People Are Sharing Their Dog Pics For The “Guilty Dog” Challenge And Here Are 71 Of The Best Ones

Suspicious silence, lowered head, beguiling eyes, and tail pressed hard against the body signal that someone just got busted big time. Ask any dog owner and they will tell you it happens more often than you think!

To commemorate this hilarious and irritatingly cute moment of ill-doing, dog owners are now joining in for the new challenge that does exactly what it says: #guiltydogchallenge. Run by the fan-favorite Facebook group “Dogspotting Society,” it has caused a real buzz on social media partly because it’s so easy to relate to.

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So get ready for the cutest delinquents of the animal world, who just couldn’t resist eating the whole pizza without asking, feasting on laptop chargers, and gorging on the carrot cake that’s been pulled straight out of the oven and left to rest. But how can one truly be angry at them?

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Image credits: Danielle Vandyke


Banjo when he gets caught doing something naughty. He automatically puts himself in time out.

Image credits: Katrina Loprete


I made a beautiful carrot cake for my mums birthday in October.. I left the kitchen for literally 2minutes and came back to a pile of crumbs
I wonder who the culprit was

Image credits: Lucy Jarvis


When they get quiet “no dogs were hurt” he did this to 3 cans to feed his brother chihuahua and sister yorkie.

Image credits: Sashinka Bogatova


Making stuffing from scratch tomorrow so I cut up the bread to dry out, came back 5 minutes later and poof, gone! SHE ATE TWO LOAVES OF BREAD?
Keeping the second batch in the oven where big chungus can’t get to it

Image credits: Elise Kirschbaum


“No mom? I have NO idea who stole the spaghetti squash off the counter?”
**Do not make eye contact with the spaghetti squash **

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Image credits: Samantha Urton


Idk how he managed to eat that pizza without us even knowing
He gave him self up when we turned around and looked like that

Image credits: Skylie Neal


Someone decided to go digging in the garden and try to escape the shower. 10/10 for the guilt face though

Image credits: Cayla Rubacky


My husband and I had to quarantine for 2 weeks after he got back from deployment. We spent AT LEAST one week non-stop working on this puzzle he got for our anniversary. Needless to say, we never got to *fully* finish it

Image credits: Emily Nguyen Proctor


After escaping her crate, Gidget decided that the bedroom door sounded like a tasty treat.

Just to clarify, she doesn’t have anxiety about being in her crate at all and actually kinda likes it in there, but i think once she got out of it she panicked cause she couldn’t get back in there and the door to the room was closed, and since she could see the rest of the house through the doorknob hole she was just trying to get out there.

Image credits: Sarah Drinnenberg


One morning I woke up to my husky that I thought killed something outside nope just destroyed a RED lipstick on carpet with no regret LOL (hey I did get the floor and her clean) oh Sookie. She’s lucky she’s cute.

Image credits: Autumn Kimble


Me: Jäger… did you get into the cat food last night????


Image credits: Kayla Robinson


This was the cake for my parents 50th anniversary party a couple years ago. The cake had been delivered not 5 minutes before this and I had just set it on the table and stepped into the kitchen. Then Lola found it. We all had had a good laugh about it and we ate the unlicked side of the cake.

Image credits: Anne EP


Throw back to Thanksgiving 2018 when I left the kitchen with 3 loafs of pumpkin bread and returned with less than 2

Image credits: Michaela Ratajczak


Dog- “Couch just went “Poof!” I’m as surprised as you are! If I’m being honest here….. I think the cat did it.”

Image credits: Mayra Titus


William can’t be trusted alone with the groceries

Image credits: Ana Villanueva


Brand new lipstick down the toilet!! It looked like they had killed something it did have a lovely scent to it so who can blame them who looks the most guilty!!!!??? , Dane or Aussie shepherd.

Image credits: Tracy Heness


The face of a guilty puppy & a doggo who think he’s funny

Image credits: Jodeci Warne


Not gonna mention any names… but someone has a thing for eating toilet paper.

Image credits: Emma Zoe Hall


Can’t find the limbs.

Image credits: Karen Jean


Sid telling us he hated the sofa

Image credits: Nicole Jack


Someone got into the litter box. And it wasn’t the cat…

Image credits: Katie Judge


Hi, my name is Luna and I missed you while you were at work.

Image credits: Javier Treviño


I got out of my truck to get gas. When I got back in, he said he had zero idea where my pizza slice went.

Image credits: Lisa Nolen


Three stages of realising its bath time next.

Image credits: Billie Jack


I sense mild remorse in eating moms not even worn just purchased 12 hours ago new heels.. but he’s a #guiltydogchallenge

Image credits: Summer Sharp


He ain’t even sorry!!

Image credits: Mellissa Linde


Bane (in back): It was like this when we got here.

Elwood (middle): I think I saw the cat run that way.

Cyrus: Am puppers!

Image credits: Laura Muench-Thomsen


Chester stealing toilet paper. His is so guilty and knows his not allowed stuff he will look the other way and pretend not to see you or run away depending on his mood.

Image credits: Krystal Padden


Second remote destroyed in 3 weeks, do you think she cares?

Image credits: Sophie Gummery


My doberman Django chewed through his lead, now he is Django Unchained.

Image credits: Ross Boorman


Here is the award winning mess that was Fourth of July weekend and like a week later. Arlo broke dads ankle AND sifted through the trash because he knew dad wasn’t mobile and ate pork rib bones which he then threw up on my bed at 7am. Don’t feel sorry for him, he delayed our move and got some tasty food from the vet while I scoured through his [poop] for a week to make sure he was passing bone fragments. I had two patients to take care and I sprained my own ankle. My husband wants more full blooded saints this time. I think I’ll get a corgi, they don’t maim people.

Image credits: Brittany Shomberg


I had one piece, Nina had 7

Image credits: Alex Bray


Get a dog they said… it would be fun they said

Image credits: Rebecca King


I think the pillow says it all

Image credits: Megan Lindsay Karr


When Cotton eats paper products he is forced to wear the evidence as a hat.

Image credits: Will Mears


Someone chewed up 3 pairs of my panties. Two suspects in custody, poker faces turned all the way up.

Image credits: Anjacember Rowe


In a time span of an hour…one pup created so much chaos. Yes thats a bagel. We didn’t even know we had bagels.

Image credits: Brittany Roach


Yea that plant. The plant I waited years to buy because it was too expensive. The plant that I put in the Uhaul up front with me so that it wouldn’t get ruined in the move. The plant that was on the end TABLE minding its own business. But, it’s been over a year now and I got a new one and we have grown from this.

Image credits: Michael Angelo


Y’all, let me tell you about Margeaux…she lives in a world of not giving a single f*ck. Has had zero regrets about eating an entire tub of butter, literally entire, I bought it the day before. Guilt has no home with this one.

Image credits: Brittany McBee


Edit- he s not like this now! He has plenty of toys too! We were able to crate train him too! I just wanted to share a pic of him when he was little.
Anyone else’s bigggo puppy rips up their pee pad and destroys the dry wall in their apartment and causes over $800 worth of damage? Just mine? please excuse the mess
Rae Villanueva

Image credits: Vanessa Zhang


This morning while my owner slept I ate 2 bags of freeze dried chicken hearts (60 or more) 2 bags of Raw coated biscuits. 1 bag of freeze dried liver. 12 dental chews size small. 3/4 of a yak chew bone. 1/4 of a 3kg bag of dry dog food. The farts are just starting….

Image credits: Michelle Floris


Mr. Bean said it wasn’t me mom

Image credits: Melissa Jenks


That time Smokey tore up my brand new ‘dog shaming’ calendar… guess he wanted to be in it too

Image credits: Jenny David


This was a while ago, but here she sits in her nest of shame, that USED to be her bed.

Image credits: Sabrina Saravia


The time that Thor decided to eat an entire roll of garbage bags and spent two nights at the vet. That was an expensive dinner!

Image credits: Heather Lockhart


Thanks, Harper.

Image credits: Jaimie McGinnis


That time I tried to get a cute photo of Belle sniffing dad’s beer then the little @#$% stuck her tongue in the foam.
#guiltydogchallenge #caughtintheact

Disclaimer she was fine only got the foam not the beer, you can actually see daddy’s hand snatching it away as I took the photo.

Image credits: Emma Burke


When Max first came to live with us, he was an expert kitchen burglar. He stole cakes, buns, entire loaves of bread, cocoa powder, cheeseburgers, packets of biscuits – as well as a bunch of non edibles like pizza boxes, sweet wrappers, cigarette filters, and wet wipes.

We had a crash course in keeping things out of his reach. The habit is so ingrained that we still do it now, even though he crossed the rainbow bridge last month. Hope you’re eating all the chocolate cake you can, Maxi! We miss you.

Image credits: Louisa Dean


I have the perfect guilty-looking dog for the #GuiltyDogChallenge!!!

Teddy (6 months when this was taken) didn’t like me going to bed and leaving him one night, despite it being 3am and he had been sleeping the whole time before I left to go up to bed. He quickly made his feelings known by getting into our basket drawers in the kitchen and pulling/chewing/destroying anything he could get his little paws on. He finished the crime off by doing a big, stinking poop right by the kitchen door!!

He then preceeded to howl repeatedly for 2 minutes to let us all know upstairs he did a bad thing, as he only ever howls when he’s guilty and remorseful. In fairness to him he hadn’t committed an incident of this magnitude since he was a very little pup, and thankfully this has been an isolated incident! He just didn’t want me to go clearly!

I have to dig through my albums for the picture of the carnage he caused and if I find it, I will post it below, it’s without the poop as I had cleaned it up before anything else. But I just thought I would share this in light of the trend because I have never seen a dog look so guilty!

Image credits: Emily Hearne


Poor baby had an anxiety attack while we were at work. She escaped her kennel, and ate 2 boxes of heart burn meds, an unopened bag of treats, and an unopened bag of chips…

But how can you be mad at this face??

Image credits: Ashlyn Wolfe


Holy moly

Image credits: Mike Hock


Ate over half of a pizza and then passed out in a food coma. I taught him well.

Image credits: Corrine Cooper


He’s not sorry at all ?‍♀️ id like to say he’s since grown out of this… but he hasn’t… his favourite activity is shredding anything possible

Image credits: Sarah Jordan


this young doggo Stanley found my box of tampons I bought from the shop. Left him alone whilst unpacking the shopping to turn around to this. Silent as a mouse the entire time !! This photo was around a year ago and he’s still just as guilty

Image credits: Abigail Watson


She ate through my bedroom door because fireworks, poor baby.

Image credits: Jo Robin


I took a nap and when I got up it was obvious that something terrible had transpired and Mr Friendly was dead. Nobody is talking…

Image credits: Lori Ketring Gongaware


The pillow just exploded out of nowhere

Image credits: Holly Mellott


“But mom, Kevin Bacon jumped up on the counter… not me!”

Image credits: Rhiannon Wink


That time my niece Annabelle didn’t get any Thanksgiving turkey

Image credits: Amy Axelrod


The look you make after pulling an all nighter…

Rue ran 5 miles away to a Starbucks and I picked her up at 5:45 in the morning when the baristas called me. Super grateful she was found. Not sure if this is a look of guilt or feeling hung over though.

Image credits: Nicole Duncan


Finally a challenge I can do. Was moving 2,000 miles across the country, stopped at a truck stop. Before filling the U-Haul truck up, I went in and grabbed a burger, threw it in the truck all wrapped up and pumped gas. Came back to this

Image credits: Jordan Wilkerson


Finally Abby’s time to shine!

Image credits: Amber Higley


A very nice person posted a parcel through the door when you were out Dad. I checked it and its safe..

Image credits: Paul Court


Roxie destroys all sandals I buy … and has the audacity to stick out her tongue at me

Image credits: Yolanda Nana Mandujano


Dad said leave him out of the crate, he’ll be fine..

Image credits: Morgan Sanders


This is Carroll. Carroll is a foster dog. Carroll was found as a stray with third-degree burns covering her back. Carroll’s burns were so bad, Facebook obscures the “before” photos. Carroll spent a month in the hospital. But Carroll heals quickly. Carroll spends two months healing in a foster home. Eventually Carroll finds a wonderful family to adopt her. Carroll’s foster family is thrilled.

Then one day, two weeks before adoption day, Carroll gets very sick. Carroll’s foster mom rushes her to the vet. Carroll’s X-rays reveal that she ATE AN ENTIRE BIRD. Foster mom is stunned and confused. Carroll is unashamed. Carroll wags her tail even as she is put under for emergency surgery.

Carroll is still unashamed despite the $2k bill for the rescue. It was a very good bird.

(She really is the happiest girl ever. We will miss her when she’s adopted on Saturday, but she is getting a fabulous family. She’s pictured here with our foster puppies.)

Image credits: Melissa Cohen


This is Lottie & this is her guilty face.

In this specific photo, she’d pooped in nanny’s living room (she’d JUST been outside for the toilet moments before) & it resulted her in a time out whilst we were outside the front doing the gardening

Image credits: Kayleigh May Rogers


Ahh, yes. The year Bruce discovered he was tall enough to reach the venison backstraps on the counter from the only deer my father in law shot that year.

Image credits: Cory Lynn Dennis


My not so guilty more proud girl

Image credits: Paige Amy


Just guess why this fu*ker pooped out blue and silver sparkles.

Image credits: Donna Duangdara


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