People Are Showing How Much Their Groceries Cost In 2022 (42 Pics)

According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, about 90% of Americans are concerned about food prices. And how could they not be when inflation is now the highest in about 40 years.

That means that shoppers have to cut down on staples such as bread, meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables, or switch them for cheaper alternatives. Meanwhile, more vulnerable people will have no choice but to skip meals.

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No wonder more and more people are already forced to alter their shopping habits and reevaluate the grocery list and things that fell under the essentials category.

And to put inflation into perspective, people from all around the world are now sharing pics of their grocery hauls showing what money can buy you in these difficult times. Below, we selected some of the most illuminating ones that shoppers shared on Reddit.

#1 [oc] $500 Groceries USA

Image credits: Crammy2

#2 What $67 Of Groceries Looks Like From A Discount Grocery In One Of The Poorest Towns In Texas [oc]

Image credits: BenedictCumberdoots

#3 [oc] $87.63 Worth Of Depression Junk Food In America

Image credits: mermaidpowerz

#4 [oc] $70 Worth Of Groceries In Adelaide, South Australia

Image credits: theallsayer

#5 This Is $70 Worth Of Groceries When You Just Buy Random, Non Essential Items And Live In The Midwest

Image credits: Haru_Is_Best_Girl

#6 Recently Moved From The USA: Here’s €29.00 ($30.25) Of Budget Groceries In Munich, Germany. [oc]

Image credits: pressureshack

#7 [oc] $35 Worth Of Groceries In Brazil!

Image credits: _Flutter_

#8 $73 Of Groceries In La, Ca. Shopping Bargain Only, Splurged On The Meats For Bday

Image credits: reservation2fwm

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#9 This Is $100 Worth Of Groceries In The South Suburbs Of Chicago

Image credits: KuniIse

#10 This Was $95

Image credits: 5683968

#11 How Few Groceries $165 Gets You These Days

Image credits: madcrusher

#12 $52.52 Worth Of Groceries

Image credits: CryBeginning

#13 This Is What £80 Worth Of Groceries Looks Like In London

Image credits: Slifer967

#14 $40 Worth Of Groceries In 2022 [oc]

Image credits: meshuggahdaddy

#15 $90 Worth Of Groceries In A Low Cost Of Living Area (Nw Ohio)

Image credits: moneybagsukulele

#16 [oc] $64 Worth Of Groceries In New York

Image credits: PutAPaperClipOnIt

#17 [oc] $140.33 Of Groceries For 5 Dinners, 7+ Breakfasts, Snacks For A Family Of 4 In Georgia, USA

Image credits: jane3ry3

#18 What 2,131¥(15.76usd) Worth Of Grocery Look Like In Japan.

Image credits: monkeynicaud

#19 [oc] What $45 Gets You In Groceries In Southern California… At Walmart

Image credits: moralprolapse

#20 [oc] $70 Worth Of Groceries In Canada

Image credits: blessedblackwings

#21 $70 Worth Of Groceries In Walla Walla Washington [oc]

Image credits: harlune

#22 $5.25 Worth Of Groceries In A Small Town In Baja California.

Image credits: mixologyst

#23 This Is Just Shy Of $180 Of Groceries In NY As Of Last Night

Image credits: TAYwithaK

#24 Since We’re Still Doing This…$37 Of Groceries June 2022 [oc] (San Francisco, Ca)

Image credits: cbmore

#25 [oc] $200 Of No Holds Barred Groceries, Portland Or

Image credits: listlesschortles

#26 (Oc) $69 Of Groceries In Canada

Image credits: stefans03

#27 Forget Real Estate, Wtf Is Up With Grocery Prices

Image credits: DreyHI

#28 This Is $70 Worth Of Groceries In The Most Expensive City In The USA [oc]

Image credits: IMovedYourCheese

#29 [oc] This Is What 91.75$ Gets You In Canada (Rural Alberta).

Image credits: Neogodhobo

#30 (Oc) $4.45 Worth Of Produce In Argentina (Currency Crashed Again Today)

Image credits: simulation_goer

#31 (Oc) The Price Of Chicken Breast At My Local Grocery Store

Image credits: Alarming-Ad-5736

#32 [oc] So I Head We Are Doing Grocery Pics – $60 In San Jose!

Image credits: dontich

#33 [oc] 310 Cad Worth Of Grocery In Montreal, Canada

Image credits: amirsadeghi

#34 [oc] $82.87usd With Of Groceries From Socal USA.

Image credits: TRIPLEOHSEVEN

#35 $91 Worth Of Groceries In Wisconsin (Oc)

Image credits: enderr920

#36 [oc] $51 Of Groceries In Oklahoma.

Image credits: fishnwiz

#37 This Is What $50 Worth Of Groceries Looks Like In Central Virginia [oc]

Image credits: Stinkydadman

#38 [oc] Hey, Why Not… This Is A Purchase Of About $20 Of Groceries In Venezuela.

Image credits: AlexDKZ

#39 $50 Of Groceries In Quincy, Ma (Smh) (Oc) [oc]

Image credits: coolmatt701

#40 [oc] £20 (~$25) Of Groceries In London, UK.

Image credits: smnrn

#41 $123 Worth Of Groceries In Missouri, USA

Image credits: okr4mmus

#42 [oc] $70 Worth Of Groceries In The U.S.

Image credits: Arborarcher


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