People Are Sharing ‘Alternate Angles’ Of Iconic Events, Places In History, And More, Here Are 111 Of The Best (New Pics)

It all depends on your perspective. Changing how you look at things—and we mean this quite literally—can really make you reconsider what you think you know… and spark your creativity while you’re at it.

The r/AlternateAngles subreddit does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it well. Members of the online community share photos of iconic events and places. However, there’s a twist! The pics are taken from different angles than we’re used to seeing on the news, in history books, and on social media.

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It’s a fresh way to look at history, art, and landmarks, and we’re so in love with the very idea that we couldn’t wait to share their best new featured photos with you, dear Pandas. As you’re scrolling down, upvote the photos that impressed you the most, and be sure to go and follow the subreddit to see their latest pics. Forget what you think you know, you’re about to see a different side to everything.

Bored Panda got in touch with the friendly team running r/AlternateAngles for a follow-up interview, and they were kind enough to answer our questions. Check out what a representative of the moderator team told us as you scroll down!

Oh, and what’s this? The previous article Bored Panda put together about r/AlternateAngles? Well, would you look at that? Why, that’ll be perfect if you want a follow-up after you’re done enjoying this list, Pandas.

#1 The 15 Mile-Long Shadow Of Mt. Fuji In Japan

Image credits: obviousoctopus

One of the moderators who helps run the entire r/AltnernateAngles community shared with Bored Panda their take on why the subreddit continues to be so popular and why people are so fascinated by entirely new perspectives.

“We are a unique subreddit that offers pictures that you don’t normally see in other subs or the internet in general,” they told Bored Panda, adding that sometimes you do see cross-posts from other subreddits or taken from the internet, e.g. from Facebook.

“I think the fascination of, for example, the back frame of the Mona Lisa, is something most people never get to see. We generally don’t allow pictures of cats, dogs, food, and generic houses with some spin, but require famous artwork, people, monuments, or events—something everyone will recognize from all the famous photos that are published, but not from the perspective of the photo posted in our sub.”

#2 Forbidden Angle

The worst angle for a picture of a seal

Image credits: Jack7074

#3 The Inside Of A Cello

Image credits: starwoodpeel

In the mod’s opinion, the perspective can completely change the tone and feel of the photo. However, they noted that most, if not all, of the images shared on r/AlternateAngles “aren’t from professional photographers but instead by Joe Average with an iPhone instead of the latest and greatest digital camera” which means that the sub really is open to everyone. The angle and the idea behind it are more interesting than all the other technical fluff.

“It’s those alternate angles that aren’t well published that give people a unique perspective of a location, event, or artwork that they had never been made aware of.”

#4 World, Pacific Ocean View

Image credits: Blueblanketboy5

#5 Saturn’s North Pole Is A Hexagon

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Image credits: ignotuswithapurpose

#6 Albert Einstein Before His Famous Photo With His Tongue Out

Image credits: applejuicegrape

The mod took the Mona Lisa example a bit further to show the unique perspective (pun not intended) that the sub brings even more. “Everyone can go on the internet and see a picture or travel to the Louvre Museum. It was at an odd time while they were fixing the location that a few people could see the back side for the first time. The same could be applied to taking a photo of the Statue of Liberty looking straight up or a photo of 9-11 from an amateur that hadn’t been published before. I think people are fascinated by that,” the moderator shared with Bored Panda.

“Personally, I feel the quality of the photo has little to do with the popularity but rather the uniqueness of the photo and perspective. The centering of the photo, the proper color gradient, and the perfect focus have little to do with popularity. I think also it is very subjective as to what users are interested in, however, the more unique the perspective plays a large part into how popular a post is.”

#7 The Sahara Desert With A Snowfall On It

Image credits: Frangifer

#8 Hedgehog Getting An X-Ray

Image credits: streepke

#9 Under A Mushroom Cap

Image credits: PatatasFrittas

Created relatively recently, at the start of summer in 2019, the subreddit has become the home to nearly 150k redditors since then. The community has a very unique way of looking at history, art, landmarks, and life in general, and it’s what keeps its members coming back.

The content is as educational as it is entertaining, and odds are that you’ll end up sending quite a few of these pics to your friends if you’re anything like us. And the cool thing is that once you realize that r/AlternateAngles is a thing, you can’t help but start considering events, well-known places, and even ideas from different sides.

Previously, my colleague reached out to the mod team helping run the entire r/AlternateAngles community, and they were kind enough to answer some of Bored Panda’s questions.

They told us a bit about the origins of the group: “A comment in another subreddit of famous pictures suggested that someone should create a sub of different views of famous pictures, which led to the creation of r/AlternateAngles by u/Murkon and another Redditor who decided to step down and is no longer a moderator.”

#10 The Two Sides Of A Neon Sign

Image credits: JPScurry

#11 The Iconic Photo Of Michael Jordan Which Turned Into The Logo

Image credits: Blueblanketboy5

#12 Don’t Know About You, But I Very Rarely See Images Of The Grand Canyon Taken From Right Down At The Bottom. It’s A Very Long Way Down, And In A Sense A Much Longer Way Back Up – That Might Be The Reason

Image credits: Craxy-Polly-Sparaxy

According to the mods, the concept of r/AlternateAngles “can be summed up by a rule: Limit all submissions to alternate views, or unique perspectives, of well-known locations, items, people, and events. An alternate angle of your kitchen does not qualify but Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen does.”

In the mods’ opinion, what’s well-known is very subjective. “The occasional post of an obviously non-well-known picture slips through, but we strive to keep with the original objective,” they told Bored Panda.

Some posts actually turn out to be fakes or have been photoshopped, which goes against the rules of the subreddit. The moderators rely on the help of their “fantastic and active user base” to help out with filtering out those.

Those of you who plan on posting, not just lurking, on the sub should keep a few additional rules in mind. Obviously, you shouldn’t be manipulating or editing any photos to try and trick the internet. That’d just mean (and frankly, we don’t really see the point).

#13 Sunset From Space

Image credits: valenTD925

#14 New York’s Manhattan Without Skyscrapers

Image credits: Okama_G_Sphere

#15 The Sphinx From Above

Image credits: Adventurous_Self_995

#16 Penguin Feathers

Image credits: imac1987

What’s more, you should aim to write descriptive titles that let redditors know exactly what they’re seeing. Adding dates is also “highly encouraged.” Meanwhile, if you’re posting a photo of a structure or landmark, then it must bring some unique alternate value. For instance, you might share a pic of a building while it’s being renovated or what it was like while it was still under construction. In short, show the subreddit an alternate temporal angle, too, not just a spatial one.

#17 John & Yoko Waiting For The Maid To Make The Bed So They Can Continue Protesting Against The System

Image credits: HighMacGuy

#18 Great Pyramid Of Giza (From The Sky)

Image credits: del_454

Alas, if you’re a fan of memes, then r/AlternateAngles is definitely not the place for those. What’s more, the mod team wants everyone to have a great time, so there’s a zero-tolerance policy for personal attacks on other redditors. You can end up being banned if you don’t follow the rules (which might provide a very unusual angle to the whole subreddit experience, but that’s way too meta and it’s better not to risk it).

#19 A Flying Giant Squirrel From India (Petaurista Philippensis) Caught In The Act On A Sunny Day

Image credits: PatatasFrittas

#20 News Anchor From The Other Angle

Image credits: bkuri

#21 A Photo Of Central Park During The Great Depression (1933)

Image credits: Kaffine69

Very recently, Bored Panda spoke about angles and perspectives with professional photographer Dominic Sberna, from Ohio in the US. He stressed that perspective really does mean a huge amount in photography.

“The angle of vantage for the photographer can really change an image,” he told us during an earlier interview.

#22 An Elephant Trunk Seen From Below

Image credits: PatatasFrittas

#23 Looking Up – The Eiffel Tower

Image credits: Quizchris

#24 I’ve Never Walked Directly Under An Electricity Pylon Before! There’s Some Brilliant Symmetry

Image credits: CondemnedHog

“It all depends on what you’re going for. It’s best to play around and try different things to see what looks best and what works best depending on your subject,” he said that photographers should play around with angles and see how they can change what the audience feels.

#25 Queen Elizabeth Wax Figure

Image credits: brkgnews

#26 Last Photograph Of The Last Run Of Ladder 118 As It Crosses The Brooklyn Bridge… None Of The Firefighters Would Survive

Image credits: tenniskitten

#27 C-3po

Image credits: AnUdderDay

“Make sure to not lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve in your image. Have a clear goal in mind with what you’re trying to convey,” expert photographer Dominic said that professionals and amateurs alike should remember to focus and always keep their goals at the forefront of their minds.

#28 Mount Rushmore Before The Presidents Were Carved In. It Was Called Six Fathers At This Point

Image credits: Craigsandrew

#29 Not Sure If This Counts But, The Grand Canyon View From A Plane

Image credits: LexiaRaikkonen

#30 Aerial View Of Over 400,000 People At The Woodstock, 1969

Image credits: SeasonedTimeTraveler

“Follow the rules of composition and don’t make things too small. I have photos of rock climbers at a national park in Nevada, where I personally feel the overall perspective is a bit lost,” the photographer noted that everyone has photos that turn out differently than they’d hoped.

“Make sure the audience is able to understand what it is they’re supposed to be seeing and comparing the perspective to the surroundings at hand.”

#31 Mary Poppins Movie, 1964

Image credits: still-at-the-beach

#32 Venice From Above

Image credits: idk_what_a_name_is

#33 Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation Of Adam’ As Seen On The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Image credits: John-Piece

#34 The Mushroom Cloud From An Atomic Test Is Seen From Fremont Street In Downtown Las Vegas, 1955

Image credits: Kaffine69

#35 The Space Shuttle From The Top

Image credits: InsufficientFrosting

#36 William D. Nuñez Took This Picture Of Aa Flight 175 On September 11th, Seconds Before The Plane Hit The South Tower

Image credits: Kaffine69

#37 Underside Of A Horseshoe Crab

Image credits: rfc1118

#38 Las Vegas Police Facing Mike Tyson After He‘D Just Bitten Evander Holyfields Ear Off 1996. What He Saw

Image credits: SeasonedTimeTraveler

#39 The Oval Office Between Presidents

Image credits: fonziefonz

#40 A Mall Christmas Display From Above. Also A Little Funny

Image credits: thelaureness

#41 Cars Never Claimed From Giants Stadium Commuter Lot After 9/11

Image credits: ilovebostoncremedonu

#42 Alternate Hairstyles For Dorothy [wizard Of Oz]

Image credits: Okama_G_Sphere

#43 Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction

Image credits: Blueblanketboy5

#44 I’d Never Seen This Angle Of The Sydney Opera House And It Looked Different To Me

Image credits: OutdoorSandwich

#45 Statue Of Liberty

Image credits: mn1nm

#46 A Picture Of The Colosseum From The Sky

Image credits: matiwi

#47 Daft Punk Without Their Helmets On

Image credits: TatersGonnaTate1984

#48 Ghostbusters Firehouse Cleaned Up

Image credits: BallShapedMan

#49 Machu Pichu From In The Citadel

Image credits: jucapiga

#50 Look At This Photograph… Literally

Image credits: CamaradaOso

#51 A Picture From The Boom Operator Of Me Refueling On My 100th Mission Over Afghanistan

Image credits: Kaffine69

#52 A Rare Picture Showing Michael Jackson’s Vitiligo

Image credits: Kaffine69

#53 Eiffel Tower Under Construction, July 1888 [colorized]

Image credits: Kaffine69

#54 An Angle Of The Red Carpet I’ve Never Seen Before

Image credits: Discalced-diapason

#55 The Crash Site Of The Hindenburg Airship Viewed From Above. May 1937

Image credits: Maseca2319

#56 The Ever Given Bulbous Bow After The Suez Canal Incident March 2021

Image credits: fonziefonz

#57 The Beatles Waiting To Cross Abbey Road, 1969

Image credits: Jade_lulu3

#58 Peru’s Nazca Lines But At Ground Level

Image credits: John-Piece

#59 View Of Taj Mahal From One Of The Corners. Photo By Me, November 2021

Image credits: doctorbrunner

#60 Everest And The Himalayas From Iss

Image credits: ei85re

#61 Manaslu Base Camp, Himalayas, Nepal

Image credits: PatatasFrittas

#62 The Sistine Chapel

Image credits: lordpond

#63 View Of San Francisco From Alcatraz

Image credits: CPE_Rimsky-Korsakov

#64 Anyone Else Love Seeing How Giant Traffic Things Are? The Length Of The Lines On An Interstate Always Blow My Mind Too

Image credits: thelaureness

#65 Pyramids Of Giza As Seen From A Nearby Pizza Hut A Quarter Mile Away

Image credits: jcalcerano

#66 Another View Of The Parthenon In The Snow From Above. January 25, 2022

Image credits: grasputin

#67 Photographer Caught A Good Shot Just Minutes Before The More Famous Image Was Taken On Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, 1945

Image credits: Possible-Ad7492

#68 West Philadelphia Neighborhood After Being Bombed By City Police In 1985

Image credits: Gcarsk

#69 Satellite Base From Goldeneye [1995]

Image credits: Okama_G_Sphere

#70 Right After The Shot For Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here Cover

Image credits: Sillvaro

#71 The Fine Tile Details Of The Sydney Opera House Roof With A Dark Sky In Contrast

Image credits: Vestibuleskittle

#72 A View Of The Terrain Before The Entrance To Svalbard Seed Vault

Image credits: Biquasquibrisance

#73 Actress Brigitte Helm Having A Break In Costume On The Set Of The 1927 Fritz Lang Film ‘Metropolis’ In Which She Plays Maria / The Maschinenmensch (The Machine Man)

Image credits: 25QS2

#74 A Shot From The “Subway Grate” Scene In The Seven Year Itch

Image credits: Faceless-Pronoun

#75 The Back Of Lincoln

Image credits: hotwheelearl

#76 The Origin Of The Meme. From The Original Perspective

Image credits: CamaradaOso

#77 New York City

Image credits: nanowire

#78 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater Seen From The Back

Image credits: archineering

#79 On The Set Of Batman

Image credits: Dave2onreddit

#80 The Tops Of UPS Trucks Are White

Image credits: BuckM11

#81 How ‘Team America: World Police’ Was Made

Image credits: imac1987

#82 The Pantheon From McDonald’s

Image credits: astronomicalgemini77

#83 Squid Game Murder Doll At Netflix Office

Image credits: joshspoon

#84 View Of The Crowd During Martin Luther King Jr’s Famous I Have A Dream Speech

Image credits: -Omegamart-

#85 Statues Overlooking Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City

Image credits: modrzew

#86 The Opening Scene From Inglourious Basterds

Image credits: smokyartichoke

#87 The Back Of The Rosetta Stone In London

Image credits: thomsie8

#88 The Bean In Chicago

Image credits: Fiyre

#89 The Basement Beneath The Lincoln Memorial

Image credits: Schindlerz-Fist

#90 Our Country’s (Myanmar) Best Known Independence Monument Is Actually Six Stars If Observed Directly From Above

Image credits: oops-rdt

#91 Cockpit Of The Concorde Supersonic Airline

Image credits: grasputin

#92 Fountain From The Intro To Friends (Warner Bros. Ranch, Burbank, Ca)

Image credits: CpGrover

#93 Glastonbury Festival 2022, 220,000 Thousand Attendees

Image credits: Kaffine69

#94 Shutter Island

Image credits: MartyBenson69

#95 A Rare Angle Of The Infamous 2002 Counterstrike Lan Party Where A Guy Is Ducttaped To The Ceiling. Swipe For The Original Picture

Image credits: El_Robski

#96 President Trump With World Leaders At The 2019 G7 Meeting

Image credits: westmoreland84

#97 Inside The Bowl Of The Stanley Cup, Names Engraved Are Members Of The 1907 Montreal Wanderers

Image credits: imac1987

#98 The Orville From The Other Side Of The Screen

Image credits: Okama_G_Sphere

#99 White House Press Room From The Podium

Image credits: Straw27

#100 The Other (Non-Cracked) Side Of The Liberty Bell

Image credits: corLeon1s

#101 Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Image credits: PraxisLD

#102 The U.S Supreme Court

Image credits: Sandman87654321

#103 Bts – Men In Black (1997)

Image credits: r1ngr

#104 Seinfeld Behind The Scenes

Image credits: Catharas

#105 Opening Credits For The Andy Griffith Show

Image credits: rtphokie

#106 Inside The Statue Of Liberty

Image credits: Straw27

#107 Horseshoe Bend From A Plane

Image credits: jaygeebee_

#108 Inauguration Of Lbj On Air Force One. November 22, 1963

Image credits: Faceless-Pronoun

#109 The Back Of The Flamingo Sign, Las Vegas

Image credits: Aartie

#110 Underneath A Music Festival Stage

Image credits: Caladhiel8472

#111 President George W. Bush Announcing The Beginning Of The Afghanistan War In 2001

Image credits: dragoniteftw33


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