People Are Sharing Their ‘Number Neighbor’ Interactions After Texting Complete Strangers (38 Pics)

Good morning, neighbor! Lovely day we’re having. Hope this weather holds. When’s the last time you said hello to the people living next door to you? I do it every day if I happen to meet them in my building, but beyond that, I don’t really know my neighbors all that well. As do plenty of people, I’ll bet.

The era of friendly chatterbox neighbors is long past, but the age of ‘number neighbors’ has finally come. Twitter users gladly jumped on the newest trend spreading through the internet and started sending text messages to their ‘number neighbors’ — those people whose phone number’s last digit is off from theirs by one. Either up or down. So if my phone number were 123, my ‘number neighbors’ would be 122 and 124.

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However, not all contact with ‘number neighbors’ went as planned. Plenty of people got unexpected, weird or even downright creepy replies. To keep you entertained, Bored Panda collected the most interesting text messages. Kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and start scrolling. Upvote your faves and let everyone know which ‘number neighbor’ texts you think are the best.

Never doing this number neighbor [crap] again

Image credits: chaseiyons

both of my number neighbors have androids so I’m not even gonna waste my time

Image credits: _aaroncaudle_


Image credits: Truthful

number neighbor

Image credits: tyb_mj

tfw you got left on read by your number neighbor

Image credits: NanoxV1

Mine has some serious dad energy and I’m about it

Image credits: al_morale77

Tried to flip the script lol

Image credits: WtfIsAThavann

Did I do it right?

Image credits: DNikkolasSainz

had a similar experience no thanks

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Image credits: dataspective

I’m going to jail

Image credits: garnett_jakari

Just f*** me up fam

Image credits: DDTthruDaTable

im [friggin] scared

Image credits: aidenwhenE

It’s definitely a boomer

Image credits: AndrewVera02


Image credits: MattWinet0

number neighbor

Image credits: katelynnnnn

Should I take this as a threat?

Image credits: iFArticle

I’m going to invite mine to a bbq

Image credits: SR_Eagles

this was a gift

Image credits: andrewwsantoroo

I’m bffs with mine now

Image credits: LeedleisLeigh

my number neighbor (above me) said this The person below me sent me the pic as I came across this tweet

Image credits: Outof_why

I’m genuinely scared

Image credits: ninateleb

i do too. i’m trying my best to play along

Image credits: catchowdhury

My number neighbor pretty chill I might go ride some horses n [crap]

Image credits: YaLocalUglyKid

Mine was kinda dope

Image credits: sloan_nayomie

My number neighbor was an ass at first, and then became a little more friendly after explaining the thread

Image credits: sincerelylucero

I was hella confused till I saw it on twitter and now I get it

Image credits: jhdzx3

I was too I just texted mine back

Image credits: Fal_Anthony

number neighbour

Image credits: FruitShoot7

we have chemistry

Image credits: ATriangles

My number neighbor doesn’t like me

Image credits: ShaelieA

Mine won’t even reply smh

Image credits: kelixumstxd

I wanted to jump on this trend and idk what to think anymore

Image credits: qtsweettt

Mine seems pretty cool. He/she lives near me too, small world

Image credits: kiki_sims95

I- …

Image credits: notcoolbabe

well they sent me a link to some demon so i’m afraid

Image credits: mckennajohnsono

Mine no nice :((

Image credits: Madisonhere

mine already knew what was up lmao and he hella cute

Image credits: http_reyna

Mine is definitely older and not fun. But my neighbour on the other side is green

Image credits: rcurrier425

Yeah I think imma give this game a miss, a number ending like this can’t be good

Image credits: Khan_Murad1

they really leaving me on read

Image credits: heartjunkys

Mine was pretty [friggin] chill

Image credits: Samporter99

“Oh yeah”

Image credits: cbellz13

My number neighbor and I already texted years ago…. some things never change

Image credits: boujeebaddiee

s this good? i’m guessing it’s better than most of them

Image credits: Gdawgg


Image credits: brookekames

i expected worse honestly

Image credits: WhitworthNakai

number neighbor

Image credits: JEREMIAHCLARK0

number neighbor

Image credits: YungBake6

number neighbor

Image credits: BOLOSTEPHH

number neighbor

Image credits: Iamawesome90000


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