People Can’t Decide Whether Middle-Class Man’s “Day In The Life” Routine Is Boring Or A Dream

A TikTok video posted by user, titled A Day in the Life of a Middle-Class Man, has sparked mixed opinions online by showcasing a worker’s seemingly uncomplicated routine.

The clip, captioned “Each day is by itself a life,” shows a 29-year-old man from the moment he takes his morning shower until he finishes his day at his “happy place,” a fast-food drive-through.

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The man starts his day by putting on his formal work clothes, preparing a shake, packing his laptop, and commuting to the office by car after making a pit stop at a donut shop.

After a 10-minute drive, he reaches his workplace—a Fortune 500 insurance company—at 7:45 AM. There, works on his laptop for about two hours before it’s time for his lunch break at Chili’s, where he treats himself to some sliders with fries.

A middle-class man’s “day in the life” video has sparked conversations about the standard nine-to-five routine

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From 12 to 1 PM, he joins his co-workers for a company picnic at an outdoor space near his office, and then he goes back to work on his computer until 4 PM.

On the way home, he stops at a pet store to buy food for his dog, Benny. After entering his house, he trades his formal attire for comfortable clothes, takes his dog to the park, and goes to a drive-through.

TikTok included a warning in the video: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

Posted on Friday (April 19), it has since been reshared on X (formerly known as Twitter), receiving over 35 million views.

“This is basically selling your soul, it’s so pointless,” X user Denzel22 captioned the clip.

TikTok user, who works at an insurance company, shared his simple routine, which includes a ten-minute drive to the office and a lunch break at a fast-food place

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People quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the man’s lifestyle. While some expressed that they aspired to have such a seemingly simple routine, others believed the Texas resident’s life to be rather tedious.

“It’s the monotony of life, not what he has. Living to work is not a way to go through life,” an X user commented.

A separate person pointed to his unhealthy diet, writing, “Call me a normie, but his diet is way more depressing than the whole 9-5 thing.”

“Chilis and fast food, sedentary lifestyle sitting at a desk, and I didn’t see a workout on this day in the life…how is this guy not overweight?” somebody else penned.

However, many social media users praised the senior benefits analyst’s video showcasing his stable routine.

“He lives a comfortable life which he’s built for himself. He loves the life he lives. How is this selling your soul?” someone wrote.

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Some social media users said that was “selling his soul” with his lifestyle

“I love this lifestyle. People make it seem like peace and consistency is bad,” a separate person agreed.

An additional X user echoed these thoughts, writing, “If you’re making fun of this guy’s life, you’re beyond privileged. 95% of the world would kill for this security. Educated with a stable income. Comfortable living situation. [N]0 threat of being randomly killed. A lot of people need to learn gratitude.”

“As someone who was raised in a neighborhood where I had to look over my shoulder every 3 minutes, this looks like everything,” someone else shared.

In a separate video,, who often shares content centered around his routine, responded to a follower’s question about whether he would consider leaving his job to pursue a full-time career in social media.

His answer? “I love my 9-5 as it provides health insurance, steady income, 401k, structure, career growth opportunities, etc. I enjoy the people I work with and genuinely like the work that I do.”

People shared their thoughts about the TikToker’s routine

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