The Planet Is Dying

Image credits: Vandalbot

#107 My University Screwed All Our Dorm Windows Shut, So We Can’t Open Them Up For Fresh Air Or In Emergencies

Image credits: ironwolf6464

#108 Can’t Email My Township Unless You Can See The Color, Which I Can’t

Image credits: Drajl19

#109 While Trying To Tell People To Wait

Image credits: ThatdudeYT

#110 Just Cause I Sold It To You Doesn’t Mean You Can Drink It

Image credits: weully

#111 Parking Is Free After 5 Pm. I Paid Until 5 Pm. Got A Ticket At 5 Pm

Image credits: TheBelhade

#112 The Fact That Youtube Makes You Do An Extra Step For Regular Content But Not Actual Explicit Content Is Pretty Infuriating And Should Be Talked About More Often

Image credits: MikeySkates

#113 Is It Just Me Or Is This Really Annoying When It Happens

Image credits: randomhuman6546

#114 Why Does This Thing Happen To Me

Image credits: michalsveto

#115 Paper Straw To Pierce Stretchy Plastic. Had To Use A Fork

Image credits:

#116 How Do You Even Read This?

Image credits: Hot-Pomegranate-7183

#117 Study Room Hours At My Law School. 24/7, But Only From 12 To 7 AM

Image credits: brokenodo

#118 This Is My Church’s Keyboard

Image credits: SmileyAce3

#119 When You Try And Open Yogurts And This Happens

Image credits: Jason_Grace13

#120 United Terminal, O’hare Airport, Chicago

Image credits: Dupree878

#121 The Bottle Of My Wife’s Eye Cream Is Painted White, And In Reality, They Only Fill That Little Silver Bag With Product

Image credits: minuteman187

#122 Brand New Phone For Work. Right Out Of The Box And Immediate Text Message

Image credits: pbnk11

#123 I Just Moved, And My New Bathroom Tiles Are Designed To Always Look Dirty

Image credits: RangerLongTorpedo

#124 Your Wife Can Not Be Born In 1999

Image credits: valonnyc

#125 Now Time For Something Actually Mildly Infuriating

Image credits: inksonpapers

#126 I’m A Super Photosensitive Sleeper And Had To Install Black-Out Blinds. Unfortunately, There’s One Tiny Crack At The Bottom So This Happens Every Day At 5 Am

Image credits: MediumSizedGrape

#127 Should I Just Pick It Out?

Image credits: 1poundbookingfee

#128 When You’re Differently-Abled, This Sort Of Bad Packaging Is Infuriating

Image credits: OzRockabella

#129 Late To Work Due To An Unscheduled Parade

Image credits: HatefulxLover

#130 Thought I Had Separated 50 Eggs Without Breaking A Yolk. Until I Noticed One On The Edge

Image credits: Coliolioli

#131 Tiny Holes Appearing In Otherwise Perfectly Good Shirts

Image credits: drop_of_the_pure

#132 Only 2 Of The Windows Match, And Even Then One Of Them Is Missing A Shudder (The House Was Listed For 1.05 Million Too)

Image credits: Roy_McCoy08

#133 This Broom

Image credits: L_E_N


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