People Are Posting Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos (198 New Pics)

Blunder years could be described as a period in someone’s life when they thought they were different and edgy but in reality they were choosing terrible clothes and even worse haircuts.

There’s even a subreddit dedicated to it, appropriately called Blunder Years: pictures from a regrettable past. It invites people who just found their old photos not to delete them but to make amends with their former self and upload it on the Internet. And many do. Here are some of the cringiest posts the online community has to offer.

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#1 It Was “Opposite Day” At School In 2005, Most People Wore Black And White Or Something.. I Decide To Dress As A Girl.. I Lived In A Small Town In Idaho. It Didn’t Go Over Well

Image credits: awashbu12

You might think these people are crazy for posting such photos on the Internet. However, a certain amount of self-reflection can be healthy, helping a person to become their strongest self.

Amy Morin, the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, said dwelling on the past can easily distract someone from the present. “The truth is, you never know what life would have had in store for you if you’d made a different choice,” she told Inc. “Depending on your circumstances, you may just need to give yourself permission to move forward, and then make a conscious effort to stop yourself every time you keep dwelling on the past.” That includes thinking how lame you used to look, too!

#2 I Don’t Know If I’m More Embarrassed By How Many Hours It Took Teen Me To Make This, Or That I Actually Tagged My Crush When I Posted It

Image credits: eehttofu

“Refusing to dwell on the past isn’t about ignoring the things that happened. Instead, it often means embracing and accepting your experiences so you can live in the present,” Morin explained. “So recognize the emotional toll that dwelling on something is taking on you, and then give yourself permission to move forward.”

To paraphrase Tyrion Lannister, never forget what you were. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.

#3 My Mom Dressed Me Like This So I Was Easy To Spot When She Picked Me Up…

Image credits: pluckems

#4 Got Dumped A Week Before Prom, But My Mom Insisted I Go Take The Pictures She Paid For, So I Made A Sock Puppet To Bring As My Date. I Regret Nothing

Image credits: Reverend_Deek_Lovin

#5 2008, Senior Friend Asked Me To Prom When I Was A Freshman. My Parents Didn’t Want Me To Go But Also Didn’t Want To Forbid Me, So They Didn’t Give Me Money For A Dress Thinking That Would Stop Us. We Made Both Of Our Outfits Entirely Out Of Duct Tape For Like $30

Image credits: shiasurprize

#6 My Siblings And I Were Forced Into A ‘Pet Look Alike’ Competition. It Still Haunts Us

Image credits: Innerbooty

#7 My Dad Always Thought This Haircut Looked Incredible On Me. My Mom Thought The Shirt Was Incredible. Looking Back At 2nd Grade Me Is Incredible. I’m A Female

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Image credits: kikiglitz

#8 Tried To Smile, Channeled Jim Carrey Instead. Allllllllrighty Then

Image credits: 8b**city

#9 Husband? Dead. Emotion? Devastated. Insurance Money? Cashed. Eyebrows? Don’t Need Them

Image credits: Dracoco

#10 My Mom Told Me Not To Blink During My 2nd Grade Class Picture

Image credits: ntaylor7746

#11 ‘How Did You Know I Was Gay?’ Said The Posing Seven Year Old Boy In Make Up, A Perm, And Black Sequinned Jellicle Cats Dance Costume

Image credits: DefinitelyNotADeer

#12 In Honor Of My Husband’s 37th Birthday, I Present To You His Senior Prom Photo From 2000

Image credits: Loocylooo

#13 Ten Years And One Transition Later: Some Things Never Change

Image credits:

#14 My Boyfriend’s 10th Grade Picture Is Pure Rebellion. According To Him, His Mom Cried When She Received The Pictures Back

Image credits:

#15 10m, And Looking Like A Middle Age Mom Who’s Deciding To Grace You With A Smile, While Still Judging You Just A Little

Image credits: otusasio451

#16 My Mother Found This Photo Of My Church Friend (Ryan Gosling) And I. We Had Some Awful 90s Hairs Cuts

Image credits: Talisintiel

#17 School Photo Looking Like 60-Year Old Librarian With My Cardigan, Turtleneck And Thick Glasses Date And Age Unknown

Image credits: Al_E77

#18 4 Years Ago. My Friend Is Saving This Photo For Her Future Kids To Show That She Thought She Had A Cool Phase Too

Image credits: ISitOnAThroneOfLies

#19 Found My High School ID This Morning

Image credits: dial6664satan

#20 My Mother Said I Would Regret This Photo… No Regrets Mom! Circa 2002

Image credits: Made_lion

#21 When I Was 14 I Was Dating A Girl From Another High School. I Decided To Surprise Her On Her Birthday By Dressing Up As A Clown And Busting Into Her Classroom Singing “Happy Birthday”. She Was Mortified! When The Dust Settled She Thankfully Realized The Thoughtfulness That Went Into The Gesture

Image credits: 1doublezero

#22 In High School I Went Through A Belt Phase. For Some Reason, I Thought The More Belts I Had On, The Cooler I Looked. I Later Discovered… That Was A Lie

Image credits: JustSherlock

#23 It’s Amazing What Growing A Beard, Growing Up, Changing Your Style And Leaving A Cult Can Do For You! (2011 vs. 2020)

Image credits: excusetheblood

#24 Me At 17(2010) Living It Up In Vegas

Image credits: pelirojo67

#25 Me, On My 8th Birthday, Getting The DS I Raved About

Image credits:

#26 My All-Time Favorite Picture Of My Husband. He Was 20 In This Picture. Posting With His Reluctant Permission

Image credits: geekoutfreakout69420

#27 Had A “Photoshoot” With My Mom And Thought That Being “The Weird Kid” Made Me Cool And Mysterious

Image credits: Dinkelburger123

#28 Growing Up In Detroit When Eminem Came Out Yeaaaaaah…

Image credits: mike70wu

#29 My Family Looking Like An Ll Bean Catalog Submission, And Then There’s 15 Year Old Me

Image credits: Floridaasf**k

#30 Sophomore Year Of High School, I Would Show Up Like This And Hang Out Behind The Library With My Little Edgy Kids Group

Image credits: ChaloPerea98

#31 Freshman College, ‘94: Control Yourselves, Ladies

Image credits: Warshok

#32 My Outfit During A Snowfall In May 2004

Image credits: Articado

#33 As Most People Thought My Fiancé Last Photo Was Not A Blunder, I Present To You Her College Library Card – 2003

Image credits: Jambohh

#34 8th Grade Me Thought I Was The [Coolest], Went Like This To A Christian Concert Event

Image credits: mastermoto7321

#35 I Was That Girl

Image credits: Gotholotls

#36 2002, Age 14. I Have No Idea What I Was Rebelling Against But I Was Going At It Hard

Image credits: Dishyphus

#37 I Was In An Early 2000’s Transitional Phase Between Awkward And Total Embarrassment

Image credits: PigSlug

#38 They Seem To Bring A Smile To Your Face. Hope This Makes Your Day A Little Better. I Present, Me As A Kid

Image credits: zwaymire

#39 I’m Glad My Looks Didn’t Peak At Age 13. (Not A Costume. God Help Me, I Really Dressed Like That)

Image credits: vrnkafurgis

#40 Me At Age 15, Channeling My Inner 30something Business Woman

Image credits: treslilbirds

#41 14 Year Old Me Photoshopping Out My Dad For Britney Spears. This Is Just So Toxic

Image credits: heymanmaniac

#42 My Childhood Was Destined To Be A Rough One…

Image credits: ThunderousDong

#43 Hawaii Wasn’t Ready For My Ice Cold Sister And I In 2003

Image credits: mrspetie

#44 Dwight Schrute Glasses? Check. Braces? Check. Turtle And Cat As Only Friends? Check. Braided Rat Tail With Beads? Zoom In…

Image credits: Pizzarazzi

#45 Mom Found This Recently, Me At 18, My Reaction When She Showed Me Was “God Damn What Is That Creature”

Image credits: stemid85

#46 My Junior Year Yearbook Picture

Image credits: gamerskaterchef

#47 Well I’m 34 Now. Still Into Model Rockets Though

Image credits: MiniDriver

#48 12 Years Ago. Teenage Pregnancy. Our First Family Photo

Image credits: enbeay

#49 I Won A Free Photo Shoot At J.C Penney In 2001 But I Refused To Take My Dad Sunglasses Off

Image credits: spiderb8

#50 Every Time My Friend Moves, She Rediscovers This Gem From Middle School

Image credits: Jaylee9000

#51 My Parents On Their Second Date!

Image credits: majestyyy_

#52 I Was A Cute Little Girl, Except For The Fact That I’m A Guy

Image credits: Frendian

#53 I Was 17. Not 40, Not 50… 17 Years Of Age. Drama Class Attendant And Closeted Lesbian

Image credits: andybjpg

#54 Celebrating 9 Years With This Edgy Guy

Image credits: MotherCabrini

#55 While You Were Partying, I Studied The Blade…

Image credits: katubug

#56 Me Rocking My Turtleneck In Hebrew School

Image credits: tapirtoez

#57 My Mom Grew Up In Hollywood And Always Wanted Her Kids To Be On TV. I Guess She Got Her Wish When I Was 14

Image credits: vrnkafurgis

#58 We Didn’t Have Much Money In 1977 But That Didn’t Stop Mom From Giving Us Our Wish To Be C3p0 And R2-D2 That Halloween

Image credits: SithLard

#59 14 Year Old Me After Successfully Sneaking Mountain Dew Into Mormon Summer Camp

Image credits: Pathlessflyer

#60 My Mom Said I Would Regret This Hair Cut. Personally I Think I Peaked Way Too Early. ~2003

Image credits: LilUziBert91

#61 My Graduation Outfit Was A Polyester Kimono I Spent All My Travel Money On At Disney World

Image credits: Einmanabanana

#62 Friend Gave Me Permission To Post This Gem

Image credits: Meerkats_are_ok

#63 Me And My Bestie Executed This Photoshoot With Self Timer Because No One Else In The World Understood Us. It Was Taken During Recess Against The Outside Wall Of Our Classroom. It’s Rough Being 13

Image credits: hejsaga

#64 This Is Me And My Sister, Not Two Lesbians Taking A Loving Christmas Portrait. My Aunt Bought Us These Power Suits And The New Hair Do’s. We Got This Done For My Dads Christmas Present

Image credits: aca6825

#65 When I Was A Kid I Played Basketball For A Church Called Transfiguration. Our Uniforms Didn’t Age Well

Image credits: soulfister

#66 I Used To Carry Stray Kittens In My Mouth And Call Myself The Mama Cat

Image credits: breafkastfordinner

#67 Spice Girls Poster, Beanie Babies And Cabbage Patch Kids

Image credits: MoreMonyMoreProblems

#68 I Legit Don’t Know How The [Hell] I Could See A Thing (Probably Through My Nostrils)

Image credits: BloodedKiba

#69 My Brother’s Pre-K Picture. He Didn’t Know How To Smile

Image credits:

#70 I Raise You, My Husband At Age 16. A Recent Immigrant To The Us And Roped Into A Themed Photo Shoot. He Still Refers To This Photo As “Pew Pew” And Shows It Off Proudly

Image credits: zvezdamoya

#71 13 Year Old Me Thought Wearing A Cheap Costume Wig Was Better Than Looking Like The Other Girls

Image credits: Gh0stPrinc3ss

#72 Me In 2004, When All I Ever Watched Was Fight Club And The Matrix While Blasting The Prodigy “Smack My B- Up”. So Cool I Had To Wear Two Sunglasses

Image credits: xMaxxAmmox

#73 Found This Gem That My Very Innocent, Very Christian Mother Took

Image credits: yeahforsureno

#74 School Photo, Senior Year 2001

Image credits: Wolfepool

#75 I Thought This Perm And Haircut Was Going To Make Me Look Just Like Whitney Houston…

Image credits: Meghandi

#76 My “Sherlock Look” In Sixth Grade Was Dangerously Close To That Of A Nice Guy

Image credits: Megasinsean

#77 Me (15 F) Looking Like A 12 Year Old Boy In Front Of Old Faithful. It Was A Month Long Family Trip Across The USA And I Did Not Want To Be There. I Was So Angry To Go On This Trip That I Left My Glasses At Home So I Couldn’t See Anything

Image credits: krystalstaarr

#78 When I Met My Childhood Crush JTT, My Face Was Painted Like A Clown

Image credits: ksouers

#79 16 Years Later We Got Married. Must’ve Been The Crop Top Because It Certainly Was Not The Teeth

Image credits: Prissess

#80 Dad Just Got An Old Film Developed. Christ Help Me… Obviously, I’m On The Left

Image credits: jgriffin20

#81 In Highschool, My Friend And I Didn’t Go To Parties. We “Mimed” Wherever We Wouldn’t Be Kicked Out. We Were Not Very Good At All, But It Sure Was Fun

Image credits: Spooky_Gecko

#82 8th Grade Prom Circa 2001. My Dance Moves Haven’t Improved

Image credits: KellJoy

#83 Back In 2005 I Surely Thought It Was Way Cooler To Escape The Matrix Than To Lose My Virginity

Image credits: dorgerryx

#84 I’m Still Casting Spells And Breaking Hearts 10 Years Later. My Mom Was Thrilled

Image credits: stoner_lilith

#85 I Present Sir Virgin, The Underweight. Circa 2008. Anybody Else Get A Ceremonial Sword To Go With The Chainmail Shirt They Just Had To Have For Christmas? Looking Tough At 120 Pounds

Image credits: alaskan_termite

#86 1st Grade Boy Or 40 Year Old Lesbian??

Image credits: hachinavio

#87 This Is How You Dress When You’re 12 And Tap Dancing To Sk8r Boi At Your Recital

Image credits: _mariguana_

#88 This Was Around ‘86, And The Last Time I Let My Sister Do My Hair

Image credits: Warshok

#89 We Were The Slim Shadys That Were Just Imitating

Image credits: rmjr22

#90 I’m Not Saying I Didn’t Appreciate My Mother Making My Clothes And Cutting My Hair But It For Sure Didn’t Help Me Make Friends

Image credits: secretsyu

#91 Was I A Student Or Homeroom Mom? Sixth Grade Was Cruel

Image credits: Texanakin_Shywalker

#92 In Middle School, I Told Everyone I Had A Older Boyfriend, Who Also Happened To Be An Abercrombie Model. This Was My Proof…

Image credits: iamlion44

#93 I Still Cut My Own Hair But I’ve Gotten Better

Image credits: Serotoxin

#94 How You Doin’?

Image credits: ZebraBoat

#95 14 Years Old, Mariachi Trumpet Was My Life. No Regrets, Epic Memories

Image credits:

#96 I Feel Like Glamor Shots Are Cheating But I Was Only 16 In This Pic & I Just Can’t Get Over How 45 I Look

Image credits: SarahEH

#97 My $200 Haircut Made Me Look Wall-Eyed

Image credits: poop_dawg

#98 If You Didn’t Take A Professional Photo With Your Babydoll, Were You Even Homeschooled?

Image credits: crazygoatlady3

#99 I’m Not Okay. 2006

Image credits: moldylockz

#100 My Friend Gave Me Permission To Post This Early 2000’s Glam She Is Serving

Image credits: mmmurrito

#101 Remember Planking Was A Thing? I Legit Did It Everywhere I Went. Memories From That Time Keeps Me Up At Night

Image credits: kyliecannoli

#102 I Was Made To Reign Over This Sub

Image credits: HotToddy94

#103 Grade 8 Graduation. I Wanted To Look Like Ludacris So I Got Cornrows. Narrator: She Did Not Look Even Remotely Close To Ludacris

Image credits: islandfool

#104 Mid 90’s. Top Right Is Now A Police Officer, Top Left Is In Prison For Attemted Murder. Bottom Right Has Been Missing For 15 Years, Bottom Left Is Owner Of A Successful Technology Company

Image credits: bbbr7864

#105 My Grandmom Loved To Put Those Little Foam Curlers In My Hair Before Church

Image credits: moljs

#106 The Pic That Started It All (And Yes It’s Really Me)

Image credits: jamesdavidsaul

#107 My Prized Possession. 8 Year Old Me, Resembling A Pilgrim, With Avril Lavigne. Printed On A Kitchen Tile

Image credits: mushykiki

#108 I Can’t Look Away…

Image credits: Mata101

#109 I Think I’m Finally Emotionally Ready To Share This Pic With The World

Image credits: StephieCupcakes

#110 My Senior Picture

Image credits: hobbittofdeath

#111 My Friends And I All Agreed To Wear A Plaid Skirt With Jeans For Picture Day. I Was The Only One Who Did. Fashion Cowards, I Tell Ya!

Image credits:

#112 Okay Okay So I Just Posted Last Night, But I Found This Today In A “Cute Boys” Folder At My Parents’ House And I Just…couldn’t Resist. 11 Years Old, 2003

Image credits: JagHole

#113 I Liked The Crow, Blade, Gas Station Sunglasses, And That Walmart Bathing Suit Cover Up

Image credits: rebelephant

#114 Since Y’all Are Digging My First Post, May I Proudly Present My Most Blunderful Photo Of All Time: White Gloves And Pink Tie. Timestamp For Added Old School Authenticity

Image credits: bastardpreacher

#115 I Made My Mom Buy Me This Shirt

Image credits: KalebAT

#116 So Unique, So Stylish

Image credits: _dear_ms_leading_

#117 I Was Really Into American Girl Dolls And Begged My Mom To Let Me Do A Cover Shoot At The Store

Image credits: princesschigusa

#118 My First Day Of School As An Exchange Student In Japan, 2003. I’m Not Sure If The Haircut Or The Knee-High Socks Are Worse

Image credits: seoulless

#119 10 Years & 100lbs Ago. My Wife Says I Looked Like I Drove Around Low-Ranking Mobsters

Image credits: ZeroTenenbaum

#120 13 Year Old Me

Image credits: kaylee_ann66

#121 I Have No Words To Defend Myself

Image credits: JohnnyLavender

#122 Im 16 Here. I Look Like A Homeschool Mom…

Image credits: tish221

#123 Yes, That Is Me And My Cat In A Professional Photo Shoot. Thanks Mom

Image credits: ngiarritiello

#124 Not Sure If This Counts Given How Awesome My Blue Steel Pose Was As A 4 Year Old. 1989 Or 1990

Image credits: hershculez

#125 Me Circa 7th Grade. Still Not A Phase

Image credits: Dead_Overlord

#126 One Of Those 2 Watches Is Set To The Japenese Time Zone

Image credits: Whos_tail_is_that

#127 I Beat Guitar Hero On Expert And Felt The Need To Immortalize The Moment By Setting A Timer On My Camera

Image credits: Fire_x_Ice

#128 At The Time I Was Obsessed With Frogs And Lizards

Image credits: Kolt45ns

#129 Titanic And Iceberg – Halloween 1998

Image credits: mrspetie

#130 Age 16 > 29… I Had Way Too Much Confidence Back Then

Image credits: RasterAlien

#131 Me And Miranda Cosgrove Circa 2008

Image credits: KnowYourRole96

#132 100% Skateboarder

Image credits: I_play_high420

#133 I Knew I Was Cool And That Is All That Matters

Image credits: Eat_The_Bourgeoisie

#134 My Mother Made Me Take This Senior Hobby Photo

Image credits: gnitteo

#135 Me 10 Years Ago On My Mom’s Coffee Mugs She Won’t Get Rid Of (2009)

Image credits: Nosferatu420

#136 My Girlfriend Was A Little Obsessed With The Amanda Show In Third Grade

Image credits: 4channelorange

#137 My Girlfriend At The Age Of 12, Living It Up On A Vacation In Bulgaria

Image credits: HansHugo

#138 This Is Me At 14 In 2009 I Was So Emo I Cried Into The Mirror To Second Hand Serenade When The Hairdresser Cut My Fringe Wrong

Image credits: vindigoboy

#139 Turns Out I Didn’t Get The “Wear Black To The Family Photo” Memo And Noone Thought To Tell 10 Year Old Me My Zip Was Down

Image credits: tooflover

#140 I Tried So Hard On Free Dress Days, At My Private School, To Impress The Girl I Liked. I Had To Pull Everything Out, Including The Belt Buckle

Image credits: webbington152

#141 I Wanted To Be The Joker But My Mom Couldn’t Find A Purple Suit, So She Came Up With This. I’m A Girl. I Walked To School Alone Like This And Not A Single Person Recognized Me

Image credits: scventa

#142 Rural Alabama In The 90s. That Was Not The Only Matching Hat I Owned

Image credits: bobbing_for_pickles

#143 What Up! We’re 3 Cool Dudes Looking For Other Cool Dudes To Hang Out In Our Party Mansion – Nothing Sexual! (2006)

Image credits: TheAlgebraist

#144 After Almost 20 Years…i’m Finally Ready To Show The World What I Did To My Eyebrows When I Was 12

Image credits: Hollywizzle311

#145 Taken And “Edited” On A Flip Phone

Image credits: kaulinycia

#146 My Mom Let Me Have A “Pimp” Themed Birthday Party. I Was 10

Image credits: jacobpres70

#147 In 2001 Or 2002 My Friend And I Did A Photoshoot With The Intent To Convince Random People On Livejournal That We Were In A Band. We Had No Interest In Actually Being In A Band

Image credits: poxteeth

#148 I Thought I Was Being Sly And Getting Out Of The Picture

Image credits: ukulelegirl7

#149 Sorry. I Didn’t Leave Any Pussy For The Rest Of You

Image credits: Righteous_Fire

#150 About 14 2007 With An Empty Bottle Of Vodka

Image credits: lilvamp616

#151 I Was Really Edgy In The Early 2000s

Image credits: stregapegg

#152 I Remember Being Very Proud Of This Photo When I Took It. The Greasy Hair, The Crown, The Thin Brows, The Pose, The “Makeup”, Everything. Big Oof. 2007-2008 Were Weird Times

Image credits: JenniferKayla

#153 9 Year Old Me Was Loving Every Part Of This Photo, Circa 2000

Image credits:

#154 Found This Scrapbook Page My Mom Made: My Nickname Was Q-Tip, And Once My Entire 8th Grade Math Class Hid All Of Their Pencils In My Hair… Late 90’s

Image credits: TyceGN

#155 My Brother And I And Our Terrible Haircuts And Dyes Circa The Late Early 00s. Dyed-Blonde Bowl Cut And Bangs-Only Respectively. We Asked For These

Image credits: daddyhoffmang

#156 I Used To Stage Fake Pictures Like This For Likes On Facebook In 2012

Image credits: jacobmerc

#157 We Wondered Why Only Had Each Other As Friends Back In 1998 Now Married 14 Years

Image credits: Gwenyph

#158 Me And My Best Friend Around 1998 Trying To Be Punk Rock For Halloween But Ended Up Looking Like Lesbian Lovers

Image credits: Mattx603

#159 Circa 1999. I Asked The Photographer If I Could Improvise My Pose To Show Off My New Shirt. The Picture Hung In Our Den For Years Until My Mom Got The Meaning

Image credits: Darth_Pooty_Tang

#160 I Made A Collage Of My Iconic Comb Over Emo Stage. My Mom Used To Tell Me That My Head Was Going To Get Stuck Sideways From The Way I Ate Dinner Or Did Just About Any Task

Image credits: lenerz

#161 Circa 2008 When I Thought Fedoras Were Sexy. Also Looking Terribly Intense And Like A Serial Killer

Image credits: Kurogane-Diasane

#162 Showed This To My Coworkers & They Said It Looks Like I Crawled Out Of The Bunker Behind Kimmy Schmidt

Image credits: gabbymw

#163 5 Years Ago I Thought It’d Be A Good Idea To Create A Dress And Wear It To School. It’s Made Entirely Of Trash Bags And Duct Tape. I Thought I Was Cool

Image credits: Astyyria

#164 So. Many. Patterns

Image credits: theweedfairy_

#165 This Was Taken Outside The Curtain Warehouse I Worked Stock At After High School. This Was The Mose Reliable Ride I Had At The Time

Image credits: CookieDeville

#166 I Was 16 And Yes That Is My Real Hair I Still Think It’s Badass Although It Almost Fell Out

Image credits: Viridescentlight

#167 My Sister Had Her Eyes Closed For Our 2007 Sibling Photo, And The Company Thought It’d Be Appropriate To Crop Her Eyes From Her Individual Photo And Just.. Paste Them Over Her Eyelids

Image credits:

#168 The Face Of Homeschool And A Mother Obsessed With Dainty, Fragile Women

Image credits: kayasphotographs

#169 When I Was A Kid I Asked My Dad To Take Me To Meet The Love Of My Life & He Did. Thanks, Dad

Image credits: doththedoth

#170 Just Saw Another Post Here Featuring A Spice Girls Poster In The Background. Reminded Me Of When We Thought We Totally Nailed Our Halloween Group Costume Back In ’98

Image credits: diabetass

#171 They Had To Zoom Out To Fit The Fro In My High School Picture… No Regrets

Image credits: I_AmATurtle

#172 The Sash Was Supposed To Say “Spain”

Image credits: beetledreams

#173 When I Wanted To Dress Like An Army Dad

Image credits:

#174 I Made “Wooden Armor” For My Arms On A Camping Trip Once, And It Fit Me Better Than My Actual Clothes Did

Image credits: LeVampirate

#175 First Day Of 8th Grade. Avril Lavigne Who?

Image credits: brutales_katzchen

#176 I Found My Old Myspace Profile Today And This Is The First Picture That Popped Up. I Was 14 Lol

Image credits: mycatsnameisroger

#177 I Was Told To Post This Here. 2012 Wasn’t A Good Year

Image credits: m00nwxtch

#178 I Wanted To Live In An Anime So Bad

Image credits: cocoamilky

#179 I Worked At Circuit City In 2004. This Was My Glorious New Hire Photo

Image credits: life_bytes

#180 I Truly Thought I Was So Cool Drinking Sparkling Apple Juice And Holding The Glass Like That. I Tried To Look Dramatic. The Bangs. The Pigtails. Oh Boy

Image credits: sydthef**kdown

#181 We Thought We Were So Awesome Going To Our First Uni Party Dresses Like This…

Image credits: VincentDieselman

#182 14 Y/O Me. I Had An Obsession With Demigod Characters And Photo Manipulation

Image credits: benjetta96

#183 It’s The Eye If The Tiger – It’s The Thrill Of The Fight!

Image credits: snapsizzlepop

#184 17 On A Family Vacation. Sister Said “Max Smile” Yes I Thought Those Shorts Were Cool

Image credits: mrmax1999

#185 (2004) I Thought I’d Nailed My Holiday Look In Hawaii. I’d Coat My Comb In A Thick Layer Of Hair Gel To Get My Do Slicked Up As Straight As Possible, Slip Into My Wave Shirt, Then Finish Off Strong By Rocking The Double Fanny-Pack

Image credits: nbd22

#186 Back In Middle School I Could Go Through Two Full Cans Of Hairspray A Month

Image credits: OV3NBVK3D

#187 My Parents Took Me On A Hawaiian Cruise In 2005. This Was My Outfit For Luau Night

Image credits: boddah666

#188 My Sister Was Really Into Our Neighbors Horse And Made This Amazing Edit In 2009

Image credits: cynta

#189 One Thing I Didn’t Get For That Birthday: Eyebrows

Image credits: boddah666

#190 Glamour Shots Completed With Awful Haircut

Image credits: klaatuverata_necktie

#191 2007, I Told Everyone It Wasn’t Just A Phase. Thank God It Was Though

Image credits: Rookiepro

#192 Man I Was Rocking The Nice Guy Style Back In 6th Grade

Image credits: Papacookie_

#193 Happy America Day

Image credits: StumpyWombat13

#194 I Was Very Much Into The “Cyber Goth” Scene Back In The Day, Wore Those Damn Dreads And Leg Warmers Everywhere

Image credits: politezombies

#195 High School Dance, Eyebrows Tweezed To Non Existence; Dreads Created By “Glue”

Image credits: Christmascandy666

#196 Me At Age 15

Image credits: woodpecker101

#197 This Was My Promo Photo. The Blazer In The Back Really Pulls The Shot Together

Image credits: ladycowbell


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