People Are Sharing Priceless “Not My Job” Moments Caught In Pictures And Here Are 85 Of The Laziest Ones (New Pics)

You’re a human being, not a maliciously compliant robot who follows orders exactly as they’re given to them. Without thinking too much. Without expending more energy than needed. Without considering the fact that they’re making life harder for others. But there are plenty of folks out there who actually take their instructions and follow them to the letter, doing the bare minimum, instead of looking at the spirit of what they’re asked to do. This results in some truly hilarious fails that are sure to perk up your mood.

And that’s also how they end up on the ‘Not My Job’ subreddit, a massive community of over 752k people, that’s dedicated to people doing their jobs, but not very well. It perfectly captures one of the many aspects of the human condition, namely, being super lazy and not giving a rat’s behind about how things end up looking.

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Upvote the pics from r/NotMyJob that you enjoyed the most, let us know which ones stole your heart, and if you’ve got similar tales to tell, we’d absolutely love to hear all about your colleagues. Oh, and there’s more where all of this came from: you’ll find our first post about r/NotMyJob right over here.

#1 Got The Chatbot Working, Boss

Image credits: iwannadie469

#2 Labeled The Sports Boss

Image credits: valleykat25

#3 “I’m A Painter, Not An Exterminator.” -This Person Probably

Image credits: DimitriTooProBro

In an earlier interview with my colleague, the founder of r/NotMyJob, redditor Ani625, told Bored Panda that the subreddit is all about people doing the bare minimum. And not an iota more!

“This results in the ‘product’ being far from neat/complete/usable, depending on what it is,” the founder and moderator explained to Bored Panda previously. And that leads to some truly bizarre and absurd situations which the ‘Not My Job’ subreddit is happy to share with the world.

#4 Previous Owners Built This House, Told Us There Was Insulation In The Roof. True Story

Image credits: MomButtsDriveMeNuts

#5 Updated Our Working Hours, Boss

Image credits: destinyspie

#6 Rail Installed, Boss!

Image credits: theshrike

The subreddit will be celebrating its 8th birthday at the end of the month, on July 30, so if you like their stuff, go on and give them a quick ‘hi, congrats.’

The entire ‘Not My Job’ project was started way back in 2013 all thanks to a single viral post on another subreddit. “An image of a dead animal painted over on a road became popular on another subreddit,” the founder said that the road painters were too lazy to do a better job. Things took off from there thanks to someone dropping a spot-on comment.

#7 That’s Good To Hear

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: InternalEssayz

#8 Proud Of The Local Crew And It Only Took Them A Month

Image credits: sandybeach82

#9 Best Before

Image credits: smeggysmeg

“Someone said the phrase ‘not my job!’ in the comments, and people seem to be interested in such an idea. I created /r/NotMyJob and linked the subreddit then and there, which got its first few subscribers.”

After that, “users kept on mentioning the sub all over Reddit whenever they saw such content, and the subreddit grew.”

#10 Not Sure How This Made It Through Proofreading, Peer Review, And Copyediting

Image credits: fishsticks40

#11 Printed The Sign, Boss

Image credits: MuzzWave

#12 Straight Lines Painted Boss!

Image credits: -acid–rain-

#13 Just Moved Into My New Apartment And Saw This

Image credits: anderscandor

#14 It’s Not My Job To Dress The Mannequins

Image credits: Gregos81

#15 Pasted The Poster Boss!

Image credits: MarryBorger

#16 Made The Warning Label Boss

Image credits: RoughlyFace

#17 Security Dog

Image credits: Karm_Me_up

#18 Care To Elaborate??

Image credits: NeitherBandicoot

#19 Cleared The Snow, Boss

Image credits: vzakharov

#20 Put The Store Capacity Sign Up Boss!

Image credits: ever_hear_of_none_ya

#21 Delivered The Package Boss

Image credits: nims_2525

#22 Made The House Frame, Boss!

Image credits: Vakho97

#23 Changed The Speed Limit Sign Boss

Image credits: greeneyeded

#24 Application Was So Good, Took Them 6 Years To Read It!

Image credits: IntroSpecktive

#25 The Chosen One

Image credits: ilostmyremote

#26 Finished The Fence Boss

Image credits: Noname_Maddox

#27 Made The Error Message Boss

Image credits: PainOfClarity

#28 Moving To A New House. This Is Where The Last Owners Had Their China Cabinet

Image credits: kenziethemom

#29 I Mean, It’s Important To Follow Safety Protocols

Image credits: HertzFrequently

#30 I Mean He Was Just Told To Put An Image

Image credits: IFrost_A

#31 Put The Emergency Button Up, Boss

Image credits: Skyhawkson

#32 All He Wanted Was A Nice View And Fresh Air

Image credits: Wombeard

#33 Installed The Radiator Boss

Image credits: GOOSE2801

#34 Installed The Stove, Boss

Image credits: declancochran

#35 Painted The Lines Boss

Image credits: Riresurmort

#36 Got The Un Logo Boss

Image credits: jaquis89

#37 I Dressed The Mannyqween Boss

Image credits: Rickqw22

#38 Door Successfully Installed

Image credits: -PygmyElephant-

#39 Instead Of 2 A’s And 2 E’s, We Got 4 A’s In This Happy New Year Balloon Pack

Image credits: amlozek

#40 Beware Don’t Take Your Kids Here On Sundays

Image credits: anchor373

#41 The Fact That They Couldn’t Even Properly Print The Cdpr Icon. They Hit Us With The No Image Found

Image credits: Higgs1

#42 Installed Anti Theft Tags On Collectibles Boss

Image credits: charsie_godha

#43 Face That’s Too Handsome It Doesn’t Need A Mask On

Image credits: firequak

#44 I Asked For Extra Cheese. It Might Have Been His First Day

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#45 Labeled The Colors, Boss

Image credits: LordFends

#46 Kinda Sloppy, But It’s Welded Very Well

Image credits: SakuranomiyaSyafeeq

#47 Wrote The Cleaning Instructions Boss

Image credits: dressedlikedynamite

#48 Done

Image credits: StructureNo8655

#49 The Cover Of My Computer Science Textbook

Image credits: Achintya_Nigam

#50 Painted That Wall For You, Boss

Image credits: gravitas-deficiency

#51 Named The New Green Polish, Boss!

Image credits: silentwail

#52 I Made The Wheelchair Ramp, Boss

Image credits: Maia1611

#53 Trained Everyone Up On The Security System, Boss

Image credits: techietraveller84

#54 Installed The Glass Partition, Boss

Image credits: NickBR

#55 When U Forget To Pay

Image credits: E_a_rat

#56 I Smell A Government Tender

Image credits: PoseidonDiver

#57 Put Up The Signs Boss

Image credits: Svenderman

#58 They’ll Figure It Out

Image credits: Anxiety_Axis

#59 Finished The Balcony, Boss

Image credits: ridethepickle

#60 Finished The Road Surfacing, Boss

Image credits: Nikoklis

#61 Which Ones White?

Image credits: Diablo_Unmasked

#62 Made The Buttons, Boss

Image credits: TeaSpo0n111

#63 Put Up The Dead End Sign, Boss

Image credits: 2DHypercube

#64 A+ For Being Ingenious

Image credits: KristinLydia

#65 Installed The Wheelchair Road Boss

Image credits: BigPP6964

#66 Just Finished The Stairs Mate

Image credits: Hashmashtrash

#67 Sent Out The Spam Message, Boss

Image credits: shallseamarie

#68 I Got Makeup Wipes From Walmart Pickup, And They Gave Them To Me Locked In A Security Box

Image credits: nuevaorleans

#69 Undefined Job

Image credits: VishueM

#70 Ordered My Burger With An Impossible Patty And They Just Added The Impossible Patty To The Regular Meat Patty

Image credits: NotPechente

#71 I Finished The Gutter, Boss

Image credits: movikbence

#72 Somewhere In My Beloved Home Country

Image credits: jndlcrz888

#73 This Can Of “Black Beans” I Opened At Work

Image credits: Dabs4Cayde

#74 Just Finished Setting Up The Chairs Outside, Boss!

Image credits: ajfoucault

#75 How To Ruin Someone’s Day

Image credits: dee_snutz

#76 Yeah I Made The Maze Like You Asked, Boss

Image credits: wrigleydoodle296

#77 Posted The Pictofact Boss

Image credits: bunny-foofoo

#78 Package Has Been Delivered Safely

Image credits: GuyInSugarLand

#79 Put Up The Sign Boss

Image credits: PM_ME_YOURS_TABLES

#80 Removed The Fullstops, Boss

Image credits: XDminceraft

#81 The Lazy Guy In Work

Image credits: Prowizardnet

#82 Nothing Here Makes Sense

Image credits: Floater1157

#83 Placed The Sticker, Boss!

Image credits: koter7

#84 Blurred The Logo Boss

Image credits: JoshKirk_HGA

#85 I Asked For Honey Mustard At The Local McDonald’s

Image credits: egoborderline


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