People In This Online Group Shared 50 Of The Coziest Tucked-In Kitties Ever

Having a pet can definitely improve your quality of life and a cat could be a perfect companion. Sometimes just looking at them can take all your worries away and allow you to relax at least for a little bit. Maybe that’s why cat videos and photos are so popular on the internet.

There are entire groups dedicated just to cat photos or videos. And now they are getting more specific too. There is a subreddit where people only post photos of cats that are tucked in and the photos are incredibly adorable. So take a look at this collection of cats enjoying a nap under the covers!

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#1 Meet Fuzzynuckets. He’s 6 Today. Found Him Abandoned In A Hole In My Yard Just A Few Hours Old 6 Years Ago. Vet Said He’d Never Survive. He Lived In The Pocket Of My Robe And Drank Kitty Formula From A Tiny Bottle

Image credits: ecofarian

The subreddit is called Tucked-In Kitties and currently has 304k members. It is for exactly what the name suggests: photos of kitties enjoying being tucked in. It was created in 2014 and is still going strong.

The rules of the subreddit are quite strict to maintain the specific theme: firstly, “it must be a cat.” Secondly, “Cats must be visibly ‘tucked’ in under a blanket or something equivalent. (Shopping bags, wrapping paper, boxes, etc. don’t count.)” And lastly, just to be sure that everyone understands what the vibe is, there is a rule that “Personal attacks or offensive language directed at other users have no place here.”

#2 The Ultimate Tucked In Kitty

Image credits: JasterMereel42

#3 Lola Passed Away Suddenly Today At The Age Of 6, So I’m Spending My Night Looking At All The Many Thousands Of Photos I Took Of Her. This One Is One Of My Favourites

Image credits: dddiamonddd

#4 What My Students Can’t See While I’m Online Teaching

Image credits: crunchytigerloaf

Cats like warmth and they understand that going under a blanket or sheets will be a cozy place to sleep. Of course, for cat owners, this kind of image is the cutest thing ever, and some of them will be the ones tucking in the cats like they’re their children.

And who could blame them, because their kittens look so content and blissful. What is even better is that the owners will take a picture and share it to the world so everyone can get a little bit of a dose of dopamine.

#5 The Ultimate Tucked-In Kitty

Image credits: Lvl100Magikarp

#6 Dreaming Of All The Ankles She’s Going To Attack When She Wakes Up

Image credits: aryapoopybutthole

#7 My Sweet Boy Mufasa Passed Away Monday, Here He Is Tucked In. Gone Too Soon

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Image credits: [deleted]

#8 I Got A Kitten, He Came Home Ate Some Food Then Passed Out 😀

Image credits: W366

Some of the photos show cats sleeping on their owners’ beds, which could spark some arguments because there are people who don’t let their pets in their beds, which is understandable. After all, they are animals. 

But there are some benefits to letting your four-legged friends sleep with you. Bored Panda very recently made an article on why you should let your dog sleep with you in your bed and if you would like to know more, you should definitely check it out here.

#9 Good Night Reddit

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#10 Reddit, Meet Oliver. He Lives For When The Bed Is Made

Image credits: Merrick362

#11 He Sleep, He Peep, And He Hug He Tiny Sheep

Image credits: AnnaMak

#12 My Wife Is In The Nursing Home. I Pulled Her Ragged Blanket Off Her Bed. Ticat Misses Her. Me Too, Ti. Me Too

Image credits: Mulatto-Butts

Are you also fascinated by themed cat pictures? If you want more, you can click here, and it will take you to an article of cats who just stopped working. Here you will find cats that might be living a more spoiled life than you. Another subreddit collects cat pictures where they look like loafs and you can look at those photos here. And another hilarious list of cats that we would suggest is this of cat owners capturing cats’ faces in the middle of a meow.

#13 My Husband Tucks Our Cat In Every Morning Before Leaving For Work. This Is My Favourite Photo

Image credits: pvrplesloth

#14 Our Baby Mischief Sleeps With Her Bunny Feet Sticking Out

Image credits: enl1ghtened1

Upvote the pictures that lifted up your spirit the most and your witty comments are always appreciated!

#15 Came Home And My Grandparents Said To Me, “You Need To See Rocky Right Now”

Image credits: DarthMatrixx

#16 My Sheets Are Permanently Covered In Fur, But He’s So Worth It

Image credits: Freudian_Trips

#17 Kitty Getting Tucked In With Its Favorite Toy

Image credits: Justice112

#18 Seth Attempted To Tuck Himself In. A+ For Effort, Seth

Image credits: carnal_biped

#19 Cute….Tell Us A Bedtime Story! Please

Image credits: ShariGoins

#20 I Accidentally Untucked Him And Was Given This Face! (Don’t Worry, He Was Briskly Tucked Back In And Given A Treat For Compensation)

Image credits: ShelingtonBelington

#21 Our New Quarantine Foster Kitty Has Made Himself Comfortable

Image credits: mareastra

#22 I’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing This Kitten Sleeping On Kleenex

Image credits: [deleted]

#23 My 18 Year Old Girl And Having A Well Deserved Rest

Image credits: MayNotBeMyTale

#24 He Does This Every Time I Make The Bed

Image credits: iiya

#25 Triple Take!

Image credits: tubbybubbies

#26 How Purrrfect Is My Little Will?

Image credits: MadalinaMadalin

#27 My Special Little Girl Havin A Lil Nap With Me

Image credits: GuyOnZeCouch92

#28 I Went To Tuck In My Daughter Only To Find This Kittycatcat Had Already Taken Her Place And Gone To Bed

Image credits: ilencalot

#29 Thought I Had Lost My Kitten! I Looked Everywhere For Her, Calling Her Name For 15 Minutes. Turns Out, She Just Went And Tucked Herself Into My Blanket For A Little Cat Nap!! ??

Image credits: newkittenmama

#30 Tuna Sleeps Like A Hooman

Image credits: xthatcatladyx

#31 Found This Little One In A Pvc Pipe In My Backyard. Now She Is Helping Me Win Vidya Games!

Image credits: AllieLikesReddit

#32 New Addition To The Family. Meet, Goose..

Image credits: zzzachsquatch

#33 Illegally Smol Tucked In Kitten

Image credits: Sarikiller26

#34 After A Bath Because She Knocked Over The Maple Syrup And Rolled Around In It

Image credits: Legion_of_mary

#35 Popcorn Tucked In After A Long Hard Day Of Doing Nothing

Image credits: Cheesepops

#36 When We Were Looking For New Roommates, I Put This Photo In The Ad. Safe To Say It Didn’t Take Long To Find Roommates

Image credits: privatevixen

#37 Catto Is Ready For Bed. Night Night

Image credits: [deleted]

#38 Winter And I Hit The Snooze Button For A Few Extra Minutes This Morning

Image credits: Mr_426

#39 My Hooman Kept Me Warm

Image credits: sophie_iRobot

#40 Cozy On The Way Home After A Teeth Cleaning!

Image credits: x_Teferi_x

#41 Woke Up To Him Pushing His Way Under The Covers, Then He Turned Around And Stuck His Little Head Out!

Image credits: Smelly_Banana

#42 This Is Princess. She’s So Tolerant Of My Daughter Tucking Her In. Princess Is 14

Image credits: -jspace-

#43 You Don’t Even Know How Comfy I Am Right Now….

Image credits: happylife01

#44 Cat Ready To Sleep. Goodnight Reddit

Image credits: OutrageousEase

#45 Forgot To Turn The Heating On In The Morning, Came Home To This

Image credits: Pascirex

#46 My Boyfriend Tucked Him In As A Joke. It’s Been Over An Hour And He Still Hasn’t Moved

Image credits: kaikaboom

#47 Just Found This Sub And I Have The Perfect Picture

Image credits: 6 months ago

#48 Found My Boy All Tucked In On His Own, Fast Asleep. I Guess I Won’t Be Making My Bed Right Now

Image credits: jodellemicahferland

#49 A King Bed Fit For A King

Image credits: kelleycatruns

#50 It’s Tuna’s Day Off. Please Do Not Disturb

Image credits: RezraRoze


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