People In This Group Are Rescuing Beautiful Wooden Furniture From ‘Pinterest Hell’, Here Are 77 Of Their Best Works

Over the past years, more and more tasteless DIY’ers have been ruining perfectly fine coffee tables, dressers, and other pieces with lousy paint jobs.

However, there’s now a counter-movement, dedicated to fighting their crimes. And many of them can be seen on the subreddit ‘Reverse Pinterest.’

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According to its ‘About’ page, this online community is dedicated to “showcasing handcrafted wood pieces that have been rescued from Pinterest-paint hell and restored to their original glory.”

Maybe it’s not the biggest subreddit, but its 24K members provide a steady stream of content (much of which is produced by their own effort), so continue scrolling and check out their most popular posts.

#1 I Don’t Know If I Can Top This One! Fully Restored Brasilia II Petite Buffet

Image credits: midcenturymistress

#2 Restored This Beauty To Original Glory. $20 Goodwill Cedar Chest Returned From Crackled Paint Torture

Image credits: toothqueencolleen

#3 Painted Antique Mantle Restoration Transformation

Image credits: senor_roboto

#4 Behold, The Most Satisfying Reverse Pinterest Of 2021

Image credits: teaphillips

#5 Was Told To Post Here. Before And After De-Pintresting

Image credits: subatomic50

#6 Vintage Console I Stripped A While Ago

Image credits: SusieOPath

#7 I Put Two Months Of My Time On Weekends And After Work To Remove The Awful Paint From This Gorgeous Danish Teak Desk With Floating Legs!

Image credits: PoachedPears

#8 Something I Did A Few Weeks Ago. 🙂

Image credits: CobraMarmalade

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#9 Before And After

Image credits: jose01337

#10 Heard You Guys Like A Good Before And After

Image credits: mkgw0530

#11 Facebook Marketplace Makeover

Image credits: Unpurified-Water

#12 Thinking My Recent Rehab Of This Pre-Pinterest Paint Job Would Be Enjoyed Here

Image credits: mlkandtoast

#13 Under 3 Coats Of White Paint And 1 Coat Of Green, Was This Beautiful Rimu Timber

Image credits: kombilyfe

#14 I Wish I Could Pay $170 To Purchase This Piece Off Of Fb Marketplace And Restore It…literally Should Be A Crime To Do This

Image credits: _1_forrest_1_

#15 I Saw This Desk On Cl For $50 And Drove From San Antonio To College Station To Pick It Up. Restored It In American Oak And Black Lacquer

Image credits: noljos

#16 Restored This Johnson Carper Fashion Trend Desk. This Paint Did Not Want To Come Off

Image credits: kevinciviced7

#17 The Abuse Is Finally Over

Image credits: Antiquarryian

#18 Final Update On My Mcm Nightstands! Before, Fully Stripped, And After! They Are My Pride And Joy

Image credits: liluglygoddess

#19 Johnson Carper Ronda Saved From Teal Spray Paint

Image credits: Snail-Party

#20 Before And After

Image credits: not2shabbytabby

#21 American Of Martinsville Dresser That I Tried My Best To Restore

Image credits: LaneyWynne

#22 Lane Acclaim Side Table Hidden Under Pea Green Paint!

Image credits: Bittersweet025

#23 My Refinished Bassett Dresser, It Was Pink!

Image credits: carking1996

#24 Reverse Pinterest That A Friend Did

Image credits: Koparkopar

#25 Forgot To Take A Pic Of The Finished Product Without Stuff On It But! My First Reverse Pintrest On This $10 Genuine Mahogany Dresser That Had Been Spray Painted

Image credits: stanleysteamers

#26 A Ridiculous Amount Of Love, Patience, And Skill Went Into Reversing These Mid-Century Modern Pieces! I Restore For A Living, And Although I Really Hate Dealing With Painted Stuff, It Makes Me That Much Prouder Of My Craft

Image credits: midcenturymistress

#27 The ‘Distressed’ Console That Caused Me Such Distress

Image credits: Ioewe

#28 Stripping Paint Is The Absolute Worst. Three Weeks After Staring I’ve Finally Made It, Boys. Just Picked Up Another Similar Dresser Painted Brown. Why Do I Do This To Myself

Image credits: teaphillips

#29 My Crusade Upon Painted Antique Furniture

Image credits: Linthoughts

#30 Thought Y’all Might Appreciate My Efforts

Image credits: Mike_Michaelson

#31 Restauration Process, Finished!

Image credits: Cristi57875e

#32 Lane Acclaim End Table For $50 On Facebook Marketplace, Before And After

Image credits: hofoods

#33 Beautiful Wood Grain Revealed

Image credits: omgcatss

#34 Reversed It

Image credits: schobbejakje

#35 I Was In Desperate Need Of A Dresser And Bought This Cheap. 7 Layers Of Paint Later I Found This Beautiful Wood Underneath

Image credits: jillybean41

#36 First Time Rehabbing A Piece. Broyhill Sculptra Dresser. Few Mistakes With The Finish Due To Impatience. But I’m Happy With It For A $30 Thrift! All Thanks To Dashner Restoration Youtube Channel 🙂

Image credits: CheesyChips

#37 I Bought This Coffee Table In 2018 For $15 At A Flea Market Because It Was Cheap And I Needed Something For My Living Room. Finally Got Around To Stripping It This Weekend

Image credits: account-info

#38 Beautiful Restoration Job

Image credits: mimosadanger

#39 Thrift Store “Rescue”

Image credits: Nayiru

#40 Stanley Furniture “Linear Precision” Credenza

Image credits: Mike_Michaelson

#41 Pair Of Lane Acclaim Round Tables

Image credits: MidFade

#42 My First Furniture Unflip

Image credits: gourmet_croutons

#43 Stripped The Paint And Transformed It Into A Tilt Out Storage Cabinet

Image credits: Noam_Prosper

#44 First Major Restoration

Image credits: Ac_page

#45 Thonet Dining Chairs, Redeemed

Image credits: jbty7

#46 It Had To Be Done. I Hope You’ll Enjoy The Result

Image credits: CobraMarmalade

#47 Stripped And Sanded This Mission Oak Coffee Table. Happy To See The Tiger Oak Back Out In The Open

Image credits: DallasBovair

#48 My First Before/After. Any Id Help Would Be Awesome

Image credits: The3rdLeonard

#49 Before And After Refinishing A Painted Zenith Mid Century Record Console I Got For $25. Please Please Please Don’t Paint Nice Furniture

Image credits:

#50 60s/70s Wine Bar Restoration

Image credits: huddythef5th

#51 Reversed This $10 Fb Marketplace Kroehler Side Table

Image credits: sevem

#52 Our Neighbours Left This On The Street! So Glad I Picked It Up

Image credits: sadnoodles

#53 Bassett Rescue: Before And After

Image credits: FromCornerToCrumb

#54 Crossposting This Here. There Really Is A Sub For Everything!

Image credits: grabacactus

#55 A Recent Save

Image credits: 1551404

#56 I Found This Painted Broyhill Brasilia On Craigslist And My Husband Fixed It

Image credits: kingskrossing

#57 Most Recent Restoration. Gunni Omann For Axel Christensen Credenza

Image credits: jose01337

#58 Revived A Streaky, Drab Paint Job! Not Perfect (The Wood Color Is Inconsistent, And There’s Some Dings), But I’m Jazzed It’s Finally Done

Image credits: teaspoonmoon

#59 Before And After On My $70 Marketplace Find. Lane Brutalist Nightstands

Image credits: feengerz

#60 My $10 Garage Sale Find Was Pristinely Preserved Under So Many Layers Of Paint

Image credits: This_Could_Not_Be_Mi

#61 Stanley Furniture “Rosewood Bow Tie” Credenza I Restored

Image credits: Mike_Michaelson

#62 Broyhill Pacemaker – Not Perfect, But I’m Pleased With My First Paint Removal Project So Far

Image credits: Thriftedla

#63 A Mid Century Basset Glow Up! Only Sanded And Teak Oiled, I Loved The Contrast!

Image credits: x1savedbabe06

#64 Very Happy With How This Turned Out!

Image credits: Sentinel_Victor

#65 The Salvation Of A Lane Copenhagen Nightstand

Image credits: TorqueHound

#66 Stripping! Found This Poor Baby In The Wild

Image credits: Tooooootally

#67 One Month Of Work And Countless Hours Of Sanding. Nowhere Near Perfect But I’m Really Proud Of How It Turned Out. Details Of The Restoration In The Comments

Image credits: cheezedragon25

#68 They Look Better In Person. Found 1950s Heywood Wakefield Chairs $4 Each, Slathered In Thick Green Drip Dried Paint. I Know It’s Not Their ‘Correct’ Color, But I’m Cheap, Don’t Prefer Light Wood, And They Work For Me, Plus The Wood Grain Is Cool. Total Cost Beyond Materials Already In My House: $8

Image credits: salisburyu

#69 Fb Flip! Not Perfect But Much Better

Image credits: tealmarw

#70 I Stripped And Sanded A Dresser I Found Earlier This Summer. It Was My Second Project And I’m Really Happy With The Way It Turned Out

Image credits: eclectictortise

#71 Stripped Another Goodwill Vase. Honestly, I Think That The Textured Paint Looked Better…

Image credits: tenglempls

#72 First Reverse Pinterest Project On These Danish Mid Century Candlesticks

Image credits: Oldisthenewnew

#73 How It Started vs. How It’s Going. Now I Just Need To Reattach The Handle And All That Will Be Left Will Be To Find A Spot For It In My House (The Hard Part)

Image credits: Robertomiopalmo

#74 Found These Chairs For 12$ Each, Stripped Most Of The Black (The Center Was Veneer And Was Scared I Might End Up Messing It Up) I Think They Are Denmark Mcm

Image credits: x1savedbabe06

#75 Found This At The Thrift Store And Figured I Had To Give It A Chance. I’ve Never Sanded, Stripped Or Finished Anything But I Figured It Couldn’t Possibly Get Any Worse. They Also Ripped The Manufacturer Sticker Off The Inside Of The Top Drawer, So I Have No Clue Who Made It. Not Perfect But Better

Image credits: simymy

#76 Thank Goodness The Paint Wasn’t Too Thick And The Wood Was Nice. Easy Restoration But Always Satisfying When You Scrape Off The Paint And Get The First Glimpse Of The Wood Underneath

Image credits: salisburyu

#77 Stripped And Refinished A Couple Of Doors That Had Been Painted And Even Had Wall Paper On Them. Unfortunately The Panels Of Them Were Just Too Much Work To Try And Get To A Condition To Stain Them So We Tried A Unique Color Combination

Image credits: ejhUPS


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