People Are Sharing Pics From The Most Tasteless Weddings They’ve Been To Or Seen Online (New Pics)

When you think about it, weddings are a perfect toxic cocktail that gives a chance for anything to happen. Ongoing tension, sleepless nights, bridezillas, tantrums, and even though everyone seems to be walking on eggshells… they’re still wearing army boots.

A fraction of these crazy weddings that basically feel like you’re watching a season of GOT end up on the notorious corner of Reddit known as r/WeddingShaming. It turns out, this is the ultimate online destination for roasting wedding themes, brides, grooms, decor, dresses, in-laws, outlaws, guests, Uncle Bob, vendors, buffet, flowers, or the lack of this stuff. The community’s description speaks for itself: “You name it, we shame it!” so without further ado, I leave the stage to the collection of weddings that will raise not only a brow but the hair on your head.

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#1 Came Across This On My Feed. Really Not Sure If It’s A Joke Or Not But Felt It Fit Here

Image credits: tylerdaichi

#2 Plantation Weddings Were Contentious Enough Already

Image credits: kinda_questionable

#3 My Cousin Sent This Along With Her Wedding Invitations… I Will Not Be In Attendance

Image credits: ScaredNapkin

#4 Indoor Fireworks Before First Dance

Image credits: movingtocincinnati

#5 I Went To A Wedding Where The Bride And Groom Hated Vegetarians

Image credits: peedidhe

#6 Bride Posts Conversation With Her Mom. Don’t Worry – She Got A Roasting In Comments

Image credits: Rupindah

#7 And They Say Romance Is Dead

Image credits: Desoxiribonuclein

#8 Couple Cancels On Photographer Within 90 Days Due To Photographer’s Facebook

Image credits: bikebuyer

#9 Wowzas.. Father Is More Interested Than The Aesthetics Of His Wedding Than A Life Long Relationship With His Daughter

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Ladylottington72

#10 I Paid For The First Slice After It Was Announced On The Day We’d Be Helping To Pay For Their Cake!! Apparently Didn’t Count For The Second

Image credits: Unlucky_Low_6254

#11 Animal Abuse! What A Nice Way To Celebrate Love!

Image credits: sunshine320159

#12 Fake Unsuccessful Wedding Shaming. Technically Not A Wedding But

Image credits: ladylaiana

#13 Received An E-Invitation To Watch His Wedding Livestream 1 Hour Before His Wedding. I Was Not Feeling Generous

Image credits: jaybaybabe21

#14 My Friend Went To A Wedding Where They Had A Guy Handing Out Martini Olives In A Bathtub Full Of Olives

Image credits: devmikale

#15 Someone Get Op’s Cousin Back On A Bus To Alabama

Image credits: Hairy_Educator1974

#16 The Father Of The Bride Couldn’t Find Anything Nicer To Wear For Their Special Dance

Image credits: cold_toast

#17 Repeat After Me: Global Tragedy Is Not An Appropriate Wedding Theme

Image credits: RaysAreBaes

#18 I Can’t Decide If This Is Tacky, Or Brilliant. I Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Pay Enough $$ For Someone To Be Willing To Distract My Mil

Image credits: glass_heart2002

#19 “Without Sounding Like I’m Expecting Something?”

Image credits: notsosure21

#20 Couldn’t Have Chosen Any Other Day?

Image credits: summerboothang

#21 Sharing This Very Normal And Appropriate Groom Outfit I Came Across On Twitter

Image credits: shanwaw_

#22 The Groom’s Idea Of Dressing For The Occasion

Image credits: margnaheglish

#23 My Elderly Parents (Grandparents Of The Btb) Are Afraid Of Catching Covid During The Pandemic! But I Can’t Understand Why They Don’t Want To Come To The Wedding!

Image credits: Ellie_Loves_

#24 They Had Their Wedding In A Tire Store?

Image credits: notmedicinal

#25 Some “Interesting” Guest Fashion Here

Image credits: polong

#26 I’d Be Tripping All The Way Down The Aisle!

Image credits: kellymt316

#27 Not As Bad As Some, But Definitely Up There

Image credits: moondoo8

#28 Well, That Was An Unexpected Escalation

Image credits: sedegispeilet

#29 Cringe Cake Topper, Not To Mention The Fondant

Image credits: amysmithers

#30 Person I Went To High School With Held The Super-Spreader Event Of The Year And This Is Her Apology Post

Image credits: Creative-Ad-1723

#31 Umm… It’s A No From Me… Serial Killer Themed Center Pieces For Halloween Wedding

Image credits: Sulleys_monkey

#32 Fundamentalist “Influencer” Buys Wedding Dress At Her Sister’s Appointment

Image credits: mosalikewhoa

#33 Having Lavender As Decor Is More Important Than A Bridesmaid’s Allergies, Obviously

Image credits:

#34 Yes, That’s The Groom Wearing Crocks And Shorts

Image credits: wh3r3ar3th3avacados

#35 Guests Will Have To Pay For Their Seat Because Bride And Groom Aren’t Rich

Image credits: crazybirdlady1990

#36 Anyone Want A Wedding Cake? Found It On Facebook

Image credits: AlexAirliaHolt

#37 An Obnoxious “Depression Streak.” How Understanding And Compassionate. /S

Image credits: Hairy_Educator1974

#38 Supposed To Be Funny, Just Looks Like Someone Has Issues

Image credits: Dystmyn

#39 Bride Or Groom Wants Guests To Sit On Blankets Opposed To Chairs

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#40 From A Bridal Facebook Group: Praying With All The Single Women Find A Man

Image credits: nydixie

#41 Ahhh Yes. Huddling With “The Boys” And Chugging A Beer While Your Bride Waits For Your Answer

Image credits: grygrl

#42 Bridezilla Calls Passive Aggressive Dibs On A Public Use Area In My Neighborhood Where We All Walk, Atv, And Camp. No Permit, No Contact Info, No Restrooms Or Trash Facilities, And Definitely Not Enough Woods For A 50+ Person Blowout

Image credits: wet_leaves

#43 Mil In A Lovely “Taupe” Dress

Image credits:

#44 Look At The Beautiful Bride! Oh Wait, That’s Just Her Step-Mom

Image credits: DMmeUrPetPicts

#45 Am I The Only One Thinks This Is Tacky?

Image credits: Cute_Psyence

#46 Interesting Wedding Guest Attire At Luxury Resort

Image credits: Kayt1784

#47 Let Us Not Forget: Kurt Cobain Wore Pajamas To His Own Wedding

Image credits: The_Quex

#48 Uninvited Guest Rsvps Under His Dad’s Name

Image credits: sustainablepanini

#49 Coworkers Inviting Themselves To My Friend’s Wedding

Image credits: chemicalconcerto

#50 Shame On That Couple! Don’t Do An Uberpool On Your Wedding Day

Image credits: goldenboy2191

#51 What’s The Problem With Uneven Numbers

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#52 They Say No Shame But There’s So Much Shame In This

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#53 Found In An Oklahoma Wedding Resale Group. I Hate It Here.

Image credits: spiritraccoons

#54 A Wedding Photography/ Videography Agency I Used To Work For Suddenly Shut Down. They’re Refusing To Refund Clients Or Pay Open Invoiced For Their Subcontractors

Image credits: That_GareBear

#55 Saw This At My Wedding Planner’s Office. Daddy Looks Like He Wants To Murder The Wedding Party

Image credits: smokarran

#56 Groom Isn’t Vaccinated And Bride Doesn’t Want To Tell People Coming To Her Wedding. But Sure Mob Is The Awful One Here /S

Image credits: Ellie_Loves_

#57 Frankly, I Feel Bad That The Bridesmaids Proposal Side Of Etsy Is So Cute, But The Groomsmen Proposal Side Is Just Littered With… This

Image credits: psburrito

#58 Influencer With Over 1m Followers Polls Followers Asking If Wearing White Is Ok… Wears White Anyways

Image credits: btaylor0808

#59 Nothing Says Love Like A Sports-Themed ‘Dragging The Groom To The Altar’ Cake Topper

Image credits: Jarsole

#60 Groom’s Sister Is Told Prior To Wedding That Her Dress Choice Is Inappropriate. Sister Replies She Will Never Speak To Her Brother Again If He Goes Through With The Wedding. She Is Uninvited From Wedding, Then Shows Up To Wedding In This Off-White Cocktail Dress

Image credits: ffaancy

#61 “Second Bride” Came Across This Browsing A Dress Rental Site

Image credits: maureeened

#62 I Know It’s “Off White”, But It’s Not Okay To Dress Like This For Your Son’s Wedding

Image credits: leidy_carter1993

#63 The Dress My Mother Wants To Wear To My Wedding… It’s Not White It’s *crystal*!

Image credits: Dork_confirmed

#64 Seen On Facebook. Oh Dear Oh Dear…

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#65 I Wonder What The Full Story Is Here

Image credits: erwachen

#66 The Last Dress Is Basically A Wedding Dress? Most Of The Comments Were Commenting About How Only Her Beach Outfit Was Appropriate

Image credits: small_maple

#67 Found One In The Wild, Lads. Worn. That Poor Bride…

Image credits: _schindlerscyst

#68 Have Strangers Pay To Watch Wedding

Image credits: Rubyruby112

#69 Lady In The Fur Stole Is The Brides Mum. She Could Have Worn Literally Any Other Colour…

Image credits: thejacster89

#70 A Year And A Half Is Not A Significant Amount Of Time In This Brides Mind….oh And “Bad Vibes”

Image credits: glass_heart2002


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