People In This Online Community Appreciate A Good Roast And Here Are 41 Of The Funniest Insults Directed At Celebrities

Famous people are always in the eyes of the public and it is inevitable that others will be criticizing them, whether it’s their looks, their actions, or their lifestyle. Of course, nobody likes to be insulted, but sometimes the insults are so good that you can’t even be mad about it.

There is a whole subreddit dedicated to the most creative and accurate insults found on the internet called Rare Insults. So Bored Panda went there and curated this list of the best insults in which people are roasting celebrities. If you would like to know what other gems are hidden in the subreddit, check out this older post from a couple of years ago and two more recent articles here and here.

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#1 A Living Wax Model

Image credits: yankee4357

The Rare Insults community has 1.8 million members and is ever growing. Previously, Bored Panda reached out to a moderator of the community. Turns out that the subreddit wasn’t an instant hit and grew slowly at first, but after inviting some other moderators, the page caught people’s attention.

And why wouldn’t it, as social media users can be savage but so creative at the same time that you catch yourself agreeing with the insults and laughing because they make sense. The subreddit contains not only celebrity insults but all kinds of witty comments about just random people.

#2 Twins! Or Is It Triplets?

Image credits: miikataughtme

#3 He Is Going To Need Some Ice, Ice Baby For That Burn

Image credits: chevesydolor

Looking from a linguistic point of view, we know that languages have their own fixed expressions meant to insult someone, but you won’t find them in this subreddit, because these comparisons are spontaneous and improvised, expressing a personal point of view. It is reflected in rule 11 of the subreddit that states “Insults from r/RoastMe are not allowed, as people have time to sit and think of clever insults rather than coming up with them in the moment.”

Other rules include being nice to each other and not posting hateful insults. After all, insults are expressions that mean disrespect and they can get nasty. But in this community, the insult itself is the main point and not the person at which it is directed or their qualities that are pointed out.

#4 On A Facebook Post About Lil Pump And Eminem

Image credits: PingusDeathMachine

#5 Olsen Twins Prophecy

Image credits: iKilledMozart

#6 The Ring Gauntlet

Image credits: Hardbass_Coowl

#7 Pretty Good One

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Image credits: pm_me_about_ur_day2

Did you know that you can get in pretty big trouble for insulting people in some countries? For example, The Swedish Criminal Code states, “A person who […] directs accusation, a derogatory statement or humiliating conduct at another person is, if the act is liable to violate the other person’s self-esteem or dignity, guilty of insulting behaviour and is sentenced to a fine. If the offence is gross, the sentence is a fine or imprisonment for at most six months.”

#8 Kinda Reminds Me Of The Time In Gym

Image credits: X_Succ

#9 My Favourite Rare Insult Of All Time

Image credits:

#10 This Is Pure Gold

Image credits: ShalyssaThunderfuck

What are some of the most creative and rare insults you have ever heard? Or maybe you were the author of the insult? Share them in the comments and don’t forget to vote for the insults in this list that are most imaginative and witty.

#11 You Get What You F*****g Deserve

Image credits: deatmeet

#12 Resting B***h Face

Image credits: Kallixo

#13 I’d Go To That Rehab

Image credits: /Jcmusic1324

#14 On Adam Levine’s Tattoos

Image credits: 19jannew

#15 An Anti Compliment Of Some Sort

Image credits: orgle7

#16 Once It’s Seen, It Can’t Be Unseen

Image credits: emil199

#17 I Don’t Disagree

Image credits: Astro_Dior

#18 He’s Not Wrong

Image credits: meow1204

#19 They Aren’t Wrong

Image credits: [deleted]

#20 Never Heard That One

Image credits: a_spooky_birb

#21 She Didn’t Say Nothin… She Just Had That Look.

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#22 I Have To Agree With This Tweet Unfortunately

Image credits: vinylas

#23 Ouch That Outa Hurt

Image credits: coolboylure

#24 Didn’t Have To Do Royalty Like That But It’s Still Pretty Funny

Image credits: Theo_hulls

#25 The Duality Of Man

Image credits: LadybugSheep

#26 This Is So Beautiful. So Creative

Image credits: kevinowdziej

#27 Mark Wahlberg Got Roasted

Image credits: MyHeroFan2004

#28 3 Insults In 1 Package

Image credits: DogfishCriminal

#29 Pope Francis Is Very Wise

Image credits: RealSlimShady191

#30 It Do Be Kinda True Tho

Image credits: this-is-the-internet

#31 This One Must Hurt!

Image credits: PerciFlage88

#32 Is It Bad That I Can Imagine This?

Image credits: I_AM_DIZZI

#33 Big Oof Moment

Image credits: akfm_amo

#34 Why Does Adam Sandler Look Like That Tho?

Image credits: nolin2007

#35 How Does He Do It?

Image credits: _Latino_

#36 One Cent > Jake Paul

Image credits: CheddarCheeseCody

#37 I Died Laughing At This Specifically Accurate Comment

Image credits: imbloodyboiling

#38 They Did Chino Dirty With This One

Image credits: Wanderingh0st

#39 This Came From A 26 Minute Video Documenting Her Stolen Jokes

Image credits: Bobo3076

#40 4 Different Paths

Image credits: RusticScentedMale

#41 Found This Gem While Scrolling Through The Backlash Against Maroon 5 On A Loudwire Video

Image credits: AJAX214_


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