People Are Sharing Their Cozy Places And The Pics Look Very Inviting (75 Pics)

Many people like their home to be practical. Others prefer the external beauty of it. And the rest, they love the ultimate coziness of their environment that gives an ultimate feeling, even a buzz, that all is alright, and so are you.

The recent trend has permeated interiors, architecture, art, and even fashion with the rise of the Danish lifestyle known as “hygge.” Hygge can be anything from cinnamon roll candles to warm slippers and hot chocolate, as long as it gives you that “quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality.”

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If you’re not yet familiar with the world of it, the perfect place to get yourself warmed up is the beautiful corner of Reddit known as the “Cozy Places” subreddit. Created in 2014, the community has a whopping 1.8 million members who are totally into “cozy places from all around the world of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.”

So let’s see some of their best posts right here that will make you feel like you’re tucked into the warmest blankets of all.

#1 Cozy Sunday Evening With My Plants

Image credits: orlandoplantlady

#2 Best Spot For Summer Rainstorms, Upstate NY

Image credits: BreakQuiet

To find out more about the cozy trend that has been taking interior design by storm in the past years, Bored Panda reached out to Eva Taute, interior designer and creator of “Hygge Styling” studio, which focuses on minimalistic design, natural elements, personal touch, and uniqueness.

According to Eva, our homes have a greater psychological effect on us than we think. “We have spent our whole lives gathering experiences of spaces. Some of them we felt more at home in than others. We cannot always put our finger on why, but we know it when we feel it.”

#3 My Cozy Backyard Patio With Blooming Wisteria

Image credits: stupac2

#4 My Local Used Bookstore

Image credits: KatieGrayCloud

“There is a book called ‘Home As A Mirror Of Self’ by Clara Cooper Marcus and even the title explains it well,” said Eva and added that “Our home can reflect our inner world and how we feel about ourselves.” Not only that, but “We can also use our home to reflect the message we want our hearts to hear. It can be a place that supports our well being. We can do that by unraveling our experiences with space and finding those colors, textures, and materials that help us feel at home. Help us create that cozy feeling that brings us rest.”

#5 My Small And Cozy Apartment

Image credits: electricviola

#6 My Cozy Bedroom Lets In All The Sun

Image credits: mrstorrance_

Thus, home is so much more than just a place to put your head down before another day in this hectic world. And many people have found cozy interiors to be the most comforting and soothing. Hygge, a Danish interior design trend that has spread around the world in recent years, perfectly captures this experience of ultimate coziness and overall well being.

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#7 My Bedroom Nook In Amsterdam

Image credits: willeminos

#8 A Lovely Indoor Garden Within A Home

Image credits: FishtownFrank

#9 Plants And Pups Basking In The Morning Sun

Image credits: throwra_beepboop78

Eva explained that “’Hygge’ is the Danish ritual of slowing down, being in the moment, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. People might think of it as just Scandinavian design but it is more than that.”

“It’s about recovering from your day in a space that refreshes you with the people you enjoy. This manifests its way into your home design by creating a space that reflects who you are, what you value, and what brings you joy.”

#10 Sunny Afternoon On Our Front Porch

Image credits: bunkerbash

#11 My Bedroom At Sunset

Image credits: ArianaWujt

Eva said that many interior designers might begin with an interior style in mind, but she finds it important to begin with the person: “how they experience space and what makes them truly feel at home. We don’t serve the design, the design needs to serve the user,” the interior designer explained.

#12 Our Reading/Drawing/Coloring/Napping Room.

Image credits: nerge

#13 Evening View Of Living Area / Loft Bedroom

Image credits: dirtandglass

#14 My Happy Place, High Plains Co

Image credits: wildflowersummer

When asked about the ways to make your home feel cozier, Eva said that it’s good to begin with what kind of atmosphere you are wanting to create. “From that base, you can choose supporting materials and colors. That can differ person to person. For one person, cool colors might feel cozy, another person warm colors. Typically if you add more texture to your home (carpets, curtains, etc.) and play with the lighting, that can already make a big difference.”

#15 My Plant Wall In The High Desert

Image credits: todwod

#16 My Cozy Reading Area

Image credits: arintj

#17 My Cozy Bedroom In Washington State

Image credits: hihohollyberry

#18 My Cozy Little Reading Place

Image credits: ZunoJ

#19 My Indoor Garden/Living Room

Image credits: Smil3y_bee

#20 My Summer Porch Reading Nook In Ohio

Image credits: ppcrack646

#21 My Campsite From This Weekend

Image credits: itag4130

#22 My Garden I’ve Been Working On

Image credits: viralplatipuss

#23 Loft Apartment Living Room Space

Image credits: innerwavve

#24 Made A Mini Treehouse For My Palm Trees:)

Image credits: lochstimpson

#25 My Little Apartment

Image credits: leidai

#26 My Cozy Home On Wheels

Image credits: skibre

#27 Bright & Cozy Modern Catskills Cabin

Image credits: dirtandglass

#28 An Inviting Space At Denver Botanic Gardens

Image credits: FishtownFrank

#29 Our Living Room After Game Night. Boston, Ma

Image credits: slowComet

#30 Our Balcony On A Sunny Day

Image credits: Frandroids

#31 Catching The Last Sunbeams Of The Day

Image credits: madeyoucookies

#32 Artsy Balcony Featuring My Cat

Image credits: bigtiddiesenergy

#33 A Cozy Snow Cave On A Top Of A Mountain

Image credits: Solarisphere

#34 My Cozy Cat In My Cozy Living Room

Image credits: Andreanneb123

#35 Our Cozy Library Room

Image credits: lsawicki

#36 My Cozy Living Room

Image credits: Dublingirl123

#37 My Backyard Blooms

Image credits: BugEyedBigSky

#38 My Bed, Golden Hour On An Nz Summer Evening

Image credits: katbeef

#39 Our Cozy Living Room In Colorado

Image credits: abschatten

#40 My Cozy Happy Place

Image credits: lemonlemonades

#41 My Attic Apartment

Image credits: eggsandbacon2020

#42 My Cozy Bedroom During Golden Hour

Image credits: marshmalhigh

#43 My Florida Backyard Patio

Image credits: Kokojijo

#44 My Cozy Living Room

Image credits: mandylu8

#45 My Cozy Corner. Atlanta, Ga

Image credits: M00nlightMajesty

#46 My Cozy Basement Apartment Kitchen

Image credits: Rarefindofthemind

#47 My Sweet Balcony!

Image credits: auroriinhaa

#48 Cozy Reading Corner In My Parents Home

Image credits: ejbop

#49 North Carolina Living Room

Image credits: heliogt2

#50 Dining/Living Area Below Unique Loft Bedroom

Image credits: dirtandglass

#51 A Cozy Place To Sit

Image credits: Khanofkhans

#52 Movie Night For Us And A Few Friends

Image credits: fernanimal

#53 Our Renovated Attic

Image credits: Boomklats

#54 My Cosy Living Room In Emerald Victoria

Image credits: Elderflowerie

#55 Our Lounge In Brighton, England

Image credits: mcdave

#56 Our Cozy Bedroom In Atlanta Ga

Image credits: M00nlightMajesty

#57 I Love The Morning Light In Our Cozy Kitchen

Image credits: hallupupsi

#58 My Cozy, Old New England Home

Image credits: splendidsandpiper

#59 Dreary Morning Calls For Tea On The Patio, La

Image credits: Kfurt13

#60 My Office For The Last Year, The Netherlands.

Image credits: ginjabeer

#61 Rainy Day Living Room

Image credits: ShutTheFuckUpAndRun

#62 View On My Sun Porch-Upstate NY

Image credits: -Anne_of_Avonlea-

#63 My Cozy Reading Spot In Northern California

Image credits: Romeow44

#64 The Coziest Spot In My House

Image credits: Cynni14

#65 Living Room Finished!

Image credits: Bam_Bam51

#66 Sleepy Easter Sunday In Austin, Texas

Image credits: TheClapFactor

#67 My Cozy Corner When The Sun Rises

Image credits: sotict

#68 Rainy Day In My Home Office

Image credits: FreeBeans

#69 A Cozy Corner Of My Living Room

Image credits: mcdave

#70 My Cozy Place In Norway

Image credits: Licile

#71 My Cozy Little Urban Haven

Image credits: Pawawal

#72 Cozy Kitchen Spot

Image credits: MoodyMercurialMe

#73 Morning Light In The Living Room, Texas

Image credits: LegendRawls

#74 My Florida Studio

Image credits: gable_the_unstable

#75 Our Cozy Sunset Place (Belgium)

Image credits: salutbobby


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