People On This Group Are Shaming ‘Neckbeards’, And Here Are 100 Of Their Best Posts (New Pics)

Far from everyone that you’ll meet online will be a polite, understanding, and upstanding member of society. What a shocker, we know! Some of the most arrogant, misogynistic, insecure people that you’ll find online are being called ‘neckbeards,’ and they spread their warped view of reality every chance they get on social media.

Just because you have an actual neckbeard or you like anime doesn’t actually make you, well, a neckbeard. However, the infamous neckbeards are stereotypically portrayed with beards on their necks, wearing fedoras, and sometimes even wielding katanas (made of steel folded 1,000,000 times, of course) while doing anime poses. But what makes neckbeards unique is their raging hatred of women, society, and themselves. To them, they’re ‘perfect’ as they are—the world is wrong, and has to adapt to their norms. And the worst of the bunch end up getting shamed on the r/justneckbeardthings subreddit.

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An online community of 903k+ members, it gently pokes fun at the most toxic people you’ll meet on the interwebz. They’re loud. They have no idea how to be polite. And they’ve got the emotional range of teaspoons, with zeroes where their emotional intelligence scores should be. Scroll down for the worst neckbeards to be found online.

Bored Panda got in touch with comedy writer and author Ariane Sherine, who is an active social media user and has been on Twitter for over 13 years, to hear her take on neckbeards, how to deal with them, and whether there’s any hope for guys who behave awfully on the internet and in real-life. Unfortunately, she’s had to deal with a lot of nasty guys online who tried to mansplain stuff to her. Read on for the full exclusive interview and to learn why it’s best not to argue with people like that.

We hope you’re not allergic to fedoras, Doritos, and Mountain Dew, dear Pandas, because things are about to get intense! And when you’re done with this list, take a peek at Bored Panda’s previous feature of ‘Just Neckbeard Things’ right over here.

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#1 Sorry Ladies, They’re Picky

Image credits: TheNotSoFreshFeeling

#2 “Alpha Male”

Image credits: Jezurin

#3 Imagine Putting Those Skills To Good Use

Image credits: slashinghunter45

Social media pro and comedy writer Ariane, from the UK, shared with Bored Panda her take as to why neckbeards have so much arrogance and why they look down on women. 

“I think it all stems from insecurity as well as sadness and rage that women aren’t interested in them. I’ve met lots of guys like this on Twitter and it’s quite depressing to witness. I love the ‘thank you for your opinion, random man’ meme because it perfectly sums up their mansplaining,” she told us.

#4 “Unlike The Average Woman”

Image credits: ntlane2004

#5 Natural Birth Control

Image credits: GreyDeLisle

#6 This Ain’t His First Rodeo. Taking Notes?

Image credits: Sixunderground00

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Ariane believes that life’s far too short to argue with neckbeards online. She either mutes them or blocks them. Meanwhile, she explained what to do if rudeness and harassment turn into stalking.

“I had a stalker online and just blocked them on every social platform until they ran out of ways to contact me. But if they’re making threats then you need to contact the police,” she urged people to consider contacting law enforcement if things are getting out of hand.

#7 As A Former Neckbeard Myself, This Is A True Story

Image credits: ntlane2004

#8 Who Could This Be?

Image credits: L_Rocks_Well

#9 I Am Getting Vibes From This

Image credits: Opening_Gazelle

We were curious if Ariane believes there’s any hope for neckbeards and how someone with awful behavior (both online and in real life) can become more aware of the impact their actions are having on everyone else.

“Sadly it’s all contingent upon them taking feedback on board and becoming a nicer person in response to criticism. Few guys like this are willing to do that—they tend to be more likely to double down when confronted, especially if the person criticizing them is a woman. It’s better to cut your losses and not waste your time,” the comedy writer and social media expert told Bored Panda that these sorts of guys tend to get defensive and it’s often not worth the effort to try and help them.

#10 A Tale Of Two Tweets

Image credits: Hadiriyo

#11 ~ Maidenless ~ Logic: If You’re Famous You’re Going To Get Stalkers And You Deserve It.

Image credits: verdeaus

#12 Picture Says It All

Image credits: KEEMSTAR

Founded all the way back in 2013, the ‘Just Neckbeard Things’ subreddit has carved out a sizeable niche for itself. They mock “those who adorn their necks with proud man fur,” but they know where to draw the line. There’s absolutely no tolerance for bullying or witch-hunts.

Despite the fact that someone might be an utter jerk with the social manners of a troglodyte online, they don’t deserve to be bombarded with hate. You never know if someone’s managed to turn their life around by now: they might cringe at their own posts from way back in the day as much as the screenshots make the r/justneckbeardthings community cringe. Nobody should have to stoop down to the level of neckbeards, you have to rise above that impulse.

#13 Does This Apply Here?

Image credits: NeverWill-ICeaseToBe

#14 Even Elephants Can Be Neckbeards

Image credits: GoodMoleman2You

#15 I Cant Begin To Describe How Much This Shit Gets On My Nerves

Image credits: mooonbride

The subreddit also frowns upon content reposts, people acting like actual neckbeards, and everyone who isn’t nice to turtles. Remember folks, turtles are our friends, not food!

According to Urban Dictionary, neckbeards tend to have an inflated sense of self-worth, are extremely entitled, and feel like women ‘owe’ them attention, affection, and other things.

“The name is a reference to the poor grooming and hygiene standards typically held by such men, with the result that their facial hair is unkempt and extends down their neck. At the core, neckbeards’ inflated egos and misogynistic attitudes towards women serve as a coping mechanism for personal insecurity and a lack of self-confidence,” Urban Dictionary explains.

#16 Dew You Accept M’offering?

Image credits: Gloompoodle

#17 “Be Careful Because I Will Knock” Absolutely Disgusting

Image credits: left_the_oven_on_

#18 Imagine Getting This Card From A Fedora Guy In Public

Image credits: Gamerfaith

“Such an attitude allows them to place the blame for their failed social interactions on others rather than undertake self-examination and improvement.” Usually, neckbeards believe that women should be subservient to them and they have very unrealistic expectations of what romantic relationships ‘should’ be like. In short, they want the world to laud them as people who are absolutely wonderful and worthy of love, yet they don’t take the steps to improve themselves to be worthy of that kind of stardom.

One of the most iconic pieces of attire that neckbeards wear is the fedora. You see, they view themselves as “respectable gentlemen” though, in reality, they’re timid keyboard warriors who need to eat better, exercise more, and take better care of their lives. Ironically, they treat others the way they treat their bodies—poorly.

#19 This Is How I Was Congratulated On My Engagement

Image credits: LittleAlien777

#20 Darn Succubus…

Image credits: durbikins

#21 Dude, You Stink

Image credits: Throwaway-0364

Earlier, Bored Panda spoke about self-improvement with fitness expert and entrepreneur Jack Bly, who told us about losing weight, dieting, exercising, and living a higher quality life.

“The foods you are eating need to be high in protein and high volume in order to fill you up,” he said that constantly feeling hungry will mean that you’re more likely to fall back into your bad eating and snacking habits. You have to feel full in order to progress towards your fitness goals.

According to the fitness expert, anyone who’s looking to lose a bit of weight should prioritize weightlifting. In his opinion, doing this alongside some cardio is optimal.

#22 And It Shows

Image credits: Wrent_Balker

#23 I Get Real *”If A Neckbeard Had A Girlfriend” Vibe From This Guy

Image credits: G0dzilla11

#24 What Neckbeards Think Is Currently Going On In Japan

Image credits: LuckyHistorian

“Weight lifting is more of the ‘long term fix’ as when you put on muscle mass, your body burns more calories just at rest. Thus, this makes it much easier to burn fat and keep it off long term,” he explained to Bored Panda.

“Get very clear on the CHOICE,” fitness expert Jack told us that the people dissatisfied with their lives have to take a good hard look at what their lives are like now, and where they want to end up in the near future.

“You can endure the pain of workouts and different eating habits OR you can endure the pain of obesity, brain fog, poor mood, early death, low energy, medical bills, and low confidence,” he was very blunt that, in his view, “it isn’t much of a choice at the end of the day.”

#25 Freudian Slip

Image credits: Pretend_Dependent_60

#26 Tell Me You’re A Piece Of Sh** Without Telling Me You Are One

Image credits: lilacpulse

#27 Don’t Normalize Healthy Relationships

Image credits: Insendi

A lot of people can feel embarrassed by their past mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, and we all have to make a ton of mistakes to (hopefully) end up going down the right path. Psychologist Lee Chambers explained to Bored Panda that laughter is a powerful tool that helps us fight back against intense feelings of embarrassment, whatever the source might be.

“If the feelings are intense, try taking a few slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, calming your nervous system and physiological response. In a similar way to laughter, smiling can be effective in shifting your state to the positive. There are times when playing down or even ignoring the feelings can be helpful in the moment, taking the edge off, but it is important that you accept them and express them if it’s something significant,” the mental health expert shared with Bored Panda that it’s important for individuals to try and embrace uncomfortable feelings instead of developing the habit of running away from them.

#28 Your Eggs Are Gonna Dry Up At Forty

Image credits: sourest_of_grapes

#29 How Charming

Image credits: CosmicOli

#30 Neckbeard Enjoys Anime On A Higher Level Than You Females

Image credits: GoodMoleman2You

“Because the feelings of embarrassment are generated from a past event, anything that brings you into the present moment can bring relief. Try to avoid saying sorry, as it will keep taking you back to the moment. You can even keep your biggest embarrassing moments top of mind, having reflected and realized that in hindsight, they weren’t as big an issue as you felt at the time,” he said.

“We can even reflect back on our blunders from the past, and with the emotion dampened, take some of the lessons and observations forward for next time we feel like we’ve messed up. By doing this, you will feel more courage even when the fear of embarrassment strikes, and sharing these stories will elicit others to share, quickly realizing we are not alone, and that nobody is perfect,” Lee explained that being vulnerable with others about one’s mistakes and imperfections can help forge genuine connections.

#31 That’s Exactly How I Imagine They Think They Are Entitled To A Relationship And Sex

Image credits: SaltWithMyWounds

#32 Neckbeard Wants Pokimane As Sugar Mama

Image credits: Nearby_Secretary_384

#33 Ah, Yes, Only Men Are True Artists…

Image credits: CookbooksRUs

#34 Elon Said It So It Must Be True.

Image credits: Puffthecarrier1

#35 Anon Should Go Back Into The Hole He Crept Out Of

Image credits: bukkake-bill

#36 Found In The Wild

Image credits: Mechanicleyse

#37 Attention Ladies!

Image credits: nathanotn

#38 Femanon Doesn’t Recycle

Image credits: Classic-Ad-810

#39 If Only We All Could Be So Honoured

Image credits: regian24

#40 Fuck You Then

Image credits: BelvWnzel

#41 Excel Has Always Been A Problem For Me.

Image credits: rumhauence

#42 Wanting To Take Advantage Of Foreign Women

Image credits: Khorsow

#43 It Always Starts With ‘Fun Fact:’

Image credits: ntlane2004

#44 This Is The Most Neck Beardiest Thing I’ve Seen In A While. The Second Picture Is His, Telling Her She Has A Long Way To Go

Image credits: Under_Ach1ever

#45 Be Into Wearing Costumes In Bed

Image credits: swholzk

#46 No Way Is This Guy Under 30

Image credits: GM_vs_Technicality

#47 A Common Theme I’ve Been Seeing Among The Bearded Necks.

Image credits: RumpleMy_Stiltskin

#48 Average Neckbeard

Image credits: https_abdou

#49 This Guy Dmed Me (14f) On Insta And Then I Saw This On His Page And Blocked Him

Image credits: mademoiselle___

#50 This Neckbeard Used One Cheap Trick To Change His Body. Doctors Hate Him!

Image credits: Vivid_Reporter5084

#51 Maybe Don’t Have Kids

Image credits: AlwaysAngryFox

#52 A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

Image credits: kanna172014

#53 What They Think About

Image credits: ATMACS

#54 How Does This Man Have A Doctorate?

Image credits: bjangls

#55 Hella Neckbeard Vibes From This One

Image credits: No-Expression-5040

#56 The Most High Effort Title Of All Time Yall. Geek Girls Are Valid. Neckbeards Are Not Valid

Image credits: atomant88

#57 Was About To Log Off When This Appeared In My Feed

Image credits: Snarky8393

#58 Nah Man You Definitely Have A Chance I Promise

Image credits: Rish_Pras

#59 No Tf They Didn’t

Image credits: Ekphras

#60 Not Your Typical Neckbeard Looks-Wise, But I’m Getting The Energy

Image credits: Music_Phasic

#61 Experience The Finer Things In Life

Image credits: skweeps

#62 There Is Someone Out There For Everyone, Try To Look You’re Best And Get A Better Mindset And You’ll Find Your Partner In No Time

Image credits: Dum-Gum

#63 This Guy Wanted His Maid To Dress Up As A Neko Maid… And Somehow Isn’t A Troll

Image credits: CockroachEarly

#64 Getting Mad Over….boobs In A Kids Game?

Image credits: crestren

#65 I Wonder If There’s Possibly *any* Other Reason Girls Aren’t Dating This 5’8” Guy

Image credits: JumpCareless321

#66 Keemstar Keeming…

Image credits: salamander_eye

#67 Uncomfortable Truths: Neckbeard Edition

Image credits: GoodMoleman2You

#68 You Have A Boyfriend? Is He A Chad?

Image credits: GoingSom3where

#69 Average Hentai Addict

Image credits: creamofbatsoup

#70 Red Flag = Vegan / Green Flag = Steak Fajita Enthusiast

Image credits: The_Important_Stuff

#71 Damn Those Vikings And Their *checks Notes* Clean & Handsome Ways….

Image credits: exfamilia

#72 Just A Reminder That This Hot Take Exists

Image credits: Lo-Fi_Kuzco

#73 “The Nice Guys”

Image credits: Wilfinity

#74 Comment On A Painting Of Joan Of Arc….

Image credits: gr8beautifultomorrow

#75 Christian Movie Actor Celebrates His Girlfriend’s 18th Birthday

Image credits: FenrirIII

#76 So Apparently ‘No Thanks’ Is Arguing Now… There’s No Winning With These Guys Is There?

Image credits: regian24

#77 Spotted One While Watching A Video On Self-Defense Shootings…

Image credits: eviltwintomboy

#78 “Freshly Packed From A Factory”

Image credits: ntlane2004

#79 What Does This Even Mean…

Image credits: Maleficent-Abalone-2

#80 Luke Is Lazy

Image credits: Foltzie88

#81 Pretty Much Sums Up Neckbeards

Image credits: Cookyy2k

#82 Lois Griffin Is The Worst Because She Won’t Let Her Dog And Her Neighbor Bone Her

Image credits: xolanderxo

#83 Dressing Sexy Is Actually Tactical!

Image credits: Stopthelemurs

#84 Imagine Stooping So Low In Life That You Ask A 15 Year Old Girl Who Wore A Hentai Shirt For Shits And Giggles To Send You Nudes In The Most Threatening Way Possible

Image credits: jsmithlbf

#85 This Is Just Depressing

Image credits: GoodMoleman2You

#86 Fire This Man & Put Him On A List

Image credits: donk_kronk

#87 Why Japanese Hentai Is Serious Business For Incel Weaboos

Image credits: Fast_Owl_5958

#88 4chan Guy Wants A Cute Asian Waifu

Image credits: LoudVolume

#89 The Stupidity! It Burnsss!

Image credits:

#90 Honesty Goes A Long Way

Image credits: ntlane2004

#91 The Comments Are Just As Bad As You Can Imagine

Image credits: Hornyduck0615

#92 Not Sure If This Belongs But Oh Well

Image credits: Plants2003

#93 Woman: *harmless Gym Joke* Neckbeards: “At Least I Don’t Get Raped!”

Image credits: MandrakeThePancake

#94 Is Female? Make Assumption

Image credits: FireFlavour

#95 Yeah Buddy, You Not Being Able To Get A Date Is Exactly The Same As 9/11

Image credits: grichardson526

#96 You Can Almost See The Dorito Stains On This One

Image credits: GoodMoleman2You

#97 Racist Neckbeard Gatekeeps Rock Music

Image credits: GoodMoleman2You

#98 It Can’t Possibly Be The Guys Fault

Image credits: Tallskinnyswede

#99 Weird Incels Having Racist Fetishes

Image credits: Fish_Fortner

#100 What Makes You Think Any Woman Would Even Want You?

Image credits: crestren


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