People Are Sharing Examples Of Pointless Gendering And It Shows How Stupid It Can Be (130 New Pics)

Society in the West has made significant improvements in advancing gender equality over the last century. While men and women naturally have their differences, it’s become quite normal for both genders to share responsibilities such as work, cleaning, cooking, driving, and even furniture assembly. However, there are instances where we still come across products targeted explicitly towards either men or women. Like c’mon, separate gift cards based on gender?

The subreddit r/pointlesslygendered is full of examples showing unnecessary gender-based distinctions, often seen in absurdly labeled products meant for him or her. Come along as we explore the world of unnecessary gender labeling, sparking discussions and raising eyebrows in the process.

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#1 Must Be Manly Even While Sheet Masking

Image credits: Balazsowikm

From food to shower gel, pain medicine, and toothpaste, you can find some pointlessly gendered products in this list. It might appear funny, but let’s think about justice for a moment. Products separated by gender aren’t merely a joke; they represent a widespread and forceful ideology that influences our thoughts, actions, and financial decisions.

#2 Its More Expensive Bc It’s Pink (Yes, Its The Same Description, I Checked)

Image credits: ChocolatePudding26

#3 Men’s Beach-Handball Teams Uniform vs. The Women’s Uniform

Image credits: MisterBastian

In general, men and women lead very similar lives today. We grow up together, attend the same schools, and have the same jobs. Aside from dating and having children, for some of us, gender isn’t a big deal in our daily lives. In developed countries, we increasingly focus on personality over gender. But these products push back against this idea. They keep reminding us that gender matters, even though it rarely does in reality.

#4 Indoctrinate Them In Two Ways!

Image credits: inutilities

#5 Well Do You Want Male Baby Flavored Water Or Female Baby Flavored Water

Image credits: lizzy_withall

#6 Gender Stereotyping Gone Wrong

Image credits: tamraraf

Labeling products needlessly by gender isn’t just about separating us into groups – it’s also about dictating the roles associated with those groups. Each of these products becomes a way to reinforce these ideas.

#7 Pee On The Floor To Assert Dominance

Image credits: Terrible_Restaurant2

#8 They Have The Same Exact Ingredients, Same Milligram Yet The Women’s Is 30¢ More, Has Half As Many Pills, And Is Pink

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Image credits: hedonistichominin

#9 Gendered Dog Shampoo? I Didn’t Know My Dogs Cared If They Smell Masculine/Confident Or Feminine/Glamourous

Image credits: AdorableTumbleweed60

At times, the male and female versions of a product don’t have the same price tag. In such cases, the female’s version tends to be the pricier option. If women aren’t vigilant or if having the “correct” product is important to them, they end up spending more money. Studies by the state of California, the University of Central Florida, and Consumer Reports all find that women pay more. “In California, women spent the equivalent of $2,044 more a year,” (This study was done in 1996. The sum then was $1048; the sum would be $2,044, adjusted for inflation in 2023).

#10 It Starts Early… My Antenatal Clinic Showing How Boys And Girls Kick Differently In The Womb

Image credits: AsleepBit8

#11 Apperantly Croissants In Particular Are Feminine Pastries. Even Saying It Is Already Too Much

Image credits: cadet-peanut

#12 Sounds About Right

Image credits: informationtiger

This isn’t just something to be upset about – it involves real money. It affects things like providing for your family, affording education, or enjoying a vacation. When women are charged more, it makes it harder to support ourselves or enjoy life as much.

#13 How Can Dads Not Feel Emasculated By Taking Care Of A Baby? Pretend To Be A Soldier!

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#14 Fellas Is It Gay To Eat

Image credits: Dumb-Curly

#15 That’s Definitely Going In Someone’s Urethra

Image credits: j0m1n1n

Products for women often cost more than those for men because of how companies market and design them. This happens due to historical practices, marketing strategies, and how society sees things. When products are made to target women specifically and look different, they seem more valuable and end up being priced higher. People also think of women’s stuff as fancier, which adds to the cost. Sometimes, old trends and what people expect also make women’s products cost more to make. And when many people want something, companies might raise the price. All these things together make products for women more expensive.

#16 Ah Yes, Every Female Director Makes Movies Like This

Image credits: Idrinkmethanol

#17 ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

Image credits: bun_the_misfit

#18 Spotted On Twitter

Image credits: innocentgrass

Over time, progress has been made towards achieving gender equality globally. Women have gained increased representation in politics, more economic chances, and improved healthcare in numerous parts of the world. Nonetheless, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts it will take another century before complete gender equality is achieved. There are some factors that contribute to this persistent gender gap.

#19 Why This Is So True On TV Shows And Movies? ?

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#20 Cause Girls Dreams Are Only That Of Marriage

Image credits: Swurples

#21 Teachers In Spain Protest The Gendering And Sexualization Of Clothing

Image credits: BuckyBear1917

One of them is employment equality. Only 6 countries treat women and men equally in terms of work rights (Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden). Most economies give women only 3/4 of the rights that men have. When employment is more equal, it can also help improve gender equality in other areas.

#22 The Two Genders, Boys And Pretty Pink

Image credits: Crusty_breadcrumb

#23 A Guide To Gift Giving

Image credits: Ok-Handle4506

#24 Hummus Is Illegal For Men

Image credits: Throwaway-0364

Another factor that contributes to gender gap is lack of legal protections. According to research from the World Bank, “Over one billion women don’t have legal protection against domestic sexual violence or domestic economic violence.” Both of these things significantly affect how well women can succeed and live without limitations. In many places, there aren’t enough legal protections against harassment at work, school, and in public. This makes these environments unsafe, and women often have to make choices that hold back their goals.

#25 She’s Told The Truth

Image credits: WhiteProtocollo

#26 This Just In: Men Don’t Shop. Or Drive

Image credits: hoid_washington

#27 What The Heck Is Wrong With These People?

Image credits: thaiyalong2000

When religious freedom is targeted, women are the ones who are most affected. According to the WEF, when extreme terrorist organizations like ISIS limit religious freedom in a community, gender inequality worsens. Georgetown University and Brigham Young University conducted a study that linked religious intolerance to women’s involvement in the economy. The study found that increased religious freedom leads to greater stability in the economy due to the increased participation of women.

#28 Irish Madlad Spitting Facts

Image credits: Muahd_Dib

#29 Pointlessly Gendered Product That We Can’t Believe Exist

Image credits: Balloon_911

#30 There’s A Price Difference But I Didn’t Expect It To Be That Big

Image credits: mk4rim

It might not be as easy to see as some other reasons, but how a society thinks overall really affects how men and women are treated unfairly. This affects lots of things like jobs, laws, and healthcare. People’s ideas about gender are strong, and even if laws and things change, there’s usually a pushback.

#31 Only Men Can Be Doctors [gendered]

Image credits: aoi4eg

#32 Gotta Make Sure The Skeletons Aren’t Gay

Image credits: Feeling-My-Oats

#33 More “Batman Is For Boys” Nonsense, But With A Happy Ending

Image credits: Anianna

Gender equality isn’t just a basic human right – it’s also the essential base for creating a peaceful, flourishing, and lasting world. By standing united for equality and fairness, we can build a society where everyone has the same opportunities. Also read our previous posts on the topic here and here.

#34 For Science!

Image credits: phollingdrake

#35 This Is A Hot Take I Can Get Behind

Image credits: ryanshawtret534

#36 “You Can’t Buy This Car Unless You Have The Correct Genitalia” [gendered]

Image credits: Aspirationalcacti

#37 A Boarding School In My Town

Image credits: JicamaNo1168

#38 Manly Loofa

Image credits: aconcernedvegetable

#39 Guy Gotta Resist Gravity, Girls Dont

Image credits: DezTheSecond

#40 [socialmedia] I Just Like This Comic By Alzward (Redgreenblue On Webtoon)

Image credits: lumine_lover

#41 Flowers

Image credits: Andyroomocs

#42 My Move Next Time Someone Criticises My Choice Of A Tequila Sunrise Over Some Old Sour Wheat Drink

Image credits: Andyjackka

#43 Lipbalm: A Surprising Case Of ‘Man Tax’ Instead Of ‘Pink Tax’

Image credits: Ilivefortheapplesaus

#44 Rum And Coke Are Feminine

Image credits: Skaur_11

#45 It’s Always Princesses

Image credits: UniKath

#46 Epic Women Gaming Moment

Image credits:

#47 Have You Noticed How Female Armour Is So Revealing Compared To Male Ones?

Image credits: Hoguerux

#48 [gendered] Chair. Boobs

Image credits: heckingcomputernerd

#49 Tall Bad

Image credits: BiCycle786

#50 [product] The Feminine Urge To Eat French Toast

Image credits: nuestl

#51 Intelligence 3?

Image credits: MsAndrea

#52 Rule

Image credits: Geowishes

#53 Not Appropriate!!!!

Image credits: Imnotyourpetrock

#54 [socialmedia] So If Sitting Down Is For Girls…. How Are Boys Supposed To Poop?

Image credits: kronckers

#55 Ahhh, Yes… The Age Old Question, Blue Or Girl?

Image credits: hellokelly929

#56 I’m

Image credits: book13worm

#57 The Amount Of Eyeroll I’m Experiencing Right Now Is Immeasurable

Image credits: Whats_Up_Buttercup_

#58 I Just Wanted To Read

Image credits: Waterproof_soap

#59 The Women’s Restroom Door Is A Foot Smaller Than The Men’s

Image credits: Giruriro

#60 How Did We Ever Get Though School Solving Gender Neutral Maths Problems?

Image credits: FourExcitedSpiders

#61 Do Men Just Starve?

Image credits: AllTheCryingDragons

#62 Apparently Saying “Hi” Is Unacceptable For Men. [gendered]

Image credits: Jollyjormungandr

#63 Sorry Ladies You Can’t Work Out. You Gotta Be Nice And Soft And Make Us Food And Do Some Cuddling After The War

Image credits: TheNuclearNacho

#64 Pisses Me Off

Image credits: casual_night_owl

#65 Yes, You Can Just Buy Boy’s Version Regardless Of Your Gender, But Wtf? [product]

Image credits: aoi4eg

#66 The Two Genders: Ponytail And Groin Bulge

Image credits: phyllis0402

#67 Need A New Account For These Shoes

Image credits: 8888rina8888

#68 Ah Yes The Classic “Words Dont Hurt Men” Stereotype

Image credits: Stev18FTW

#69 What

Image credits: JanuaryTheMonth

#70 Ah Yes, Because Women Don’t Exist In The U.s

Image credits: Red-Shadow55

#71 All Men Are Narcissists And All Women Are Insecure. Sure

Image credits: vitaminbeeees

#72 Goodnight Everyone Except The Person Who Created This

Image credits: Marcsisti

#73 Fellas, Is It Feminine To Have Arms?

Image credits: KaladinTheFabulous

#74 From Wholesome To Sexist

Image credits: eicaker

#75 ?

Image credits: akkador

#76 It’s Hard To Notice, But If You Know What You’re Looking For It’s Easier

Image credits:

#77 I Found This One On Facebook

Image credits: Gingerqueerengineer

#78 Training Events In Tech Companies Be Like That (Original Content, Idea By Me, Art By A Friend)

Image credits: TheSecretOfTheSun

#79 Men Absolutely Cannot Lean [socialmedia]

Image credits: lizzy_withall

#80 I Couldn’t Find Anything Else Labeled Action Adventure

Image credits: PixelFvn

#81 Cringy Advert For A Local Barbershop

Image credits: Targaryen_1243

#82 German Easter Eggs For Men

Image credits: belvca

#83 This [advert] Is Freaking Me Out

Image credits: timetickingrose

#84 I’m So Confused [meme]

Image credits: LiveKitKat251

#85 Man Aprons

Image credits: ManyTraining6

#86 Personally I Don’t Go Anywhere Without At Least A Pocketful Of Beans [shitpost]

Image credits: inevitable_dave

#87 Oh Yes, The Two Genders: Men And Apricot

Image credits: Nauseabundomundo

#88 Buildings Now Have Genders I Suppose [socialmedia]

Image credits: alpacagramcracker

#89 I Found This At My Dentist’s Office. Does This Count As Pointlessly Gendered Or Cursed?

Image credits: DysphoricAnxiousMess

#90 Yeah, We Totally Need A Bow And Eyelashes For The Girl Charizard

Image credits: Rosiethederpy

#91 Rule

Image credits: 100pc-not-a-robot

#92 The Force Is Strong Here [satire]

Image credits: ReactsWithWords

#93 Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me This Sooner :/

Image credits: abdurrahman5353

#94 [socialmedia] Dude Is Just Some Guy

Image credits: boob-senpai

#95 Facebook Strikes Again

Image credits: doodledays

#96 Oh My [socialmedia]

Image credits: Ceu_64

#97 Everyone Who Eats Salad Or Dessert Is A Girl

Image credits: chookity_pokpok

#98 Anyone Know What Modifications Or Special Training Would Let My Daughter Use This Axe?

Image credits: stpierre

#99 If A Woman Was To Use This Her Arms Would Instantly Shatter

Image credits: epeeistdfh456gdf

#100 [gendered] This Is Epic

Image credits: EffectEcstatic9538

#101 Does Disney Even Know What Lgbtq+ Stands For???

Image credits: Vrax15

#102 [gendered]

Image credits: thebirdisdead

#103 I Think This Fits Here In Spirit. .art By Wereshiba On Twitter. [meta]

Image credits: Mike_Fluff

#104 Fellas Is It Gay To Have A Nourishing And Energizing First Meal Of The Day?

Image credits: MajorThir

#105 I Think This Belongs Here?

Image credits: RandomEnbyLesbian

#106 [gendered] Women Are Locks And Men Are Keys Apparently

Image credits: AvelyLancaster

#107 Comic I Found On Pintrest ?

Image credits: gettin_zoinked

#108 [gendered] Next Level Cringe

Image credits: sad_eukaryotic_cell

#109 It Is Too Noisy Here

Image credits: fulllyfaltooo

#110 I Guess I Can’t Volunteer For My Daughter’s Class ?‍♂️

Image credits: cpt_petrie

#111 Who Wanna Buy A Laptop?

Image credits:

#112 I Am Not Sure If This Qualifies For Here But I Am Pressed At My Teacher Cause I Am Right, Nurse And Doctor Aren’t Gendered Words , Why Gender Them !? Both Ways It Was Correct

Image credits: Lonely-dude

#113 Oh, Anon

Image credits: 54R45VV471

#114 *cranks My Very Real Collab With 50 Cent To Max Volume*

Image credits: FrogGiver

#115 A Classic

Image credits: tydeTHEseawing

#116 Ummm

Image credits: Mydogismyson

#117 First Of All, There’s Already A Word For A Female Hero. This Ain’t It

Image credits: bar_mouth30

#118 How Else Are They Going To Know The Scientist Is A Woman?

Image credits: bruck436grty4r545

#119 Kindness Is For Women… Feel Kind Of Bad For Him Though

Image credits: TheSomberBison

#120 Spotted Today…

Image credits: Accomplished-Lack-77

#121 9. If A Woman Dare Have A Pocket, Her Uterus Would Wobble Away From Her Body And Run Away!

Image credits: genius23sarcasm

#122 Lady Soldiers ???

Image credits: howaboutmari

#123 Because Only Male Prisoners Wear Orange

Image credits: 54R45VV471

#124 Bruh

Image credits: cocokoookie

#125 Apparently Only Women Can Be Boring

Image credits: The_Ozatron

#126 Qre These People Actually For Real?!? [gendered]

Image credits: AlexPalkington

#127 No Teenagers Are Easy. [gendered]

Image credits: Buddy_Fluffy

#128 Apparently, Boys Were Gaming The Whole Time(They Could Have Just Said Gamers vs. Everyone Else)

Image credits: QuackSK

#129 Women Can’t Be Autistic, Apparently [socialmedia]

Image credits: f0dless

#130 Wait, For Who-? [gendered]

Image credits: LilNyoomf


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