People Are Sharing The Various Reasons Why They Got Fired (28 Tweets)

Getting fired is hardly an enjoyable moment. And unemployment is no joke. But some of the reasons that people got fired are completely dumb and unfair!

When Hashtag Roundup asked people to share the weirdest ‘and then I got fired moments,’ they delivered. We invite you to scroll down, upvote the #andthenIgotfired stories that left you speechless, and share if you’ve been through something similar in the comments, dear Pandas.

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If you do find yourself getting fired for throwing out your boss’ coat like some of these people, it’s essential to realize that even though losing your job is stressful, you will be able to find work again. But there are steps that you need to take in the meantime.


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The Balance Careers expert blog that focuses on career advice explains how you should do your best to not beat yourself up after losing your job. You should also avoid making the situation worse by getting into heated arguments with your superiors. Feeling angry is natural; spreading that anger to everyone around you is not. Instead—try to focus on the future.

That includes finding out from your (former) employer about severance pay, benefits, unemployment, and references. Even if it’s unpleasant dealing with someone who just dropped a bomb on your life, it’s vital that you get that information so that you can move forward. You need to know when you’ll receive your final paycheck. And you want to make sure whether the references you might get will be neutral. Knowledge is power, after all.


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Meanwhile, the Ladders website has some further career advice. It’s best to make something good of a bad situation, so look at losing your job as an opportunity to move on to bigger and better things. Since you’ll have some downtime, try out a bunch of different activities while you’re sending out resumes: give volunteering and freelancing a try and consider signing up for some classes to improve yourself.

While losing your job can seem like the end of the world, it doesn’t have to be when you face the challenge head-on. Soon enough, you might even be like #andthenIgetfired crowd, cheerfully sharing their reasons for getting fired.


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