People Are Shaming These Knockoff Brands In This Online Group And Here Are 65 Of The Most Blatant Ones (New Pics)

When it comes to creativity, I believe that not even the sky’s the limit… especially if there’s potential profit involved. And one place that the human imagination truly shines (for better or for worse… probably for worse) is in the creation of knockoff products that are meant to capitalize on the success of well-known brands.

The r/crappyoffbrand subreddit pokes fun at all the hilariously bad knockoff products that can be found around the globe and make up a surprisingly large part of the global economy, and we’ve collected some of the best new pics featured by their 908k+ strong memberbase.

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While I’m getting myself a nice refreshing glass of Bepsi and some delicious turkey NcMoggets, have a scroll down, upvote the pics that made you smile and laugh, and share your own encounters with cheap knockoffs in the comments! Psst, Pandas, want to feast your eyes on more knockoffs? They’re free, no strings attached, we promise. All you have to do is click here for our previous article about the ‘Crappy Off Brand’ subreddit.

#1 Whatsapp Perfume

Image credits: VardanVardas

#2 Who Lives In A Pineapple Burnt Third Degree!

Image credits: LovenRazuV2

#3 Ham Socks. Found On Aliexpress

Image credits: 14 days ago

Counterfeit goods really are big business. However, it’s difficult to put a specific number on its impact because, well, it’s not exactly all legal, is it? That’s why the numbers can vary a lot depending on what report you read.

There’s a huge demand for knockoff products and according to one report released by the OECD and the EUIPO in 2019, it’s an industry that’s worth over 500 billion dollars globally. “The value of imported fake goods worldwide topped $509 billion based on 2016 customs seizure data, up from $461 billion in 2013, the latter of which represents 2.5% of world trade,” writes TFL.

#4 Snipers ?

Image credits:

#5 Ralph Lacoste

Image credits: 33Fanste33

#6 Found Them At My Local Farmer’s Market

Image credits: Phoenix-Rider

Meanwhile, World Trademark Review points to the 2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report which shows that the volume of international trade in counterfeit goods reached a whopping 1.2 trillion dollars in 2017.

Created back in 2015, the ‘Crappy Off brand’ subreddit will be celebrating its 6th birthday on June 14. The sub’s moderators set a high standard for the type of content that people can post. Not everything is a good fit for r/crappyoffbrand, you see.

#7 “Burger Friends: Friends Have It Their Way”

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#8 Christian Version Of Xbox 360

Image credits:

#9 Apple Fan

Image credits: xianginc

For instance, the mods make it perfectly clear that if you post absolutely anything related to Fall Guys or Among Us, you’ll end up being banned. Our best guess is that the subreddit was over-saturated with products related to the two popular video games and everyone was a tad fed up with seeing the same old things over and over (and over) again.

#10 Found This On Google

Image credits: SpiceBoy737

#11 Mm Just What I Want In My Mouth

Image credits: SadSaltShaker55

#12 My Girlfriend’s Peepi Socks Finally Arrived

Image credits: nizowosa

What’s more the community is specifically dedicated to bad knockoff brands. That means that no good off-brands are welcome. What’s more, the subreddit isn’t the place for people to post badly designed products: it also has to be a knockoff. Other than that, r/crappyoffbrand’s other rules are pretty much the standard that you’d expect from any other popular subreddit: be nice to others, don’t repost stuff, and don’t advertise your own products.

#13 Collection Of Oreo Knockoffs

Image credits: Tylerak22

#14 Surprise ?

Image credits:

#15 What In The Nutella

Image credits: giornoswhore

#16 I Don’t Know About You But I’m Quite Hungry

Image credits: Fooldool5_

#17 ….barney?

Image credits: Angeladored

#18 It Just Do

Image credits: talleypiano

#19 Are Ya Ready Kids?

Image credits: floofboof

#20 Ugorg

Image credits: Aggravating_Fox7859

#21 This Is Actually Real And Actually On Prime Video

Image credits: redribbongaming2

#22 Never Knew All These Social Media Brands All Sell Body Sprays

Image credits: MikaelStudios

#23 Shapeshifting Character

Image credits: WankyStrange

#24 No Wonder Coffe Tasted Funny

Image credits: not_chkhei

#25 Shrek Backpack

Image credits: ShadowRunner2

#26 This Was Next To A Gamestop

Image credits: Braddy101

#27 My World H E L L

Image credits: tieneselpenepequeno

#28 This Is Slightly Disturbing

Image credits: SlaughterheartMagus

#29 Nemo But They Are Selling Fish

Image credits: atomicdragon136

#30 Why Does This Exist

Image credits: HeimlichLaboratories

#31 Mom’s Handling The Business Now

Image credits: chicken_khabsa

#32 Hmm

Image credits: GC6000

#33 Want Some Ttc Ttc?

Image credits:

#34 Ah Yes The Tfc

Image credits: Antique-Addendum-193

#35 Typical Games In Russia

Image credits:

#36 Just Wow

Image credits: bonniemccool

#37 Angry Garfields

Image credits:

#38 Welcome To Pita Hut, May I Take You Order?

Image credits:

#39 Leogs Are A Great Childhood Memory

Image credits: friendly-crackhead

#40 Someone Suggested I Post My New Phone Case Here

Image credits: Echeveria1987

#41 Fake Dairy Queen, Dairy King

Image credits: anti_Eddie_Lampert

#42 Customer Handed Me This To Transfer Their Recovered Data…

Image credits: weazelbeater

#43 Crab Boss

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#44 Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#45 I Don’t Really Don’t Know Where This Is

Image credits: Slushy_XD_03

#46 Roberto From Futurama At An Abandoned Theme Park In China

Image credits: createdamadman

#47 Connocting People

Image credits: michaelyyz9

#48 Star World

Image credits: monkman75

#49 I Don’t Really Don’t Know Where This Is, Found In R/Aweonasogang

Image credits: Slushy_XD_03

#50 Very Original Istore

Image credits: AffectionateBat2687

#51 My Partner Told Me She Got Me Some Designer Sock’s

Image credits:

#52 Good God Why

Image credits:

#53 Found This In Blackpool..

Image credits: DakotaVenom

#54 Heroes All In One

Image credits:

#55 It’s Finally Here

Image credits: YumeKyanddi

#56 The Goojje Browser Of China

Image credits:

#57 Complete With Hair And Sweat!

Image credits: TheOther36

#58 Bad Piggies: The Cold War

Image credits:

#59 Full Mobile Alchemist

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#60 Lasted A Whopping 3 Hours In A TV Remote

Image credits: 57dollarlunch

#61 Ah Yes, My Backpack: Nilke

Image credits: Noppppppppppppe

#62 Mike

Image credits: DorkusDeluxus

#63 I Saw It Today In A Market, Poland

Image credits: PrincessOne1

#64 Mattress Bob Likes That!

Image credits: Placentech666

#65 This Lipstick I Just Got

Image credits: whatever_together


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