People Love to Pet This Dog in Prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, was built between 1357 and 1402. In the middle of the bridge stands a bronze statue of Saint John of Nepomuk, who was a priest in Prague during the time the bridge was being built. John heard the confessions of the king’s wife, and the king wanted to know all about it. John would not divulge the contents of a confession, so the king had him thrown off the bridge to his death in the Vltava River. The statue was installed in 1683.

At the base of the statue are two bronze plaques. One depicts the priest being thrown to his death in 1393. The other depicts a knight petting a dog, although no one really knows why. It has long been said that touching these plaques will bring good luck, but in the 20th century, visitors to the statue began focusing on touching the dog, as if to pet it. That’s why this good boy shines brightly compared to the other imagery in both the plaques. Read more about this often-touched plaque at My Modern Met.  -via reddit

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Source: neatorama

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