People Are Sharing Side-By-Side Pictures Of Their Pets For ‘Then And Now Challenge’ And It’s Incredibly Wholesome (100 Pics)

Every friendship has a story. Most of us remember the moment we met our best friend or significant other like it happened yesterday. Pets are no exception. They bring so much joy and fulfillment to our lives, it’s impossible to forget the day your heart told you that this tiny cold nose, long whiskers, or wagging tail was something you’d always needed.

And to celebrate the beautiful life with our four-legged friends, pet owners are now participating in a viral #ThenAndNowChallenge on Facebook which shows side-by-side images on the day they met vs. today.

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Genuine smiles and all-telling eyes are enough to speak thousands of words about the precious bond humans share with animals. It’s impawsible not to notice how fast time flies in photos, but some things, they do stay forever.


Left for dead in a drainage ditch he was picked up by the emergency SPCA ambulance. They think he was living on the streets and attacked by a pack of dogs. He required lots of stitches to patch him up. When I adopted him and took him home, he smelled like sewage and I couldn’t bathe him for more than a week because of all of his stitches. Every day I picked a new spot and tried to clean his fur with baby wipes and brush him ever so gently. What a good boy he was ( and is ). He craved human kindness and touch. And he learned to trust his fur siblings. He’s such a happy boy now!! Look at that smile. ?. Apollo you are Soooo loved.

Image credits: Tricia Jansen


Last year, we started fostering healthy little puppies. We were between fosters when we were asked to take in a puppy with severe mange just for a few days. One day later, I was rushing her to the veterinary ER. Her little body was shutting down. I handed this sick little girl over to the vet tech, thinking I’d never see her again.
Arya was hospitalized for five days. In that time, my husband and I became emotionally invested in her and asked to keep fostering her through her recovery. When we picked her up from the ER, I expected a sick puppy, but they handed me this wriggly, happy girl. The picture on the right was just five weeks later. She was with us for four months in total, and now she has a wonderful forever family who sends us tons of updates.
Our little warrior princess inspired us to keep fostering medical cases. We’ve since fostered Dallas with a heart condition (adopted), Frankie with genetic deformities (adopted), and Carroll with severe burns (still with us in foster).
What Arya taught me is that there’s beauty in the not-so picture perfect. ?

Image credits: Melissa Cohen


Jumping on the #thenandnowchallenge with Koryo.
We adopted him in May of 2019 from the county shelter. He was an owner surrender, because his person passed away and the family didn’t want him. His name was Coors. 9 years old, 40+ lbs, pure corgi. He literally couldn’t walk to the end of our driveway, or poop without pooping on himself. He had skin infections in his rolls, and was on Apoquel.
Now, hes down to around 25lbs. He loves to run and play! We switched him to a prescription diet, and he only needs cytopoint seasonally. He recently started having seizures, but after a full neurological workup, it turns out to be idiopathic epilepsy (best case scenario in an 11 year old dog who just started randomly seizing.) He’s spoiled like crazy, and is such a great dog!!


Faelen the day I brought him home at 5 weeks versus now at 1.5 years.

Faelen is an upper mid content Wolfdog. He’s mostly wolf with malamute and German Shepherd. Wolfdogs are beautiful but not a good fit for the average owner. They are high maintence companion animals, more like kids than pets in their intensity of needs in many ways. Real wolfdogs are not protective, not good family dogs, and often not good with small animals/small dogs. Higher content ones like Faelen are especially intense in behavior and needs.

Image credits: Moira Schein


So I posted a #thenandnowchallenge with Merle on my personal page recently but this one seems more appropriate.
Meet Merle on his very first day with us (5 months old) sad, nervous and extremely timid. Fast forward to one year old, living his best life. This guy right here is the derpiest, spunkiest and most loving pup! His kisses and cuddles in the morning start my days off perfectly. And at the end of a long day at work he puts a smile right on my face. Every time. This guy stole my heart so hard! Our labby Vega taught Merle how to be a dog and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ll post a challenge of Vega soon too ❤❤

Image credits: Katie Biers


?Happy 14th Birthday to our sweet Abby girl! ?

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Image credits: Melissa Mahin Mitchell


Just over 1 year old vs just under 8 years old.
Is there any difference?

Image credits: Rachael Rodrigues


9 weeks vs. 11 months. She did a grow

Image credits: Taylor White Allen


Ultimate “Leave It” pro.

8 weeks old -> 3 years old!

Image credits: Allie Mazzola


Harley Quinn had a glow up. ??

Image credits: Caitlyn Falkenberg


About 8 yrs ago my 16yr old pit “Blaze dog” passed away.
My ex decided to surprise me w a boxer puppy . He found a backyard breeder (i don’t condone) with one puppy left “on clearance” bc he was the runt and had a heart murmur.
Little did they know he was royalty.
Vet told me he was undersized would probably be 50 lbs max and need surgery bc his skin was so droopy his lower lids were hanging too low lol
WHELP! He is 85 lbs and grew into his saggy face skin and his name of Bruiser which I named him as a joke bc he was so teeny.
He will be 8 next week.
8 years of being glared at, judged , and called a strumpet. ???

Image credits:


I had to post my baby’s beautiful eyes. She had a problem with her eye lids rolling inside her eyes which required surgery. Look at her now! ?

Image credits: Sandy DeCarolis


Everyone in rescue will tell you it’s hard. Not enough money, fosters or time to save them all, but every once in a while a picture hits your inbox that gut punches you and all your well made plans go out the window. That was the case of Thor. I cried when I saw his picture. He’d given up. The shelter didn’t care, they didn’t even assign him a cute name, just a number. He wasn’t given the 3 day stray hold, pull him today or he dies in the morning. So I moved a couple of mountains and that’s exactly what we did. He came to me 30lbs underweight, open sores everywhere, heartworm positive, and a mouth full of rotten teeth. I didn’t care. I was on a mission to make his senior years the best he ever had. And that’s exactly what happened. He lived another two years a smiling happy boy and at the end, I was with him to say goodbye. My soft spot for seniors holds a promise that they never cross that bridge alone. I miss my old man, he was a very good boy ??
This post blew up so fast. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving him as much as I do ❤️
I also want to thank all my rescue sisters and brothers who are in the trenches daily doing this. You are warriors that we need in the world. You bring so much light and love to a dark world. Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it, but you are loved for what you do.
And thanks to all who have adopted, fostered, given care in a shelter, you are an amazing human being!!!

Image credits: Karen Stephens


Resting Stank Face est. 2013 ?
Double chins represent
*yes I apologise for posting the second photo again but I had to for this challenge ??‍♀️?*

Image credits: Emily Jackson


This is my boy Gizmo. He’s such a loverboy!

Image credits:


This is Boris. I met him at PetSmart when they were hosting a no kill shelter. They told me he had recently been rescued by a volunteer and was heartworm positive. He was in a kennel completely ignoring me. I wasn’t sure if he would like me since he kept eyeing some kids running around. My bf said to just go for it. I did. One of the best decisions ever. It’s been 5 years and I just wish I would have found him sooner. He’s my heart.

Image credits: Veronica Valdez


My Boy Vhagar
Hard to lift it ?
3.5 months old / 9 months old

Image credits: Kev Origins


To be honest, there’s not much of a glowup, because my son has always been unbelievably perfect and cute and I would die for himb. But I love him more than life itself so wanted to share ?

Image credits: Mark Mastello


Peanut at 7 weeks vs 5 years old.

Image credits: Jef Goldblum


Shoe at 3 months old vs shoe at 1 year old

Image credits: Samantha Zhong


Close to a decade apart! this old man’s name is boots ??

Image credits: Savannah Lewis


10weeks to 6 years ❤️ Bella and Scout

Image credits: Courtney Drenga


This is Otter when we brought him home at 7 weeks old and now at 6.5 months old. Giant loveable furball ❤️

Image credits: Lorraine Anderson


My Hippy when I first found him in the middle of a highway on a stormy night on my birthday in 2016, then four weeks after I found him and now!!!

Image credits: Angie Hennington


This is Vega at the beginning of April and now. Shes growing like a weed! Who else thinks she’s gonna be a big hamb??

Image credits: Raven Coffin


Wilma at 6 weeks old the day I brought him home and now, at 6 months old.

Image credits: Rebecca Lynn


My baby is just two months old but she’s grown a lot (of fur and a little bit in size) Plus her eyes are now yellow. . . . and fierce. Lmao

Image credits: Patrick Atabay


Maximus at 8 weeks old the day we brought him home and now, at 10 months old. ❤️

Image credits: Sea Ess


From my little baby to my big baby… and cuddle bug ?
Axel the German shepherd is 8 weeks old in the first picture, 4 years old in the second, and 6 1/2 years old in the last 2

He’s always been such a protective dog. Unfortunately how he was raised (by my ex) makes him mean. But you can see in these pictures that over the last 5 years Axel has calmed down and become much more loving ? my husband Scott (pictured) got him to be that way by being patient with the both of us ♥️

Image credits: Danielle Wolske


My baby gal Maple at 8 weeks – 9 months ?

Image credits: Carolyn Gray


From tiny kitten found freezing outside to 14 pound nap buddy today.

Image credits: Laurel Powell


Look at these himbs, Yubi N O M N O M Yuri ? bros fo lyf

Image credits: Zyra Gee Porlares


They sure do grow fast ??
Hi I’m Raeya ??

Image credits: Euv Baus


Last Monday I found out Juice had bone cancer. We live in Colorado, and she had never seen the ocean- so I packed up the car and drove to CA. She’s 17 ❤

We are back home in CO and laughing about all the snow we missed. Juice loved the ocean, the food, all the walks we went on.

Image credits: Taylor Mathis


This is Milo when he was probably only around two months old and then now, at one and a half ?
Our last post got deleted so I decided to re post for the people who didn’t get to see his pretty face ❤️
(Merle Pug) photos taken by me.
Please can we keep the comment section positive this time! ?

Image credits: Molly Allen


Trixie still thinks she’s small enough to sleep on top of her big sis Frannie ?

Image credits: Jennifer Lewis


This is Maury. He’s currently 6 1/2 years old and was a year old on his gotcha day. We believe he is an Aussie Shepherd mix. He was Black and Tan when we got him and about three years ago got his first tiny white spot. He changed pretty quickly from there but now seems to be done. He’s seen the vet and specialists who all agree it’s not vitiligo and he has no issues or medical concerns. He’s just a unique soul with a great personality and very handsome look.

Image credits: Sheryl Duyungan


Oliver was taken away from his mom and released to a very crowded kill shelter. A local foster agency pulled him and we fostered him. He wound up extremely sick with an upper respiratory infection (he definitely would have been put down at the shelter). We nursed him back to health and were so in love with him that we adopted him. ??

Image credits: Lori Sutton


Dobby at 7 weeks and Dobby at 7 months.

Image credits: Heather Lee Frazier-Krizmencic


Still that same old mlemyyy banana ?

Image credits: Kristine Delos Reyes


Scout and Tigress.

Image credits: Cheryl Whitaker


Casper was dumped by his previous owner when he hit the difficult teenage phase, and ran loose as a stray for almost 6 months before we were called to come trap and rescue him.
We assumed he would be untouchable and never warm up to people again, so he was going to go to a sanctuary, but I spent day after day sitting with him reading, talking to him, bringing him treats, and we ended up bonding intensely.
His trust in me to keep him safe has allowed me to slowly reintroduce him to being a pet and community member, and now, a little over a year and a half later, he is a sweet, cuddly, social boy who loves to shop, hike, camp, go on road trips, and hang out with me and my other dogs ❤

Image credits:


My handsome boy Jaxx at 8 weeks and soon to be one next week!?

Image credits: Laura Davila-Figueroa


This is My boy Jax 7 weeks to 4 years ❤️

Image credits: Joe Delgado


Sammi has had quite the glow up, from a tiny adorable floof to a huge magnificent floof

Image credits: Xena Elizabeth Horner


I’m a little late to the party, but here’s my big boy’s #thenandnowchallenge 11 years old and going strong!

Image credits: Cassidy Echalico


bb oliver, teen boy oliver and full grown stinky turd man oliver (ft his sister willie (willow))
he was about 4-5 wks in the first pic. got separated from his litter during a bad storm and a woman who does kitten rescue locally found him and posted about him online. i was just planning to foster initially but obv fell in love with the turd (i think it was literally after he diarrhead on my shoulder in the car about a week in, it was hilarious, so much poop in such a small baby) and here we are 3 years later. he still acts like a total baby, running laps 24/7. he loves jingly toys, fuzzy socks (ripping them apart) and jumping onto ur back when u bend down. and making wildly stinky poops

Image credits: Emily Eldredge


Miss Bella is now 5 months old and thriving, Al-hamdulillah. She was an orphan with two siblings that did not survive. I couldn’t let her fall to the same fate. She is typically feral, disliking to be picked up, but she will come to snuggle in my lap and has an instant purr anytime I touch her.? She loves her adopted big brothers Peanut and Hamasa, but is besties with Hamasa. The two of them share the love of full body massage and napping in the balcony chairs…and, of course, their hooman.??

Image credits: Aishah Schwartz


26days…2year 4month
I am adult right now ?

Image credits: Suparna Podder


Hii I’m moji, from Bali indonesia and 1 year old

Image credits: Alfian Nur


From 6 weeks old to 9 months old XXL BULLY! “Baba Voss”

Image credits: Mark V Alexander


This is meep. Meep was burned alive in a shed fire. His mama got out all the kittens except him, the firemen heard his screams and broke down the wall. Meep’s sister was also obtained because mama dropped her when the firemen came too close. Meep was quite crispy, he lost his top coat and his whiskers. He was wonderful to hold as long as you breathed through your mouth – burnt hair is not a good scent. Meep went to the vet and was found to have been more then scorched. At about 6-7 weeks old he had to have emergency surgery to amputate 2/3 of his ears and 1/3 of his tail. His toe pads are understandably scarred and the smoke inhalation has damaged his brain so he is our perpetual kitten – we have a lot of little cat houses around our house because he runs to a den frequently. Meep also has a loose hip joint, probably the reason his mama left him for last, so he limps sometimes and is bad at high jumps. We were meeps foster parents and couldn’t be let anyone else take this baby away after all the work dragging him back to life. Meep is our baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Meeps favorite toy is an old chopstick from takeout sushi. Meep is special.

Image credits: Nicole Johnson Micks


My bitty boy Gulliver ?
He was still newborn when my husband brought him home after finding him in the shop yard at his work in mid July 2013. He was separated from his mother (when my husband found him it was the day after a massive flood hit Toronto, Ontario, Canada ??). He is a CH kitty (wobbly kitty). He was so young he needed to be bottle fed for the 1st week we had him.
And 7.5 years later ?
*Edited to say separated from his mother rather than abandoned by his mother.

Image credits: Melanie Kennedy


My little girl Bear at 2 months and now 7 months?
Bear is a cairn terrier and Pomeranian mix for anyone asking?

Image credits: Sophie Barnett


This is “Jake”!
Saw him at a mobile adoption and my heart melted. When they packed him up to take him back to the shelter, I heard him crying and howling as they drove away. ?
He was bought from a breeder and then surrendered by his family because they said he was “too pushy, leans on you and plays rough!” Sounded like a Rottie to me!
They also wanted him to be a “show dog”, but he developed Vitaligo and started losing the pigment on his face. (Maybe the real reason they gave him up?) Interestingly enough, the happier he has become… his nose is black again! ?
2 1/2 years later he is the best boy ever! Definitely a handful..but pure love! ?‍?❤️

Image credits: Lisa Koch Lentz


Waffles at 10 weeks and 15 months ? do you ever just miss them being so small?? ?

Image credits: Shannon Cooney


Our lovely Rodger, he has grown so much.

Image credits: Jaison Basil


Gary was a stray dodging cars for months to reach my husband’s workplace every day to share the office cat’s food. The first picture is within 20 minutes of my husband dropping him over the fence into our backyard, where I was spending a day off watercolor painting. We just stared at each other. Don’t his eyes look human? That was in about 2009. He was really sweet but refused to come in the house, until a cold night when we dragged him in for warmth. After that, he was the first at the door to come in every time we let the 4 dogs out LOL. Now he wears pajamas in winter hahaha.

Image credits: Gerri Hemelt Hunt


This is my little man Roman. I had to help mom with birth, he was breech.

Image credits: Angela Crowe


I was adopted 2months ago and my mumma was a stray dog, luckily my new mummy loved me so much.
Also I’m a parvo survivor.
Mocho ❤️

Image credits: Luzyl Lazaro Navales


My son has grown MIGHTY and STRONG and is INDECISIVE over which surfaces he likes SLEEPING on

Image credits: Omar Ismaiel


Elsa when I first got her (she was given to me at 8 weeks by a friend who’s cat accidentally had kittens) and now, a lightly toasted cross eyed loaf of bread

Image credits: Jess Messink


Handsome Harry! Hit by a car in the middle of the night, found by some nice people that took him to a shelter and then pulled by a rescue.
Mange, a broken hip and a down spirit all healed in time with some love.
Harry made a full recovery and is now living his best life.

Image credits: Tracy Cintron


My boy, Milan ???
He’s 19 months old!!!

Image credits: Karen Coppa


Lazarus passed away last Nov. He will always be one of my greatest loves ❤
He was found in a barn with 30 pounds of matted hair on his body. He lived quite the best few years after that.

Image credits: Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey


Pichingo at ~1 week and ~5 months

Pichingo is a proud Catracho ?? and was named for the Honduran meaning of pichingo which is cartoon and is also used as a term of endearment similar to muñeco. We did not name him after a pp ?

Image credits: Courtney Re


Koda at 8 weeks, and now at almost 7 months?! He’s a Labsky (Husky and Yellow Labrador) ?

Image credits: Salma El-Wazzan


Because so many people liked/commented on Ren’s pic from the unflattering picture challenge – here’s the then/now. First two pics are from the day we picked him up from the shelter. Last three are recent shots I took of him. You can tell he was practically skin and bones when we got him, but he’s really filling out now. Super playful kitty and extra cuddly. Please think of adoption over purchasing a cat.

Image credits: Bevi Milliman


Kingston & Princeton glow up! ?

Image credits: Anna Wemple


Rescued my boy Jasper in 2019. My grandfather found him along with 2 other kittens in an “abandoned” house he bought. I say abandoned because it looked as if no one cared for it in years. It was practically falling apart. When I first rescued him he was dirty, skinny and very scared. He was the shyest one of the litter. My family told me not to keep him because he was “mean”… He would hiss, growl and swat. I knew he was just scared and needed time to get used to a new environment and humans. With time he became more and more confident. Now a year later, he is the most loving, goofiest, dog-like cat I could of ever asked for. He is always by my side and constantly begs for attention. I couldn’t imagine life without him…. His other 2 siblings are now in great homes also.

Image credits: Alexus Pratt


Oakley & Cooper ??

Image credits: Kelsey Kennedy


This is Daphne, the sweetest most loving cattie in the world.
Back in January, a work friend came up to my desk one day and told me she’d found a kitten outside who needed help. We went to the busy curb outside our office and found a tiny grey kitten with one eye open. Her very visible ribs told us that had been abandoned for a while.
So we put her in a shoe box and took her to the vet after work. Thankfully and miraculously, there was nothing wrong with her. All she needed was love and food!
My husband and I decided to adopt this lil baby, and it was the best decision we’ve made ❤️ she was a scared and anxious cat because of her history, but she eventually blossomed into a playful, sweet, loving cat who climbed up on every human lap she saw. Now, we wake up each morning with Daphnu curled up between us on the duvet ?
This is why it’s important to ADOPT and not shop for pets. This lonely baby found a loving home with us, and brought immense joy into our lives in the process ??

Image credits: Wishaal Khalid


Freya at 6 weeks and 3 years.

Image credits: George Paul Smith


My Kitt Kitterman at 6wks old and Kitt now at 3.5yrs old!
I love him sooo much!

Image credits: Lindsay Karpoff


Our boy Diesel we recently found out that he has aggressive gastrointestinal lymphoma. This is 11 weeks and now at 4 years 6 months.

Image credits: Evonna Hartshorn


I’m 1 today / ?#luna

Image credits: Lucy Gál


I was asked to take photos for the homepage of my friends cattery… only photos! Of the first litter of Maine Coon Cats she got.
Just. Photos. Frequently, to show the kittens grow.
One kitten became ill… a kind of bacteria… she got weaker every day and it wasn‘t sure she would make it.
I suddenly found myself rubbing a kittens belly and feeding her with a strong „soup“.
I decided to keep her if she survived.
Well, she did, and for 7 years my little Gremlin is around.
„Miss Holly Golightly“ ❤️

Image credits: Meike Weimann


Yumi blu ? I got this little girl at 10 weeks old, she was my 1st golden (English cream) and on the left she’s 1.5 years. She has a sixth sense when people are hurting or sick. She’s the best dog ever ❤

Image credits: Allison Henderson Barnett


London was intentionally paralyzed by her abuser … She was to be a bait dog in a fight ring. Fortunately, she was rescued before ever making it into the ring. Due to her paralysis, the Vet at the shelter recommended euthanasia. A friend of mine, and employee of the shelter, saw London wag her tail and knew that she’d be able to walk again … So, she “adopted” her as a foster. My husband and I heard London’s story and knew we had to have her. We worked extensively with a specialist in Nashville and, after several months of physical and hydrotherapy, London healed to 90%! She has also had 1 surgery. The 2nd picture is her, mid jump, playing at daycare.
Her name was Panda, but she often fell when re-learning to use her back legs. I would say, “Slow down, London!” … Referencing London Bridge. She began to respond to London, so we kept it ?
EDIT: Thank you all for the love and support! London is the center of our world ❤ Per request, I’ve attached some videos of her playing. She does waddle when she walks and runs, and that will never go away, but she doesn’t let it stop her from enjoying every minute of her life! We do a lot of swimming with her … She’s not a fan of the pool, but she loves the beach. Fortunately, we have a boat and have access to the Gulf … She’s not spoiled at all ?

Image credits: Alysse Walavich


Hi its Jenn, Rosie’s human
Its past midnight here in Boston, which means it’s Rosie’s 4th birthday! These past 4 years have been very trying for me as I’ve battle physical and mental illness more than ever before. Being only 29, I should be out enjoying my life. Unfortunately, many people turn their back on you when you go away for a while and come back “different.” That’s what happened to me when I came home from the army at the beginning of 2011. My friends dropped one by one. As time went on, i learned to just be alone. My dogs were my saving grace. In January of 2017, I adopted little rosie. She was two months old at the time. I was at probably the lowest point in my life. My brain injury seemingly got worse, as did my ptsd, anxiety, and depression. They diagnosed me with dyslexia as well, stemming from the brain injury. I was getting random physical illnesses that never added up to any real diagnosis. That would make me emotionally more unstable. But little miss Rosie, the unexpected dog, seemingly helped me forget all my issues. Yes, I had other dogs. And I love them more than life itself. But Rosie? There is something about her. Its like she was sent to earth to be with me. ♡ this sweet girl has been by my side through all the tears of joy and sorrow, and I know without a doubt, she’ll always be there to give me kisses and cuddle up with me all night long. For as long as I’m in bed, she’s in bed. Nobody else exists when I’m around. She’s such a sweetheart and I wish each and every one of you could meet her.
Today will be all about her. She will get lots of toys and treats. Rosie is a queen and will be treated like one. Happy 4th birthday my sweet girl, here’s to many more ♡♡
Here’s a very special

Image credits: The World Of Rosie


Picture the dumbest animal you can think of. This one is dumber. Salem MaryJane is the stupid glue that holds my cat family together, the sweetest little idiot you’ll ever meet. She’s like if Forrest Gump and Lenny from Of Mice and Men were combined into cat form.
She loves to rub and smash her face into and onto everything: body parts, boxes, walls, televisions, bottles or cans, lamps, doors, hairbrushes, bowls, ANYTHING THAT IS ABLE TO BE RUBBED ON she makes contact. She also falls off beds and never comes when I call her, but when I call any other cat in the house GUESS WHO SHOWS TF UP!?
I lub this little dingus, my little black olive, SO SO MUCH!!

Image credits: Taylor Brennan


My baby Myles a beautiful rescue approximately 8 weeks then 11 years old!

Image credits: Dale Stevanus


37 days to 3.5 months.

Image credits: Hrit Tik


January 2013 my honey cat was born in an outside air conditioner and it started pouring rain so the ac unit started filling up with water…..but we didn’t know this until the mama cat was heard meowing very insistently on our upstairs porch. She had a little black baby with her so we immediately grabbed an old crate and stuffed it with towels and dried the baby off. My daughter made the mama cat go back down the stairs to show her where the other babies were and she led her straight to them!! We rescued all 4 babies and kept them all on our porch until the babies were old enough to leave mama! We found them all homes except my Sherbet cause I was keeping him!! My baby will be 8 years old in January!!
Edit: Mama cat belonged to someone that moved and left her there. She had been a stray for over a year when we started feeding her so she already trusted and knew us when it was time for the kittens to be born. I think that’s why she had them close to our apartment! After the kittens were old enough we took them to a kitten rescue at a feed store that we trust and they were all adopted within days of us taking them there! Mama cat on the other hand ended up getting trapped by the new apartment complex owners when they took over! When we didn’t see her for a day we asked around and found out shr was taken to a no kill shelter in our area so I feel she either found a really great foster or a new family!!

Image credits: Crystal Cunningham


Lady Bug crushing me at 8 weeks old versus 9 months old ?
Big baby dog ??

Image credits: Taylor Francis


Kleine (Klein-a) age 4 years young.

Image credits: Krystal Knobloch


My Girl ~Mercy~

Image credits: Joe Morales


This is toast at 8 weeks and at 4.5 months ???

Image credits: Hillary Haley


Hard to believe he was ever that small.

Please ignore his forehead, he ran into a tree.

Image credits: Taylor Anderson


#thenandnowchallenge with this littöl hämbina ?

Image credits: Mikee Zamora


My boy has been a stunner from day 1! ??
First picture at 9 weeks old, second at 3 years old.

Image credits: Joe de Jesus


Kiara at 2 weeks and at 4 months ?

Image credits: Ashley Silvestre


He grew into a business hamb.. ☺️

Image credits: Rebecca Marie


My boy Toby ??
6 1/2 weeks – 2 years

Image credits: Cassidy Hodge


My boys Jake and Seth at 9 weeks and now at 11.5 years ??

Image credits: Lisa Dando


My husband wouldn’t let me get the pup…. SO I LEFT THE HUSBAND AND LOVE MY PUP ?? LOL…
I watched Gus since the moment he was born… picked him as soon as I saw him as I’d been anticipating this litter… He is definitely helping my family after the tragic murder of my kids dad and my separation from my husband, both happened last year..
So let’s give Gus the love he deserves…. the love he gives, back to him ❤

Image credits: Roseanna Lee Fletcher


Someone did a heckin GROW! ❤️❤️
Milly the Classic Lupine dog about 3 days old to nearly 3 years old ❤️❤️
For everyone saying why is she not named Pi,
1. In Europe litters are named alphabetically, she was from the M litter
2. Her name was chosen before she was born, she was named to honor my two old border collies Meg and Tilly (I’ll drop a picture in the comments) ?

Image credits: Gemma Krzesinska


Diego ?

Image credits: Helen Langdown


Mulan when we first picked her up from the kill shelter vs now. Babygirl got thicc and I wouldn’t have it any other way ?.

Edit: For all you rude ones calling her obese… Mulan is a healthy weight according to the vet that she sees monthly for routine visits and grooming. My fiance and I have always chuckled at the second picture bc the harness shows off her wrinkles and makes her look chunky. She was SEVERELY underweight in the first picture as she had been found tied up with no food/water outside a house which the owners had been evicted and left her. She is perfectly healthy and happy.

Image credits: Kira Anderson


Nellie born 08.08.2020 & now at 13 weeks ❤️

Image credits: Bryony Jones


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