People Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Pets Refusing To Part With Their Favorite Toys That They Absolutely Love (119 New Pics)

While your pet might not fully understand the concept of Christmas, they would appreciate a gift nonetheless. After all, they need something to snuggle when you’re away, too. But don’t worry, little Puss and Rex are not as picky as your 13-year-old cousin. Just look at these cats and dogs, for example.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of photos where pets refuse to let go of their favorite toys, and I don’t know if I’ve seen anything cuter. Even if the plushy (or just a piece of rope) is old, worn out, or already falling apart, some animals stand by them forever. Heck, some even sleep with them and take them on trips. Take a look!

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#1 When A Seal At Mombetsu Land In Japan Was Given A Stuffed, Mini Version Of Itself, It Hugged The Toy Close To Its Heart & Gave It A Piggyback Ride

Image credits: Metalloid_Emon

#2 Her Favorite Toy Is One That Is Way Too Big For Her And Was Meant For My Larger Dog

Image credits: firefighterlady

#3 Strider Poses Through The Years With His Baby

Image credits: BufordTeeJustice

#4 Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: Nihilistminator

#5 My Dog Got A New “Baby” And This One Had A Squeaky Toy. I Try Not To Get Her Ones With Squeakers Because When She Squeaks Them And She Starts Crying And Nudging Them To Make Sure They’re Okay.

Image credits: namanama101

#6 Someone Got A New Christmas Toy

Image credits: goodeyesniperr

#7 Stormy’s New Favourite Toy!

Image credits: kristioppa

#8 Every Night She Brings A Toy To Bed For A Last Minute Play Sesh And It’s My Favorite Time Of The Day

Image credits: F-MA

#9 Little Meeshy Grabbed His Favorite Toy Right When He Got Home From Surgery. He Is Such A Brave Little Boy!

Image credits: Abaddonnn

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#10 That Yellow Toy Is His Favourite! Every Time He Sees It, He Just Runs Towards It And Grabs It With His Mouth. But Now He Sleeps With It

Image credits: Germanloser2u

#11 Rescue Chonk Has A Support Toy For When He Exercises!

Image credits:

#12 Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: noonenowherenohow

#13 New Toy!

Image credits: all_you_can_eat

#14 Her Favorite New Toy. She Carries It Everywhere

Image credits: sjrmom

#15 She Just Loves Carrying Her Butt Munch Toy!

Image credits: arturg87

#16 Shiba Plays With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: Luke-Laurencin

#17 Just A Pup And His Toy Corn

Image credits: cheeriO-_-

#18 She Refuses To Go To Bed Without Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: Mzest

#19 My Pupper Finally Found Her Donut Toy She Lost A While Back And Has Been Carrying It Around Like This All Day

Image credits: ashboio

#20 My Old Girl Brings Her Pillow Everywhere Since Stealing It From My Daughter’s Toy Box

Image credits: Vitamin_J94

#21 Our Cat Kitty Bang Bang Is Super Proud Of Herself For This Big Catch. I Don’t Have The Heart To Tell Her It’s Not Real

Image credits: Metroskunk

#22 I Made A Mini Winter Hat Out Of Toilet Paper Tubes And Yarn And Gave It To Hank As A Toy. As You Can Tell, She Is Thrilled

Image credits: windycityfosters

#23 Ace (& Ivy) With His Favourite Toy!

Image credits: xdanex

#24 My Girlfriend’s Very Sweet Service Dog, Feta Cuddling With Her New Yoda Toy

Image credits: JackTh3Ripper92

#25 Tommy Huggin His Fish Toy In His Tent!

Image credits: YEETORBOT

#26 My Friend’s Little Dog Sleep On A Toy Bigger Than Him

Image credits: Moist_Watercress6693

#27 “Do All Of My Toys Really Need A Bath?”

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#28 My Sister’s Cat, Tiger, Who Has Become A Full-Fledged Catnip Addict; Seen Here With Toy In Hand And His New Favorite Position To Lay

Image credits: HapaSure

#29 Sleepy Boy Cuddling His Favorite Toy

Image credits: kc-scandall

#30 She Loves Her New Toy. She’s Not Chewing Or Shredding, Just Holding It In Her Mouth

Image credits: secondbanana7

#31 After Instantaneously Destuffing Hundreds Of Toys She’s Finally Found One She Loves

Image credits: Vaetrix

#32 Falling Asleep But Not Letting Go Of That Toy

Image credits: willie-and-trigger

#33 No, This Toy Isn’t Too Big For Me

Image credits: Rayven-Nevemore

#34 Kobe And His Favorite Toy

Image credits: eggswithonionpowder

#35 New Favorite Toy

Image credits: -GemOfTruth

#36 Sleeping With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: stocactus

#37 He Loves His New Toy

Image credits: cheems99999

#38 Rescued This Kitten After Finding Her In A Garbage Can. She Loves Her Wine Bottle Toy So Much She Needs It To Sleep Now And I Just Wanted To Share It

Image credits: winkieface

#39 How She Coaxes Me Into Throwing Her Toys, No Matter How Busy I Am

Image credits: uneasyandcheesy

#40 My Puppy Has Been Sleeping With Her Chew Toy Like A Stuffed Animal

Image credits: lumajj

#41 He Loves His Hedgehog

Image credits: jelly_bean_gangbang

#42 Ginger Snuggling Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: noreallyiliketurtles

#43 Saylor Moon And Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: JJaySmokes

#44 My New Puppy Fell Asleep Playing With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: Poshmalosh14

#45 My Dog Sleeping With His Favorite Toy

Image credits: CabinetKid

#46 Tiberius Is Still Cutting Teeth, But He Prefers To Chew His Toy Instead Of My Hand Now. We Are Friends

Image credits: Buffalobismuth

#47 Pitbull Showing Their Favorite Stuffed Toy To The Dog In The Other Car While In Traffic

Image credits: CrackerJackJack

#48 The Weather Is Poop, But I Found My Favorite Chew Toy

Image credits: mezzlock

#49 My Boy Decided He Needed His Favorite Toy For Bath Time Today

Image credits: Tylorbears

#50 My Little Buddy Ash Protecting His Favorite Toy. He Still Hasn’t Grown Into His Paws

Image credits: BumCockleshell

#51 Just A Happy Boy With His Platypus Toy

Image credits: e_rose1244

#52 Adopted This Sweet Little Thing Today. Meet Bernie Who Loves Her New Toy Shark

Image credits: katie31410

#53 Jack Playing With The Toy Dog

Image credits: KayleeWilliam

#54 This Is Daisy, She Has A Toy Banana But All The Stuffing Fell Out And Now It’s Just A Yellow Rag

Image credits: TheInsurgence

#55 She Can’t Be Anywhere Without Her New Corn Toy

Image credits: etan_pecan

#56 Old Man Porter Showing Off His Favorite Toy!! He’s In Foster With Me Awaiting Test Results, But He’s Part Of The Gang Now!

Image credits: suburban_lightt

#57 Which One Of Them Is Toy? Cuteness Overloaded

Image credits: Exciting_Growth3969

#58 My Puppy Pulled The Ear Off Of His New Toy, So I Sewed It Back On To Look Like Him

Image credits: compile_ultra

#59 A Good Girl With Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: Smc1309

#60 A Crate Full Of Toys To Choose From, And Tali Brings In Leaves

Image credits: Ghost0fBanquo

#61 My Lovely Boy And His Scratching Toy

Image credits: BingoPaw

#62 King Odin And His Favorite Toys

Image credits: Sammydean-20

#63 My Pup Getting Ready To Chase His Tug Toy

Image credits: vinvar

#64 A Christmas Boy With His Christmas Toy!

Image credits: snowvallie

#65 Norm Is Pretty Excited About His New Toy!

Image credits: HRH_Elizadeath

#66 Bunny & His Toy Teddy

Image credits: IryBunny

#67 Hedgehog Toy For Scale

Image credits: NorthernGamer71

#68 Zuri’s Found A New Toy!

Image credits: NiT8-98

#69 Oscar Loving His New Toy And Look Adorable Af

Image credits: lostintranslation01

#70 Our Tired Girl When She Was Just A Puppy

Image credits: gilbie

#71 Toy Washing Day Is A Traumatic Time

Image credits: That1WithTheFace

#72 My Parents’ Cat With His Favorite New Toy.

Image credits: Moerf

#73 Sugar Loved Her New Toy

Image credits: dollythesheepp

#74 Cake Day Post Of My Best Bud Jackie… He Loves Toys… For Size Reference, That Is A Jumbo Tennis Ball, A Full Size Screaming Rubber Chicken, And His Stuffed Duck

Image credits: bragar0629

#75 Happy Adopted Puppy Enjoying Her New Bed And Toys

Image credits: -Inaudible-

#76 Her And Her Scrimps Time! She Loves Her Scrimps Toy

Image credits: NV_Natalie88

#77 Baby Ruthie And Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: daummmy

#78 Reaction To Me Taking Her Bunny Toy

Image credits: blackbeanthedog

#79 Somebody Got A New Toy

Image credits: FancifulMold52

#80 She Was Trying To Get Her Toy That Was Stuck

Image credits: SimpleChicken23

#81 Stevie With Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: maryalicex666

#82 I Have Toy- I Have Sleep

Image credits: little-masir

#83 She Always Sleeps With Her Little Toys

Image credits: mascervezaporfavor

#84 Toys And Snuggles

Image credits: RomanticZero0

#85 Our German Shepherd/Corgi (And Maybe Fox?) Mix, Scout. Goodest Girl, Wrecker Of Toys

Image credits: hazish

#86 Mune Got New Toys! Had To Share The Moment!

Image credits: PrincessOfTumblr

#87 Vax’ildan And His New Toy. He’s Brought So Much Joy To Our Family Since We Got Him In March.

Image credits: elshaffer

#88 Jax Playing With His Toys. Had To Share My Cutie Pie

Image credits: 420Lotus

#89 My Baby Got A New Toy Today. I Think She Likes It

Image credits: Volking10237

#90 My Cat Big G Playing With His New Catnip Toy

Image credits: Rock4Glory

#91 No! My Toy!

Image credits: OutlawNuka

#92 Griffen With His Chew Toy (6 Weeks)

Image credits: sendMEvid

#93 Tuckered Out Playing With Her Toys

Image credits: SheriffYuri

#94 Marley Wearing One Of Her Favorite Toys As A Hat

Image credits: stephanieking126

#95 When You Buy Toys To Welcome Your New Puppy Home And You Don’t Know How Big Puppies Really Are

Image credits: GraySeaBunny

#96 Favorite Toy

Image credits: Elenaagreyy

#97 Sleepy Boy Cuddling His Favorite Toy

Image credits: kc-scandall

#98 All Of My Toys Have Been Herded Together. Time For A Nap

Image credits: khatarlan

#99 A Kitty And His Favorite Toy

Image credits: timidtapir15

#100 Got Our Boy A New Rope Toy For His Birthday. Safe To Say He Loves It!

Image credits: SofiaReze

#101 Adorable Kitty Posing With Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: TheMegaBlaziken

#102 Stole His Aunt’s Toy For The Night

Image credits: bdim14

#103 Bubbles Is Still Hyper-Vigilant, But He Has Decided He Likes Toys And Cuddles

Image credits: slade797

#104 My Small Dog, Next To His Even Smaller Dog Toy Of A Dog.

Image credits: ThatJerkLuke

#105 New Bed And Toy

Image credits: stockmarketistitties

#106 My Girl, Toast, Very Happy About Her Tire Toy!

Image credits: Kell_Kill

#107 My 15 Year Old Good Boy Got A New Toy Today

Image credits: DrRphex

#108 Our Girl Pepper Can’t Get Enough Of Her Fox Toy!

Image credits: CrockPotInstantCoffe

#109 Is Ma Boy And His Cow Toy

Image credits: audneko

#110 Don’t Touch My New Toy! Defense Mode On.

Image credits: kvior1

#111 This Is Gemma. She She Is Smiling Because She Got A New Toy.

Image credits: PassivePoet

#112 My Freinds Dog With The Toy I Got Her For Christmas

Image credits: SlavicGoon_92

#113 My Little Bro Dougal And His Favourite Toy

Image credits: TheHolyPapaum

#114 Blaze Loves Sleeping On His Snake Toy!

Image credits: TheRainbowWillow

#115 My Püpper With His Toy

Image credits: tulliandar

#116 Let Me Take A Photo Of You And Your New Toy… Say Cheeseeee

Image credits: JellySandwichFish

#117 After A Lot Of Trial And Error, I Finally Found A Toy Style My Foster Dog Loves!

Image credits: QQueenie

#118 My Buddy Guarding His New Favorite Toy Bone!

Image credits: jucacobe

#119 Cups > Toys

Image credits: Eltrafix


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