People Around the World are Ringing a Doorbell for Fish in the Netherlands

A big portion of the Netherlands is below sea level, and the Dutch are masters at controlling water levels to maintain that land. The city of Utrecht is shot through with dams, canals, and locks as part of that water control system. That caused a problem for migrating fish. Many species travel from the Vecht river to the shallower water of the Kromme river in order to spawn. But getting through Utrecht was an obstacle course, until ecologist Mark van Heukelum came up with the Fish Doorbell, or Visdeurbel.

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The Fish Doorbell starts with an underground camera that anyone can access online. When fish gather near a lock, a user can activate the doorbell, and an operator will open the lock for the fish to pass through. The system has been online three springs now, and has gathered a community of “fisherman” around the world who monitor the canals of Utrecht to aid the fish. They are like birdwatchers, trading sightings of different species of fish with each other. Read about this awesome project at Atlas Obscura, and you might just find yourself with a new hobby. -via Strange Company

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Source: neatorama

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