People Are Sharing The Worst Fashion Fails They’ve Ever Seen And They’re Hilarious (50 New Pics)

Just like we don’t eat gourmet dishes for every meal, we don’t dress up for every occasion as if it had a black-tie dress code. Sometimes we just need calories in our stomachs and sweatpants might be the ideal candidate for stuffing our faces with mac and cheese.

However, some clothing items are so off, you probably wouldn’t even wear them if nobody was watching. We at Bored Panda have already showcased such atrocities in our previous publications here, here, and here, but the fashion industry keeps producing them, so we decided to shame them one more time.

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From little annoyances like ultra-small pockets to design fails that make tie-dye socks look like they were dragged through poo, continue scrolling and check out the funniest Spring collection.

#1 In Case You’ve Ever Wondered Why Women Get So Frustrated With Our Clothing Sizes – Every Pair Of Jeans Pictured Is A Size 12

Image credits: chloemmx

#2 Puma’s Latest Trainers Go Viral As They Look Like Adolf Hitler

Image credits: Baddacaci

#3 S21 Ultra In My Wife’s Jeans vs. My 18-Month-Old Son’s Joggers

Image credits: ben_j_davis

#4 Best Way To Wear This Sweater

Image credits: NixisTM

#5 My Christmas Contribution

Image credits: ColdFireplace411

#6 Thinger Strangs

Image credits: Scrimmybinguscat

#7 Lobster Flip-Flops. 10/10 Would Wear

Image credits: LydiaAgain

#8 Women’s Jeans, I Want The Rest Of My Pocket

Image credits: evening_shop

#9 This Portuguese Football Team Shorts

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: EletricoAmarelo

#10 You’ve Heard Of Jorts Now Get Ready For The Jong

Image credits: anustickl

#11 Life’s Too Short For Boring Pants

Image credits: ohyeesh

#12 Summer Sandals

Image credits: gabbois

#13 What’s That? My Clodhoppers Are Making You Uncomfortable? You Haven’t Even Tried Them On

Image credits: heluhowyalldun

#14 The Brand Name Of My Daughter’s Shirt

Image credits: Durph08

#15 Barely There Jeans

Image credits: BlueChainsawMan

#16 Seen It On A Weird Secondhand Finds Group. It Did Not Go Home With Them

This is a result of a husband getting ahold of his wife’s new embroidery machine

Image credits: KortanaXO

#17 For That, Dipped In Mud Look

Image credits: ImRussell

#18 This Bear Jacket

Image credits: Querray

#19 My Girlfriend Just Bought Some Tie Dye Socks

Image credits: Flapboy

#20 My 2-Year-Old Daughter’s Pockets Are Bigger Than My Wife’s

Image credits: That_Jonesy

#21 For “Knight” Time Activities

Image credits: shop_bekker

#22 Which One Of You Designs Clothing For Target?

Image credits: TheLadySif

#23 Why Socks Should Never Have Faces On Them

Image credits:

#24 Looks More Like “Debil” Than “Devil”

Image credits:

#25 Meat Coffee… Yum?

Image credits: carlsligh

#26 Business Crocs

Image credits: audummy

#27 The Latest Ed Hardy T-Shirt

Image credits: PandaLover69

#28 Hmmm

Image credits: jjba_cursed

#29 These Shoes

Image credits: mmonzeob

#30 Elf Socks I Got My Dad For Christmas, When Wearing Pants Just Shows Will Ferrell Crotch

Image credits: Laundry-Champagne

#31 Ok, I Don’t Even Know What They Were Even Trying To Attempt Here. Does Anyone Speak Whatever The Hell This Is? Or Know What This Could Have Been Trying To Attempt?

Image credits: Caitlin Rommel

#32 Orange Peel Jacket

Image credits: El_Don_Giovanni

#33 I Fist Pizza?

Image credits: jadalorrx

#34 Dinosaur Jacket

Image credits: _misha_

#35 Don’t Let Your Dreams

Image credits: sarahashtonsummer

#36 Oh No, Must’ve Gotten The Whites Mixed With My Poop Clothes

Image credits: space_pdf

#37 These Fake Pockets Went As Far Enough As To Put A Real Zipper On

Image credits: __No__Control

#38 Not Sure If They Meant This Message Or Not (Rotate Image Counter Clockwise)

Image credits: Eoceol

#39 Girls Is Can The Therefore Change Is World Brave

Image credits: BuffMonke

#40 Could Be Good Camouflage For The Zombie Apocalypse. Add A Cardigan And Wedges And This Versatile Dress Transforms To Perfect Evening Wear

Image credits: HabitRole

#41 Got This New Hoodie And Everybody Has Asked Me Why I Am Wet And I Have To Tell Them It’s Just The Design Of The Hoodie

Image credits: sirSosig

#42 This Shirt That Looks Like It’s Covered In Coffee Stains

Image credits: TheMrMeatball

#43 Always Forgotten, Remembered Never

Image credits: prodigious-starfruit

#44 If Only There Was A Letter Resembling The Shape Of The Eiffel Tower They Could’ve Used

Image credits: racheljobe

#45 Forever21 Thinks This Shirt Says “Best In The World”. It Actually Says “I Don’t Care”

Image credits: MiaMiaPP

#46 Joes, Sheans Or Jeals

Image credits: sugar-biscuits

#47 Catch & Release But Now I Regret It

Image credits: drippin_honey

#48 The Socks Are Supposed To Say “Stitch” But When You Put Them On They Look Like This

Image credits: xxsoulpunkedxx

#49 My Off-Brand Sports Bra “Ok”. It’s Amazing

Image credits:

#50 Show ‘Em What You’ve Got, Son

Image credits: Ecrelia


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