People Are Taking Part In The ‘Didn’t Want A Dog Challenge,’ And Here Are 88 Of The Most Wholesome Stories

Snuggling up next to your beloved pet on the couch is what the cold season should be all about. Of course, far from everyone wants to have an animal in their homes and their lives. They think they might be too busy for a pet. Or that taking care of them might be too hard. That’s what they think—at first. But when they finally got the dog, all doubts left their minds and they became lifelong friends.

People are sharing their wholesome stories about their dogs and their loved ones’ pets under the ‪#‎didntwantadogchallenge‬ hashtag on the Dogspotting Society public Facebook group that has over 1 million members. These stories are bound to improve your mood and make you want to rescue a dog if you don’t already have a best boy or girl at home. Don’t forget to upvote the pics that made you smile the most and scroll down for Bored Panda’s insightful interviews about how to make new pets feel right at home and for our chat with a member of the Dogspotting moderator team.

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The Dogspotting team confirmed to Bored Panda that it’s their community members who are being proactive and creating the wholesome challenges by themselves. When you’re done soaking in all the positive vibes from this list, have a look through our previous posts about people who didn’t want any ‘darn’ canines in their lives but quickly changed their minds right here and here. Oh, and check out our posts about the Dogspotting community here and here.

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My grandpa’s dog had passed a few years back and he swore he wouldn’t ever get or love another dog again. Long story short…. Delilah is now the love of his life, and they hold hands.

Image credits: Chloee Garness


“Fine, you can bottle feed but you have to promise we are not keeping any of them… “
Meet Jasper, our first bottle baby and my husbands daschund?

Image credits: Lindsay Tubbs Langs


When we got married he was adamant about not having dogs ever. I begged and begged, and he agreed that I adopt a GSD puppy from the shelter. That was the beginning. Fast forward 31 years later, we had 40+ dogs together, currently 22 of them still with us. And hubby is the biggest sucker when it comes to our doggie babies ?❤️?

Image credits: Anna Lopez

A member of the Dogspotting team told Bored Panda that the community has always had similar stories on their page about how some people think they don’t want to have a dog in their homes and their lives. “I think its a common experience when you’re in a household of many to have one person who might not be as excited as the others. But dogs usually find a way to melt those hearts pretty quickly. And as we’ve seen on the page, it happens a lot!” they revealed.

The representative of the Dogspotting Headquarters team said that the challenges are mostly started by members of the community. “Most of them based on universal experiences, so many people can interact with one another. Some of the other challenges we’ve seen are #thenandnowchallenge, #whatwasyourdogmistakenforchallenge, #smilingdogchallenge, and #unflatteringdogphotochallenge, just to name a few!”

They also urged anyone who wants to adopt a dog to go for it. “Now is a great time to do it! With so many people working from home, you’ll have more time to bond with your new best friend! Contact local animal rescues and shelters in your area and they’ll be able to help you! We know this year has been very difficult for a lot of our members and the challenges have added a bit of levity for everyone.”


Me: [as soon as we bought our house, started leaving dog toys and treats around the house- on the fireplace, in his car, on his pillow…]

Him: “We’re not getting a dog!”

Me: [brings one home, anyways]

Him: “We’re not getting a second dog!”

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Me: [brings one home, anyways]

Him: “We are not getting a third dog!”

Me: [begged and pleaded and made offers that would cause my kids to seek therapy if they knew and I had no intention of following through with…]

Him: “Fine. I’ll go look at this dog but, if we don’t get him (he was a rescue), don’t ever ask me look at another one!”

Also Him: “Legacy and Koda got their candy coated peanuts. Holly doesn’t like them. She doesn’t like Jelly Belly’s either. She does like Nibs.”

Image credits: Ruth-Anne Fanning


Mom: “What do you think about getting a new puppy?”

Dad: “Absolutely not!”

Mom: *goes and gets pup anyways*

Dad: *comes home to said pup*

A few weeks later…

Mom: “What do you say we give him to the grandkids?”

Dad: “ABSOLUTELY NOT! He’s my little man!!”

Image credits: Courtney Hutchins


Picture 1: My initial text to my husband.
Picture 2: My husband meeting found puppy.
Picture 3: My husband said “I’ll just go get him a harness so we can walk him” and came home with a Kong harness that I knew was not cheap because I had looked at it for my other dogs and been like “nah, too expensive.” (That’s when I knew we were keeping him.)
Picture 4: Guess who Walker Delwood (that’s what my husband named him) loves more than anyone (even though I’m the one who stopped traffic and rescued him out of the middle of the road)? Yep. My husband. They’re BFFs. (I’m ok with it because I have two other dogs and they love me the most.)

Image credits: Rachel Ann Dittenber

The Dogspotting family is incredibly large. You’ve got your Dogspotting Society public group, their sister site, Dogspotting, the Dogspotting Headquarters page, Dogspoting Media, and even a court page where you can contest bans. It’s not far from the truth to say that the Dogspotting community is a lot like a conglomerate or even a small country. They also have a lot of rules that they enforce, according to The Guardian.

The Dogspotting Society is running a whole bunch of different challenges all at once, not just the ‘Didn’t Want A Dog Challenge,’ so be sure to check them all out.

If you do end up rescuing a dog, you can’t expect them to immediately trust you from day one. Bored Panda spoke about making rescue pets feel comfortable at their new forever homes with ASPCA Adoptions Promotions Manager Kelly DiCicco.


My ex told me we weren’t having a a dachshund when moving in together, knowing I’d grown up with them since I was 11.

So when he couldn’t decide if he wanted to be with me or not, I decided I wasn’t going to be just an option.

1 month later I got the house we were getting together and my mum got me the best gift of my life.

My Ralph <3 I’d say I upgraded to a better bearded bloke! What do you guys think? Single and living my best life with my best friend.

Image credits: Dani Hine


Me: “Let’s go to the pound and check out some rescues just to pass the time”

Him:” No, because your gonna want to come home with a dog and we already have three…”

Me: “No,not at all. I just wanna look” [picks up puppy]

Me: “Can we get this one?”

Him: “Step away from the puppy, Stacy”

Me: “Wait! Let’s talk about this for a minute “

Him: “Come on, we can always come back if we decide we want to get him” [turns around and heads towards the door]

Me: “But what if he’s not here when we get back… “

Him: “Seriously right now!? Is it going to make you happy?”

And BAM! The first photo was taken of dad holding his new best friend. As you can see my husband was absolutely thrilled. Okay, not really lol

Now these two are inseparable and no one wants to hang out with me lol

Image credits: DS Skinner


Husband before: “Listen, if the dog barks like crazy, sh**s in the house, or destroys things we are bringing him back”
Husband now: “Wrap him in a blanket, he’s cold!!!”
(Honestly I think he would pick Thanos over me, his wife!)

Image credits: Erica Marie Medeiros

“You wouldn’t expect a new person in your home to know your routine and to snuggle you on command, so apply the same ideas to your new pet. For the first few weeks, try to create a consistent schedule for your pet so they get used to a daily routine and the people in their new family,” DiCicco explained the importance of routine and patience.

“It’s best to create a safe and quiet space in your home in case they need some alone time. It’s also particularly important in the first few weeks of having a new pet to get into the habit of consent petting. This means that, instead of the human initiating the petting, the dog or cat initiates the petting. Stop every few seconds, and only start again when they nudge you for more,” she said.

Well, there you go, dear Pandas—something that is bound to help you out if you go rescue a dog (or a cat, don’t worry, we won’t judge you).


When I met my partner just over 2 years ago, he’d only ever had working dogs. I had two chihuahuas and he was very sceptical and said that chihuahuas aren’t real dogs. He said that when he was here, the sofa and bed were both dog free zones. He moved in with me and the two dogs after 4 months. Fast forward 2 years and I often question who he loves more, me or his little baby Daisy?!

Image credits: Tara Dudill


Its not that I didn’t want a dog, I just wasn’t ready. I was in a fairly new relationship and my life was just beginning to settle down. Then one day at work I got the phone call…
“Jen, you know the one eared doberman puppy I told you about? She needs a home and you are the only person I know who could raise her and well. They need to get rid of her ASAP and the second option isn’t looking good”. I explained with work etc and my small flat that I wouldn’t be good enough but with a couple of hours, I was convinced.
“Okay, I’ll foster her and find her her forever home, I’m not ready for the commitment”
One hour in, the little devil bit like mad, scratched. Tore apart everything in her track. I knew “no one will be mad enough to take this dog on”.
6 months later my engagement collapsed. With my work and my money and small space, I have to find her a better home. I rang my friend crying. “Jen, you and your home are all she has ever known. You are the best place for her”.
2 months later he breaks in with a knife and attacks us. She defended me. I knew, no matter what, I had to stick by her like she did me. We worked so hard on her behaviour. I halved my hours, I learned to budget and now 2 years on almost to the day, she is still here, by my side, my best friend and the best thing to have ever happened to me. With persistence she turned into the sweetest most loving lap dog. I’m grateful for her every single day.

Image credits: Jennifer Janee


I was 22 years old and working as a veterinary technician. It’s not that I didn’t want a dog, but I had no intention of getting one at this point in my life.
A breeder client who’s dogs I absolutely loved, had a litter and 2 out of 11 pups were born with cleft palates, another with a cleft lip. They tried their best with all 3 special needs babies, unfortunately the 2 cleft palates pups didn’t make it. The 3rd little runt puppy started to thrive after a few weeks of being tube fed and bottle fed. They even did surgery to try to repair her cleft lip. Unfortunately the stitches didn’t hold, so she came in to have them taken out.
At the point of this puppy’s appointment (also a vet check for the whole litter) the clinic was very busy, and the doctor asked me to take this puppy to back to remove her stitches – everyone else was busy so I had to do this alone without someone to restrain her.
I decided to sit down and I put the little puppy on her back in my lap. The biggest, sweetest brown eyes just started up at me, her legs flopped to the side and she just laid there calm as could be while I removed several stitches from her face.
It was love at first sight, I knew in that instant I needed this particular dog in my life and she had to be mine. The breeders agreed and a couple days (what felt like an eternity) later I brought home my baby girl.
The little cleft lip runt went on to not only out grow many of her litter mates, but also lived the longest.
I lost my Penelope last year after 9.5 years. She was the best thing that ever happened to me, and she will forever be my heart dog ❤️

Image credits: Kelsey O'Connor


Me: “I’ll NEVER own a pit bull!”
However, when I met my husband he said I will never get married again or have more kids.
We have been married now 26 years and 2 more kids??
Never say never

Image credits: Roberta Pino


Bo was a pup out of a litter of 14. I had been taking my partner to see these puppies trying to twist his arm into taking one. I always had my eye on Bo (pictured). The condition and health of the puppies started declining and after leaving there one afternoon I told him we need to take her ASAP. She was just under 6 weeks old (very young) but I consulted my friend who is an ex vet nurse and was advised she would be in better hands with us to get the treatment she needed than to stay with the mother.
He was very reluctant but the next day we went and picked her up. 2 days later all of the puppies including mum were stolen. Bo is our miracle child and my partner thanks me all the time for pushing him to take her.

Image credits: Amber Page


It wasn’t so much that we didn’t want a dog. We’d been talking about it since we bought a house, but with five cats and a fair amount of new credit card debt we were apprehensive to say the least. Then my husband made the joke as we were browsing adoption postings “Hey. Wouldn’t it be funny if we got a great dane!? We’re both tiny. The cats are tiny. Then we’d have this huge dog!” We both laughed. No way in hell. Absolutely not.
Two years and two danes later……

Image credits: Juliana Noelle Jumper


Storm came to me one late night 10 years ago when a rescue I fostered for called needing an emergency foster. I had been working exclusively with shepherds and knew nothing of huskies. Two fosters had already bailed on her and they were in a pinch. “Take her home and keep her kenneled, she’ll prolly try to eat your cats” she said. “It’s only for one night, as we have an adopter lined up for her tomorrow” she said. I’ve never felt a bond that was more instantaneous. I picked her up at 930 pm and at 9 am I called them and told them to tell the waiting adopter whatever they needed to, but this dog was home. I wasn’t looking for a dog, let alone a breed I knew nothing about. But I knew she was mine. In the ten years we had her, she welcomed many many foster dogs (literally hundreds), along with a few cat and kitten fosters. She was perfect, and we made our way to get qualified and start Therapy dog work, visiting hospitals, retirement homes, and teens in crisis. She brought joy to so many.
She didn’t walk…she pranced.
She hated dirt, grass, water…anything that would diminish her beautiful, plush fur.
She never met a stranger.
I can still hear her wooo-wooo.
Thank you for reading and getting to know this gem. Part of my heart left with her.
The dog I never asked for, and didn’t know how much I needed. She passed last month at 15.5 years. She was indeed….magic.

Image credits: Danielle Davis Rios


“Don’t you think 4 dogs is too much?!”

As you can see, he clearly still feels like a 4th dog is excessive ? he even calls her “Princess Cutie Pie”

Image credits: Ashley Deyo


Boyfriend: “Absolutely no more dogs till we move to a house.”

*Year later*

Boyfriend: “No babe. I’m not giving in.”

*3 months later*

Drives 10 hours total to pick up our 3rd (but a puppy together) pup!

Image credits: Chelsea Marie


I was 16 at the time. My friends dog just had puppies! I begged my dad for one but he was adamant that we were NOT getting a dog. Okay fine, but can you at least come and look at them?
Me, being a spoiled brat, ended up convincing him that I REALLY needed one.
“Tippy” we called her. (Her head was so big that she would tip over when she was going potty).
She was supposed to be MY dog. “Supposed to be”- being the key words.
That man loved that little puke SO much, that myself and my siblings knew that we were outta the will. Tippy was his only child now. One time, I had waited and waited for this jacket to go on sale. I asked my dad to buy it. He totally said no! Earlier that day he had gone out and bought TIPPY a brand new 40$ coat. ALSO! I do have my very own sweet German shepherd now (she’s 9) but to make things extra salty, tippy went and passed away on MY MOLLYS birthday! Ugh!
All I know is that my parents won’t be crying that much at my funeral.
All jokes aside, she truly was one of the BEST members of this family and she will be greatly missed forever and ever. love you, ya little brat.

Image credits: Chelsie Adelia


I should be more specific.
I didn’t want a husky.
My boyfriend and I were at a point we started talking about getting a dog. I was very much the “adopt dont shop” mind set. There’s so many dogs that need homes. I grew up with smaller dogs, usually we had terriers. I knew I wanted a “big” dog. For my first dog on my own. I was hoping to find for a lab/mix or golden/mix. My boyfriend grew up with a WolfDog. All he could talk about was a husky. I had heard all the stereotypes. They’re crazy. They’re head strong. They don’t listen. They escape. They kill cats. They are super hyper. They are hard to train. I was very apprehensive. I started researching. I joined some Husky groups. Asked questions. Quickly my mindset started shifting from adopting a rescue to finding a breeder.
I found a litter and we brought home our girl Harley Quinn. 10 months later we went to get our boy, Sirius Black.
Basically in a snap, I have 2 huskies and we have plans for more dogs. Certainly I’ll get my dream dog, a Dalmatian, and possibly another husky.
They are my babies and I love them so much even with all their quirks. They are definitely not and easy breed, but they are worth every single frustration and early morning.

Image credits: Katy McKearney


We were driving to my grandmother’s house and we were in her neighborhood. My dad looks to the left and goes “Hey look! German Shepherd puppies for sale!” And my mom immediately goes “PSH yeah right.” And my dad had said “Yeah you’re right.”
So we arrive to my grandmothers house. We say hello to my aunt, cousin, and grandmother. Unload the car and we’re all outside talking. And my mom looks at me, and goes “Do you want to look at the puppies?” IMMEDIATELY I answered “YES”.
So when the conversation dies down, my mom goes “Okay we’ll be right back.” And my dad asks “Where you going?” I fire backed with “To look at the puppies!!” All excited and thrilled about it?
We get there and my mom goes “We’re ONLY looking.” Within minutes we fell inlove with this little baby puppy. And she goes “Well. If you can convince your dad..” So I run back and drag my dad out of the house to look at this puppy. And he goes “I don’t want any more dogs.” He saw the puppy and now we have a four year old German Shepherd.
His name is Cuda ? He’s become my child. A very good boi 30/10 ?

Image credits: Myla Myers


I am a lab person I’ve always owned labs they are the ones I am drawn to. After a few years in a long-distance relationship my fiancé moved to Colorado determined to get another Rottweiler. Absolutely not they are big they are loud and they are scary. I know nothing about them and they intimidate me. He is persistent and I agree to a possible rescue. There are no rescues to be found?After yet another exhausting search I stumble across a litter of puppies making their way through Colorado from Arizona. I then set up one of the shadiest meetings ever on the side of the interstate. Where I found love like I have never found love before. Rocky be still my heart ♥️ At only five weeks old and no mom in sight and not a clear thought in my mind we brought him home. Boy was I wrong he is the smartest most well behaved best boy ever! He has gotten me through a major stroke at 40 and we are now practicing for him to walk me down the aisle.I like to say we rescued Rocky but he definitely rescued us! We’ve added is his little sister Echo during the pandemic.(she is everything I thought a Rottweiler was except scary LOL).I guess I’m a Rottweiler person now more importantly I’m a dog person

Image credits: Jessica Steiner


I didn’t want ANOTHER dog. We had a new baby, and two older dogs to care for and I didn’t want another dog…
My cousin told me about a puppy that needed training help (I’m a dog trainer). The owners said their new puppy was aggressive, manic and they called her a ‘devil dog’. I suspected that this was just a normal puppy that was doing normal puppy biting. The story started to unravel – puppy was being kept in a crate, no one was playing with puppy, puppy was having food and water withheld, puppy was peeing a lot, puppy was eating her own poop. Owners had started to really neglect the puppy and…. They didn’t want her anymore.
Cut to me picking up a 3 month old puppy from the airport, a little underweight, very friendly but a little scared, and bringing her home. To say it was busy was an understatement. This puppy needed extra help to learn good manners, potty training was a challenge and I had a 6 month old baby at the same time. I thought to myself, what have I done? I was tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed.
That is just all a fuzzy memory now. We have a beautiful, loving, silly, fluffy dog who is my daughter’s playmate and best friend. ❤️

Image credits: Nisi Bee


When I moved out of my mom’s into a house with my fiance, I was admittedly on probation. I was fighting an addiction and in no way did I want any more responsibilities. I have always been an avid dog lover and one day I was sad and craving puppy snuggles. I jokingly posted on Facebook that I had puppy fever, not expecting anything from it. Then someone posted a picture of the white dog, now named Stella, on the post saying she needed a new home. I didn’t want a dog, at all, but I kept thinking about her throughout the day and finally made a whirlwind decision to bring her home with me. Then the grey dog, my Little, my fiance wanted his own puppy and a friend for Stella and I was completely against it. He goes and finds a puppy anyways and I again fell in love. She has dwarfism and a plethora of other health issues which is WAY MORE than I wanted to take on, but she is my baby and I love her. If you read this far, there is a very short version of my story. This picture is already four whole years old, so not wanting a dog turned into having two, four year old American Pitbull Terriers running around my house and they have saved me in more ways than I can count. Best decision ever.

Image credits: Jessi Smith


When I met Beth, she had a 9 month old dog named Bogo. For 6 months I told her we couldn’t date, in part because I didn’t want a dog. When I slept over, the dog slept on the floor. Fast forward 5 years… our pup was the ring bearer at our wedding, and if he isn’t spooning with me at night, I can’t sleep. My wife often says I love the dog more than I love her. She might be right ???

Image credits: Katie Vani


Me: I’ll always have at least one dog.
Future husband: I’m really more of a cat person, but you do you.
Me: I’m going to start fostering dogs, in addition to the three we have.
Husband: ??‍♂️? fine, but I’m not getting involved.
Me: I have a post-op foster. She’s very sick, idk if she’ll survive. She’ll probably be with us for a couple months while we rehab her for adoption.
Husband: don’t get attached.
Me: she’s cardiac stable & cancer free and ready for adoption!
Husband: you’re not giving away my dog!

Image credits: Aimee Hanebeck Hernandez


In March of this year I began pestering my husband about getting another dog. He wasn’t too keen on the idea. His reasons were valid, we are busy, we have a lot on our plates… but my counters shut them all down. He finally agreed, but said he gets to pick the dog… and name it.
Naturally I agreed.
He came across a few charcoal labs(what he wanted) online… they were very inexpensive. Red flags were waving all over. But he said he wanted that one. What was I to do….??‍♀️
I knew exactly what we would find when we arrived to the middle of Amish country after our hour plus drive. I could hear the large quantity of dogs barking in the barn. I immediately was sad.
We were ushered into the basement where the puppy we had inquired about and a yellow lab pup, slightly older, were crammed into a tiny crate. They were both soaking wet.
I knew I couldn’t leave this pup here. He looked unhealthy and neglected. I knew how puppy mills worked… I had to save him. I paid the man, and we left with our new puppy.
On the drive home the puppy was very nervous. He was wet and smelly, covered in scabs and open wounds. He snuggled into me and made the cutest little honking noises. And from that moment on his name was Goose.
I reported the puppy mill and they did get shut down. I also had a hefty vet bill for my new boy with multiple intestinal parasites, infected woulds.
While he is a wild boy, and an epic escape artist, we love him to pieces. He has a special bond with everyone, especially the man who didn’t want another dog ? and did I mention how beautiful he is??

Image credits: Becky Jovanovic


My husband is a big dog kinda guy (loves mastiffs, pyrs, etc) until this little foster came and never left. He absolutely adores him. He’s the worst behaved dog of the pack and by far the most expensive (had heart surgery for a birth defect) but wouldn’t trade him in for anything

Image credits: Rebecca Lee


My dad never wanted a German shepherd and kept on telling us he didn’t want one purely because they’re well known for being quite yappy… Anyway fast forward 11 years later and every single morning without fail she’s the one that wakes him up by getting on his bed and licking his face, and all we hear from his bedroom is “good morning my baby, how are you today? Are you ok?” Meanwhile me and my sister only get a “morning” from him. ?
She sleeps curled up on his legs of a night time, he give her medication, he speaks to her like she’s his little baby and I’m pretty sure he prefers her over his own two daughters. ?

Image credits:[0]=AZVq_wzVHxpXPnBKAAqtmkZXYMqYnLcu5DdoUoMtDsPu5er3V0xDlXyheqlkGwZaBsZvwsxzG1EboqOxnMQAyhmbF-Qc8fpuY7Y-CIZZh3tF4LPqZcKbn7Uwhp2B5hUrMxeuT7w5VhzOMwquOMs204J_MKzhrFhbRufbFSXvwHl17w&amp;__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R


Me~We are not getting a freaking dog. I’m not even playing!
My husband~Hmm…I think I’ll get one anyway.
You can easily see that Juno chose me as her human and the last pic is 3 years later. All 4 of them are my babies ??‍♀️?❤️

Image credits: Jennifer Skeen


It’s not that we didn’t want a dog, but me and my boyfriend refused to pay the ridiculous ‘lockdown’ prices people where charging for puppies!
Got into our heads that we weren’t getting a dog and that was that.
After moving out from my parents home who had 3 dogs I missed having one around SO much.
I’m a hairdresser and began doing one of my clients one day when she tells me about the crazy time she’s been having, her mother in laws dog escaped into next door and got ‘caught’ now they have 5 pups looking for a home.
It was fate.
A shihtzu cross with an Italian greyhound, no one had a clue what these puppies would turn out to look like!
Bettie came home with us 3 weeks later.
I never realised how much of me was missing untill she came along ❤️

Image credits: Katie Devine


“I don’t want to adopt a senior dog. She’ll break our heart one day soon.”
He even made me take her back and was livid when I ended up bringing her home a second time.. It took awhile but the laughs she created in the home replaced the feelings he had before..
She broke our hearts 9/4/20 ?
If you ask my boyfriend, he’d say he wouldn’t trade those 2 years with her. We would do it all over again. He’s gunna kill me when he sees this though.
Rest In Peace Ms.B ? ?

Image credits: Courtney Lynn Humphries


The OG love of our lives, Spartacus our black lab, passed away 6 years ago. One year ago after trying to convince hubby it was time, that 5 years without a dog in the house was far too long to no avail–my youngest son and I snuck off on a 12 hour round trip to the mountains to get our Howard. I sent my husband his picture on the way home to which he responded–
“ThAtS fInE. ThAt Is YoUr DoG tHoUgH. YoU anD tHe kIdS can TaKe CaRe oF tHaT uGlY tHiNg. My BoY iS gOnE and I dOn’T nEeD aNoThEr OnE bLaH bLaH bLaH”.
Well. That lasted until we walked in the door. Howard has now been with us a whole year and they have watched TV in exactly this position every night since he came home. They also do LITERALLY everything else together. Howard even has his own special captains seat in the boat to sit by my husband. Yep. He didn’t want a dog….

Image credits: Nicole Pischner


So my fiancé told me absolutely no dogs while we lived in our one bedroom apartment. “We just don’t have the space for a dog right now Haley!” I heard that for two years straight and I listened because we did want a husky and for that size dog, we truly didn’t have the space. Well two years later this poor baby shows up on my Facebook. “Free to a good home” I sent Devin-Lee pictures of this precious and sad baby in the cage. He said “absolutely not you already know we can’t have a dog right now.” Sure. Okay. Two days went by and this little guy was going to the shelter if not gotten. He’s a Jack Russell and Pitbull mix so he’d be killed soon if not adopted out due to his breed. Well, I just couldn’t let that happen so after work I went to get him. I came home with a 6 1/2 month puppy that was shaking all over the place, and REAKED of pee and poop. Poor little guy hadn’t been out of his kennel in 3 weeks due to the “owner” leaving him at a friends house who was allergic. Devin was SO mad. Wouldn’t even pet him. “You have to bathe him IMMEDIATELY!” Took 8 showers to get all the pee and poop from his fur. Not even an hour later they were playing in the floor together. Fast forward 1 1/2 years and now he’s the center of his Daddios whole world. And to think he didn’t want him? ?

Image credits: Haley Worrell


Sept, 2018
HW: (to deployed husband) Best friend has the kids for a little while. I’m going to go to the farm and grab some pumpkins for jack o lanterns.
(2 hours later)
HW: (sends first two pictures to husband)
Husband: That’s not a pumpkin. Just what is that?!
There was an adoption event at the farm, full of puppies and this wretched creature. A volunteer tried to talk me out of her, citing her bad eyes, bad teeth, and bad hip, even her graying hair. Well I too have bad eyes, bad teeth, a bad hip, and graying hair. Someone had left her at the shelter as we evacuated from hurricane Florence. I don’t know how old she is, or even what she is, but I know I don’t know what I would do without her.

Image credits: Hannah Weatherford


I’ve always wanted a wolf (or at least a dog) since I was like 3 years old (I think I’m 4 in the photo). I’ve got a stuffed ones a few times for Christmas. My parents are animal and nature lovers, both vegetarians but they never really wanted a dog. Also my younger brother was bitten by dogs a few times and was afraid of them. Some stray cats had found a way to our house during the years but they are all gone. I also live away couple of years already so this dog Damian completely took over my place.
An organisation in Bosnia has saved him from streets and brought the poor but pure soul to my mum because she couldn’t resist when I’ve sent her the pictures of him. My brother was afraid at first but the dog is completely in love with him as it seems and wants to be by his side all the time.
My mum calls Damian her “best and the nicest kid”. He’s just 10 month old but I’ve never seen such a calm dog. He has like 5 different beds around the house. It’s just pity it’s not the best time for visits in these coronavirus times, especially in Czech Republic ? Anyway big thanks to Jasminka Gerstner
and her team for saving all these dogs!

Image credits: Alice Kra


I was a cat person. When Chloë, my sweet geriatric Torti, who I’d had since college, passed away at nearly 17 years old, I was despondent. I wanted another cat. My husband, who was decidedly NOT a cat person, asked, “would you consider a small dog instead?” I said I’d think about it, and proceeded to Do Serious Research, buying books about dogs and trying to choose which breed would be best. Then I saw an ad for Pomeranian puppies in the newspaper. A friend and I went out to a farm, “just to look.” My husband told my friend’s husband, “you know they’re both coming home with puppies, right?” Two hours later, we were Pom owners. Yes, all of us. Cami was the most precious, loving creature who ever walked the earth. She was 3.5 pounds of pure joy. Glued to my side at bedtime. Known in the neighborhood, as my husband carried her around for her “walks” while her paws never touched the ground. Adored by my students. Never barked! She was literally perfect.
Cami would have small seizures, and the vet said she probably was epileptic; but, at her tiny size, he didn’t think he could regulate Phenobarbital for her, so we just held and calmed her when she seized. When her knees failed at age 7, we had them replaced. At 16, she went into heart failure and the vet said there wasn’t much left he could do. He gave her some medication to try to help her breathe, but we knew the end was close. As she struggled to breathe, really suffering, I called the vet again, and asked if he could meet me. He knew why, but said we should wait till the morning, and told me to give her more medicine. I did, and laid on the floor beside her that night, her curled on a down blanket and me with my hand on her tiny body, trying to calm her. She died during the night, knowing she was loved unconditionally. And now, nearly 7 years later, even writing this still makes me cry.

Image credits: Kristin Oppenheim Mortenson


It had been six months since our dog of 15 years passed. Mom, brother, and I were still not over it, and were desperate for a new dog to fill the hole in our hearts. Dad was not so convinced.
On a stroke of fate, I came across Jade on a local rescue page. Mom and I filled out the application, and we got a day to meet Jade as a family. On the day of, almost as if she knew she had to convince him, Jade ran to Dad for cuddles. First thing out of my dad’s mouth: “She’s too small.”
Flash forward a year, Jade became his “tiny princess,” and has never looked back.

Image credits: Stu Shan


it’s me. I’m the monster that didn’t want the dog. I’m an animal lover but didn’t want the adult responsibility of a dog. I finally started to warm up to the idea but was set on a big dog. A bully rescue. And then i came across a small local weekends only pet shop where the owners dogs just had an oopsie litter of chihuahuas. This tiny little 3 pound thing kissed my face between the bars of her cage and I spent the next week “mulling over such a big decision” (see picking out names) before I went back for her. 1 little puppy lead me to welcome a needy old lady chihuahua and now I’m that crazy person who thinks people who don’t notice my dogs are murderous psychopaths. They make me laugh and smile everyday and I love my dog mom life ????

Image credits: Jennifer Pomeroy


Dad 10 Years ago: “I am having nothing to do with this dog. He is not mine. He is yours. I won’t feed it or walk it. You must take care of it!”

Dad now: “Ohhh… you prefer your chicken and rice warm rather than cold? Of course, let me make sure it’s not too hot though…”

Image credits: Kiera Alice Chard


6 years ago my husband went to the shelter and called asking if he could bring this guy home. I was still pretty heartbroken after losing our last dog and wasn’t ready yet, but he insisted. Those two were best buds immediately. My husband passed away suddenly 4 years ago, and even though he left behind his big, smelly dog, who doesn’t believe in personal space at all, I’m so thankful to have him.❤

Image credits: Jillian Berger


My kids begged for a dog and I kept saying no… but that if we ever bought a house we could. A promise that, as a single mom, I never saw coming true. Well, miraculously, it came true– and they didnt forget my promise ? Off we went to a local rescue, and we came home with Batman. A 2yr old chiweenie found abandoned down south, that made his way to PA.
This dog changed me from just a cat person. He became my faithful companion, my best friend, my heart and soul. I got married July 2019 and he walked me down the aisle without any prompting whatsoever. He stayed at my feet, and looked the other way during the kiss! Where I went, Batman went. He slept under the covers at my feet every night. He wouldve followed me anywhere. Unfortunately, last month month I had to make the heart wrenching decision to put him down when his health took a drastic turn for the worse. A peice of me is missing ever since. He was only 8 years old.

Image credits: Amanda Hegedus Solomon


This is my dad and my dog Carden. The dog he never wanted.
I was 18 and went away for college. I was lonely and homesick and decided getting a puppy would help- obviously a good idea. Right after I bought her I decided I didn’t want to continue with my college program and moved back home with my parents. I was TERRIFIED to tell them about my adorable little puppy because I knew they would be upset. My mom didn’t care, but my dad was livid. Didn’t speak to me for 2 weeks. Would not look at her or pet her, wouldn’t take her out for walks. Nothing.
Fast forward (now 11 years later) and she is his entire world. Has been since she was 5 months old. They went everywhere and did everything together, always. He started taking her with him to the cottage on weekends or whenever he would go up. They became inseparable.
I moved out when I was 25 and brought her with me. He was devastated. I’ve seen my dad cry 3 times in my whole life. One of them being the day I moved out, and it wasn’t because I was leaving! (Thanks dad ?).
For almost 5 years now, he goes out of his way every Friday night to pick her up from my house so they can go to the cottage. On Sunday’s he drops her back off again. He takes her with him when he takes his week long vacations there. It’s adorable.
He does everything for her. Will go so far out of his way to make her happy and comfortable. He likes her more than any of us (not joking?). She has him whipped and wrapped around her paw. She is a SASSY QUEEN and I blame him for making her this way and being her servant haha.
He recently came into the world of cell phones about a year ago- yes he’s old school. He barely knows how to use the thing, but his entire camera roll consists of photos of Card on the boat, on the ATV, in the forest, laying in the sun, swimming, etc. His computer has an entire file folder dedicated to photos of her. It’s ridiculous(ly adorable).
This photo is from my wedding. I made sure to get the photographer to snap a photo of them together ?.
They are inseparable. She needs him just as much as he needs her. My mom and I always say, “they don’t love each other, they are IN LOVE with each other.” And that’s the truth lol.
So that’s the story of my dad and the dog he never wanted. Ha!

Image credits: Katie Burley


I spent 7 years of my life hooked up for 20 hours a week to a machine to filter my blood. It was a prison. Got a transplant and my bf wanted a dog. I wanted to be free and travel. He got one anyways.
Omar has been to more states in his 2 years than I had in 25 years. He is so damn handsome ❤️. And if I had to pick between him and my baby blanket- I’d pick him in a heartbeat❤️

Image credits: Emily Starkey


So 2 years ago my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I wanted a ring, a baby, or a puppy. I didn’t get anything I asked for that Christmas. We already have two dogs. He gave me every excuse to not get another dog. We work a lot, we have a slew of children, our house is too small… Then his coworker said his dog was pregnant and he asked me if I wanted a puppy. Of course I said yes, I didn’t even know what breed, I just wanted one. I had to wait for her to be born, then a few days to go pick her out, then 7 more weeks to bring her home. She’s 7 months old now and I constantly hear “I never knew I needed a Doberman“ from him.

Image credits: Danielle Gombash


My SO had never had a dog before our relationship. He felt uneasy about having one because he didn’t know how to care for it and saw it as a lot of work. We rescued Kenzie and his father Dos within days of each other, Kenzie first. I begged and bargained for Kenzie and cried for Dos. He relented eventually, they needed us and he knew it. Since then he has been a model pup parent. We worked on healing Dos’s physical and internal scars right up to his untimely death and when that happened, he cried the most. Kenzie had a lot of medical issues and he was so good about giving him his medicine, taking him to appointments, making sure his boo boo was well taken care of. When we rescued a litter of orphaned puppies we contemplated their names during the car ride and once we had them in the car he baby talked and awed at them, assigning them each a name. He helped me bottle feed them around the clock and was sad when they had to go. We kept Hero and she’s starting to be such a daddy’s girl. He goes on walks with us now and spoils our furry babies just as much as I do. He’s come a long way from “I’m just not a dog person.”

Image credits: Jeanette Rhinehart


We already had two dogs. My man didn’t want any more.
My manager’s dog got pregnant by accident and ended up with postnatal diabetes and my manager was told she was going to die. She’d stopped nursing and he didn’t know how to handle the situation. They had five puppies they were trying to give away.
I asked if we could just take one. Finally he said yes. So we went to pickup the brindle male (Xander) we picked out ahead of time from the pictures my manager sent us. My man saw this one puppy, the only tan/black colored pick of the litter and he told me “I want this one.”
I explained we’d already decided on our pick but if he wanted, we could get both. He said, “We are NOT getting two dogs.” We walked out of that house with two dogs, brother and sister and never regretted it.
He named her Pinto because she was so small, she looked like a little pinto bean.


This is Josie. She’ll be 10 on Christmas Day. She started out being adopted as a puppy by my friend’s brother and his wife. They realized pretty quickly they’d made a mistake and she went to my friend. She already had an elderly pup and couldn’t keep her so, they started trying to find a home for this girl to go to. I couldn’t bear to watch her go to just some random family so, I called my parents and asked if we could take her. My mom always said that if she got a dog, it would be a lab and I couldn’t imagine this being more perfect of a situation. After several no’s and them basically telling me if I wanted a dog, I should move out, they agreed to let me keep her.
My dad was always a cat person and really never wanted a dog. It took him a little while to warm up to her and the idea of having a dog in the house but he eventually settled into it. Fast forward a few years later when I was finally moving out, I asked my dad what he was going to do since I was moving out and Josie would be coming with me. His exact words were, “F you, no she’s not.” So, I moved out and she stayed with my parents.
Fast forward another few years and my dad was going through crippling and debilitating back pain to the point that he just became a miserable ball of depression. But the one thing that always cheered him up was all 70 pounds of Josie climbing up onto his lap for a snuggle. My dad is a bearded 6’3, pushing 300 pounds, military man who intimidates people just by looking at them but his voice can reach an octave I never thought was possible when he calls over “Josie dawg.” She’s always by his side, especially when she gets to go in the truck to go to Tim’s (Tim Hortons) where every employee knows who she is. They hear my dad’s voice at the drive thru speaker and always end the order with, “And a Timbit for Josie?”
10 whole years with this girl and we know it won’t last forever. She’s the best thing that could have happened to our family, especially my dad, and we didn’t even know we needed it.

Image credits: Samantha L Wilson


My dad was upset when he learned I got a dog while in college. He was even more upset when he learned Diego was a “Cha-hoo-a-hoo-a.” Now, he monopolizes Diego time every chance he gets ?

Image credits: Meredith Andersen


After my son moved out with his rescue dog, his cat, two guinea pigs and girlfriend, I thought I am finally alone in the apartment. Few months later my son started to tell me that I need a dog and many dogs need a home. Then he started to take me to rescues just to look at dogs. Which my long day work schedule I refused for months to bring a dog home, but my son insisted.
My son asked me to check out Twenty Paws Rescue site. I came across Macey, who was found tied to a pole for over 12 hours in the heat of summer 2016 in a pool of her blood whimpering. The site said that she sleeps most of the day and doesn’t need much exercise and that suited me fine. Still doubtful, we went to meet Macey at the foster home where she was still under care.
When she came, sniffed me and lay at my feet I knew I had to bring her home.
Due to the life of abuse she endured prior to her rescue, she came to me with many health issues, she survived cancer to which now Piggy lost her limb. My life changed for the better and I can’t imagine my life without Piggy.

Image credits: Annie V. Livit


This is Mr. Pickles, my sweet 12.5 year old chi mix. Eight years ago I had a friend that paid me to plow her driveway, then she would invite me in for coffee before I left to finish my shift. She had rescued him from being routinely kicked, thrown out in the middle of winter, and all around abused by her drunk neighbor. He was a super mean little pup as he’d been hurt and neglected, and she couldn’t keep him. When he jumped on my lap she was amazed, and pretty much forced me to take him “just for one night”. I didn’t think I liked little dogs and I definitely didn’t want one but he picked me, and I’m so glad I got to take him with me that night. 8 years later he’s turning 13 and he’s the love of my life!!! From Brutus the meanie chiweenie to my snuggly Mr. Pickles, I don’t know what I’d do without him ❤

Image credits: Jay Higgs


Not so much that I didn’t want a dog but had no plans on getting a second as my girl likes being an only child. In 2014 I first met Kojak when I was working at the RSPCA, he was 13 and an extreme neglect case – couldn’t be touched, blind, balding and had the worst periodontal disease I have ever seen and a large tumour on his testical. We didn’t think he had long to live or even if he would survive surgery, as he was an abuse case he had a live at the shelter until his court case was finalised.
It was coming into autumn and I thought I’d give the little man a night away from the shelter. He pretty much didn’t leave after that – not long after he was sleeping in my bed with my dog and two cats. Last year we celebrated his 18th birthday, I work at a doggy daycare centre so threw him a costume party including chicken nuggets, champagne. He rocked up dressed as a taco. The poor little man passed away not long after. I never expected to have him in my life for so long, it was beautiful to see him become an affectionate, fat spoilt old man.

Image credits: Annie Johnson


“You wanna spend HOW MUCH on a dog???”
But he instantly fell in love with her and now she’s forever a daddy’s girl

Image credits: Maddie Miller


I introduced everyone to Rocky yesterday. I figured it was best to tell Echo’s story too. I did want a second dog my fiancé not so much….So I took matters into my own hands and I bought her as a Valentines gift who could refuse???We drove almost 5 hours to get her him protesting the whole way home. She is a challenge she is strong-willed and wild, super smart and not so obedient, but we are getting there. A Rottweiler is a breed not for the faint of heart much less two of them?but we wouldn’t trade either one of them for the world.

Image credits: Jessica Steiner


I didn’t want another dog, and I’ve NEVER had a small dog. My 14-year-old Lab/Border Collie mix Chilly has always liked being an only dog, and when my fiance wanted a younger dog, I thought it would be mean to reward my older girl for being such a wonderful dog by getting a puppy to annoy her in her twilight years…but then this little guy turned up in a friend’s Facebook feed – found living on the street by his place, but he couldn’t keep the gutter pup. I had kinda sorta partly conceded – we were considering a smaller, female Pittie. We ended up adopting an energetic, boisterous, clingy jack/chihuahua mix in February. My fiance passed away suddenly in May, and I was left with this little gift from him that Chilly and I have grown to love ferociously. Who could say no to this little face????

Image credits: Jett Richmond


This is Jaxon.
I adopted him in 2017 without telling the boyfriend.
We didn’t live together at the time and I just wanted a puppy so I got one.
He tried to tell me when we move in together he isn’t coming, then tried telling me he isn’t sleeping in our bed.
Well 3 years later, our first place .. Jaxon shares the bed & lives with us and his 9 month old pitbull sister HE told me to get (the bf)
When in doubt, just get the dog then tell the S.O ??‍♀️

Image credits: Jessica Ruderman


he complained for over a month about them, complains from time to time still, but guess who carries Sage and Saffron like babies constantly, rubs their backs when they get hiccups, makes sure they get tucked into our bed (even if it’s on MY side of the bed ?), and cannot leave the house without giving them a spoon of peanut butter and a kiss on the nose first ??

Image credits: Hannan Marie Memmer


Kid: “mom please, I’ll walk the dog and feed it and play with it, I promise.”
Me: “No, you won’t, and I’ll be stuck with it.”

Image credits: Veronica Ellis


I absolutely did not want another dog. My (then) boyfriend at the time had a dog and I had a dog when we moved in together. His brother called and said his girlfriend’s purebred husky had puppies and said we could have one for $200. I said absolutely not because I’ve heard how awful they are. He went and picked up the puppy behind my back. The puppy instantly took to me and we bonded faster than I’ve ever bonded with a dog. We broke up about a month later and I took my dog and the husky because he didn’t care for him at all and said “that husky is go going on craigslist if you don’t take him”. Now Whiskey lives his absolute best life and is one of the best dogs I’ve ever encountered. He’s so smart and sweet. He was the only good thing that came out of that relationship

Image credits: Kim Peede


Dad: “pit bulls are aggressive, they’re too big, they’ll bite you if you get too close, and they’re too much of a liability. You’ll never be able to find a place to live with one of *those*”
Dad 1 month later:

Image credits: Shannon Spruiell


“It’s not the right time, we are always traveling, he’s too small. Fine, but he absolutely will not sleep in our bed, I can’t stand a bed full of dog fur.”

Image credits: Emily Kuhns


Parents: you’d better not get a pitbull; it won’t be welcome in our house

Parents, now, when I bring Theodore to visit

Image credits: Amber Krebs


Me: I think Biggs deserves a little brother.
Dad: No, Biggs likes being on his own. He’s a grumpy old man like me.
Dad and Biggs:


This was the day that my then bf brought her to my place. I was adamant she wasn’t going to stay permanently. 6 months later he left but she stayed❤️ (he chose to leave her) and I’m so grateful for it. She’s saved my soul?


So, my husband did NOT want another dog.
But after going through a wildly traumatic miscarriage, I said I needed one.
He already spent so much time taking care of my physically and emotionally, I wasn’t surprised when he cave and drove me to look at a dog a woman was “fostering”.
We showed up, and this lady had at least 30 dogs running crazy, obvious she was breeding them in inuumane conditions.
Then, this little wired-hair weenie dog crawled up in my husbands lap, his tail twisted and smelling of urine, and without a second thought we walked out of there with him.
10.5 years later, we now have three miracle children, and he’s still a healing dog.
Only, not for me ?
Don’t get me wrong — Riley is an ARSEHOLE.
But not to my husband.
They sleep cuddled together, he sits at his feet every single day at work, he howls when my husband leaves the house without him.
He’s a jerk to EVERYONE. Except my husband.
And I think Riley actually knew who needed the support after our loss ❤️

Image credits: Kari Williams Barney


I didn’t want a dog but my girlfriend insisted. Of course, once we saw him it was love at first sight and I bought him. Fast forward 2 years, girlfriend and I split but Maverick and I are inseparable.

Image credits: Mitch Scobell


My husband didn’t want a dog. We now have 10. ?
He sits every night and day (we swap every couple of hours) to look after the babies.

Image credits: Karolina Mason


I’ve always had Beagles and absolutely did not want a big dog, but my husband wanted a Bullmastiff………150lbs of ‘compromise’ later ????‍♀️

Image credits: Hannah Rachel Bradley


“I don’t want no damn pug”
Is that so? ?

Image credits: Brittany Nicole Richards


Mama didn’t think I was ready for a puppy… now she makes him pancakes and eggs

Image credits: Erin McCleaf Markovich


My ex wanted a dog. I insisted we couldn’t afford it. “But it’s only $120!” “Yes but that’s just the dog, what about food, shots, ect.” “But it’s only $120!!!!” “??”
He got the dog. She actually picked him. Then he revealed his true colours. Breaking my stuff is one thing, mistreating a puppy is unforgivable. We left. Fast forward 5 years and she is still by my side. As horrible as that time was for both of us I wouldn’t change it because it resulted in our life together. I saved her life and she saved mine ?

Image credits: Kayla Mederak


Now he’s performing surgery on her toys ???
Ella loves all the love ???

Image credits: Ariel Romont


I still don’t want him. There was a thunderstorm and he jumped in. He hates baths.
Edit: some of y’all called it. Guys I do want him. He’s 11 and weird but he’s mine. I don’t let just anybody (or thing? Ewww) bath with me. I’m not that kind of girl.
Also, he’s very proud that you guys think he’s funny. He agrees.
Edit: he thinks I’m a total B***ch for not telling everyone that his name is Dallas.

Image credits: Lindsay Walsh


“This is my baby, stay away from us woman/everybody else!”

Image credits: Marisa Buchheit


Dad always claims he doesn’t like dogs, but he plays with her every morning, sings her a song he made up for her, and pumps her up to go to the mailbox with him daily.
Sent this picture to my dad, he responded
Edit to add- Annie can’t actually float so she is being held up by another hooman for the picture

Image credits: Abby White


“I’m not getting a dog, we travel too much!”

Image credits: Traci Segal


My boyfriend kept saying that we were not getting a dog. He finally told me if I could find a male, pure bred GSD or Rottweiler for less than $500, we could have him (he was confident that I’d never succeed). Welp… a couple weeks later, my friend posted that her purebred GSD was having puppies…. 8weeks later, we drove 8hours to pick up my sweet boy. Bulleit is now a little over a year old. They have been best friends since day one. Bulleit is the MOST spoiled boy in the whole world.??

Image credits: Bree Loucks


My Dad probably questioned my masculinity a bit when I adopted a 2 lb. Chihuahua and named her Twinkle. Guess who immediately became best friends?

Image credits: Phil Pfeifer


My ex HAD to have a dog. I wanted a cat. So we compromised and got a dog. When sweet girl and I realized he wasn’t going to pay attention to either of us, we split and are living a wonderful life ❤️

Image credits: Sally Stewart


This is Dassie. She’s been gone for a week and a half now. She was 18 and a half and mostly deaf and blind. We miss her, but it was her time and she’s not in pain anymore.
My mom and I spent forever convincing my dad to get a dog, and in the last months of her life he picked her up to take her down the stairs so she wouldn’t trip.

Image credits: Shira Cohen


I wanted a snake. My husband said I could get one as long as he could get a dog first, so I agreed. Two dogs and a veterinary technician license later, I finally got my ball python ?

Image credits: Tasha Zebrowan


Dad: don’t get this dog, youre making a mistake.
Dad and the dog:

Image credits: Danka Vić


Fiancé wasn’t reallllly sold on getting a dog.

So I compromised and we got two. ??

Image credits: Billie Jack


He was returned to the SPCA twice and then landed in a home that mistreated him. My daughters friend saved him but couldn’t keep him, so my daughter brought him home. My husband and I were so against it. We just knew the kids wouldn’t take care of him and we didn’t want to deal with a dog in our hectic home. A couple years later, he is part of our family, our baby , and favorite pain in the butt. Sleeping peacefully in my lap in his new sweater and Christmas blanket as if this is the only life he ever knew.

Image credits: Krissy Erdolino


Last March I fostered Moose from my local shelter. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t foster fail because I already had 4 other dogs and couldn’t take in any more. Moose was a tiny little pit mix with a little nub for one of his arms. His paperwork said “suspected traumatic amputation” and it broke my heart to wonder what could’ve happened to this sweet little baby. When he was a puppy he could barely walk or keep his balance, but I did a lot of work with him and dedicated a lot of time to helping him get around and learn to balance himself. A few weeks later the vet decided that it was best to go ahead and do a full amputation. After his full amputation, I had to put in a lot more time and effort to build his strength and stamina. He made so much progress so quickly, I was so proud of him ?
After a couple months, he was eligible for adoption and the shelter told me I could either adopt him or they would post him on their website for adoption. I had never felt so sad, but I knew I couldn’t keep him. So I told them to go ahead and look for someone that would adopt him. I cried and cried as I sent them that email. All night long I held onto him and was just so sad thinking about not having him.
The next day I realized that there was no way I could give him up. This sweet boy had such a huge place in my heart and all of his progress brought so much happiness to my life. I called the shelter and told them that I was going to adopt him and it was the best decision I could’ve ever made.
Moose now has a forever home with me and 4 brothers and sisters who sometimes can’t stand him, but love him deep down inside ? He runs faster than most of them and he doesn’t even know that he only has 3 legs. He is so resilient. He’s also the sweetest little boy and he brings so much joy to everyone around him, best decision ever ❤️

Image credits: Amber Bouressa


On August 3rd 2019, I brought this little nugget home. I was struggling with a severe depression and needed a reason to come home when everything else in my life wasn’t enough anymore. My mom was FURIOUS. We already had 4 cats and and a miniature dachshund. She told me that he had to leave, or WE had to leave – the choice was mine.
Needless to say, I still needed my reason. So little Finnigan and I got our own apartment, and after some reconciliation with my mom, we were quickly fine again. And boy, did her love for him ever grow!
Since then, Finn and his Daddy and sister and I got a house with a yard! And secretly, I think Finn is grandma’s favorite!! This was taken today and my heart couldn’t be more full ??

Image credits: Becca Merkel


When we had two dogs (two beagles) and I wanted a third… “two dogs is already too many” .. then I just kept bringing them home. If the universe wants me to have 5 dogs then 5 dogs it is!
My beloved snoopy passed away in august so now we just have 1 beagle, a Bassett, and 3 English mastiffs

Image credits: Valerie Nicole


He told me that I could get a second dog but that I needed to remember it was my dog and he didn’t want her. The first picture is from the day I brought her home. ???

Image credits: Cherilyn Hazelwood


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