People Are Sharing Their Ironing Fails Online And It Might Brighten Up Your Mood (52 Pics)

Don’t tell me you didn’t read the care label before ironing that damn silk blouse. ‘Cause neither did I. I cut it off as soon as I bought the shirt, and entrusted its destiny to my own rational mind and its power of calculated decisions.

Asking what went wrong and at what point would be an understatement. Ironing fails are not for the faint-hearted, so be sure to arm yourself with the ability to laugh at yourself. Bored Panda has compiled a list of the funniest and, indeed, most painful cases of ironing gone wrong.

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It serves as a tribute to all the people out there who thought they were going to take back control of their lives by getting that iron heated up on questionable materials and surfaces.

#1 My Poor Girlfriend Wakes Up To Her Laptop With A Hot Iron On Top Of It Courtesy Of Her Brother

Image credits: CommercialCost

#2 Oops. Someone Left The Iron On For Too Long

Image credits: Emperor_Mao

#3 I Guess It Happened On Monday

Image credits: goth_cakes

In a perfect world, nobody would ever have to do ironing (or washing), like, ever again. But surprise, surprise, we know very well that the world is far from perfect and you do need to iron that goddamn shirt from time to time.

Asking for help is one way to go about it, but if you want to feel like a responsible, independent adult, you’ll have to do it on your own. In order to make that time easy and pain-free, there are some basic principles when it comes to the art of ironing. I know this sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but trust me, making those creases even with a heated iron block is a form of art not meant for everyone.

The logic is simple: in order to master ironing, one has to try and avoid it all costs. I told you ironing is not for the faint-hearted, but if you go through this five-step program, the chances are you won’t see that fearful device any time soon.

#4 Girlfriend Turned The New Iron On Without Checking The Bottom. She Turned It Into A Boiling Plastic Spreader

Image credits: KGJ6891

#5 After Investigating A Complaint (Smell), They Found That Guests Got High And Were Using The Hotel’s Iron To Cook Dry-Rubbed Steaks

Image credits: brewtalizer

#6 My Steam Iron Wasn’t Working Properly So I Decided To Run It With Vinegar, Thinking It Might Be Related To Calcium Deposits… Guess I Was Right

Image credits: theduplofighter

First, fold your clothes as soon as the dryer is done, because as soon as these crisp garments dry, they’ll develop creases and it will be too late.

The second step is not to dry your clothes fully, but leave them until they’re 80% done drying. Line-drying things would be the best and most crease-free way, but then you have to be patient and deal with humidity for longer than it’s necessary.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The third step is getting a garment steamer, which may sound like it’s a cousin of the iron, but trust me, it’s not. Steamers are easy to use and help with those daily touch-ups. Running the steamer gently over the surface takes a few minutes and you’re good to go.

#7 Well… Crap

Image credits: tonyalex8

#8 When You Put Volvic Flavoured Water In Your Iron, It Doesn’t Make Your Clothes Smell Of Forest Fruits It Just Melts All The Sugar And Ruins Your Iron And Top

Image credits: Tom Agnew

#9 Roommate Left The Iron On

Image credits: FlyToMars

The last step is simply to try ironing for once in your life and see how it goes. Even if it’s not for everyone, and most of humanity (especially millennials) refuses to come to terms with it, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Calling your friend, girlfriend, and mom (if you’re willing to spend an hour or so talking about auntie Betsy and her new retriever puppies) is always a good idea.

#10 “I Ironed My Shirt On The Board. I Thought I Could Do It On My Body. I Was Fine Until I Hit The Steam”

Image credits: welcome_to

#11 Ironing The New UK Notes… Great Idea

Image credits: pogiewogie101

#12 Someone At Work Accidentally Set A Hot Iron On The Table And It Melted Through

Image credits: Akuba55

#13 Lesson Learned

Image credits: justnicole85

#14 A Perfect Example Of Why I Hate Ironing

Image credits: wereallyareromantic

#15 My Iron Fell And I Didn’t Notice

Image credits: wajxcsgo

#16 My Mother’s Pressing Iron Fell Onto Our Synthetic Carpet And Left A Perfect Mold

I thought the bottom of the iron came off when I lifted the iron but it really is molten plastic

Image credits: shixxor

#17 An Iron Melted Through This Plastic Table

Image credits: emitremmus27

#18 Well Who Would Have Known Ties Don’t Iron

Image credits: jbgmattjones

#19 Oh… Well, I Guess I’ve Got One Less Interview Outfit Then

Image credits: charissarose93

#20 My Friend Has An Ironing Board That’s Haunted By The Ghost Of Jaws

Image credits: PhallusaurusRex

#21 There Was An Attempt To Iron My Mask

Image credits: sgtpreys

#22 We Do Not Sow

Image credits: derbycrew

#23 Someone Put Sugar Syrup In The Iron

Image credits: ggergo87

#24 Dropped A Hot Iron On The Hardwood

Image credits: Ramen_Hair

#25 Clothes Iron Fell From The Other Side

Image credits: geekenox

#26 We Had Some Arts And Crafts With My 5-Year-Old Today – Need To Iron The Fabric, 5-Year-Old Tried To Iron The Carpet… Their Job Came Out Better Than Mine

Image credits: digital_ka

#27 The Carpet Has Battle Scars

Image credits: ShirleyScurry

#28 A Piece Of Furniture My Great Granny Used For Ironing

Image credits: Ermth

#29 Domestic Misadventures Of A Near 40-Year-Old

Image credits: ickleolga

#30 Top Ruined

Image credits: jennylg

#31 This Is Why I Don’t Iron

Image credits: melbot3

#32 My House Is Littered With Evidence Of My Epic Housewife Skills. Stuff Like This

Image credits: millytea

#33 When You Forget The Iron On The Board Because You’re Out If It From Putting Murals Up ‘Til 9 Last Night

Image credits: birdsofna

#34 Ummm. Well, I Need A New Iron

Image credits: notso50shousewife

#35 The Iron Was Too Hot For It

Image credits: KM_Gemini

#36 Hot Iron + Band Uniform = Epic Fail

Image credits: Kristi Pennell

#37 What Do I Wear?

Image credits: tashahillier

#38 This Is Why I Don’t Do Ironing

Image credits: aarronbeck

#39 Yikes

Image credits: ChuckWx

#40 This Is How Not To Iron Your Shirt, Jimi

Image credits: jerjer74

#41 So This Happened To My Store-Bought, (Only) White Shirt When I Tried To Iron It

Image credits: ldjdesign

#42 Ripped Up The Carpet In My Room And Found The Shape Of An Iron Burned Into The Hardwood

Image credits: swassfactory

#43 Oh No

Image credits: Seasidesparks

#44 Well… That’s Not Good

Image credits: makingwithneedles

#45 “Do Some Ironing” He Thought. Concentrate, He Didn’t. Ooops. This Made My Electrics Go Bang! Note To Self: Make Sure You Don’t Put The Iron Down On Its Cord. Fool

Image credits: i_am_pete81

#46 I Decided On Cute Ruffle Crib Skirts For The Quint Beds. Then I Realized I Have To Iron Them Once I Took Them Out Of The Package. One Skirt Down, Too Many More To Go

Image credits: itsabuzzworld

#47 Whoops

Image credits: polly41109

#48 Not A Great Start To Friday. Rip Favourite Ever Shirt

Image credits: sarknight1

#49 New White Tee, Laundry Guy Forgot To Check His Iron Box For Rust

Image credits: -mr-_-robot-

#50 Ironing Fail

Image credits: stephaniekahan

#51 This Is Why I Shouldn’t Iron! Bye Bye Blouse

Image credits: trutenemma

#52 Moral: Never Let Your Brother Help You Iron A Blouse

Image credits: martha_arevalo


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