People On This Group Are Sharing Things That Mildly Annoy Them, And Here Are 52 Of The Worst Ones

Some seemingly innocent things can be surprisingly bothersome, as anyone who’s ever seen a KitKat bar being bitten into or a pizza being sliced in a weird way can attest. These are just a couple of examples of what can cause the vein on people’s foreheads to pop or at least make them want to fix whatever it is that’s bothering them.

An abundance of such ‘Mildly Annoying’ things can be found on the subreddit titled exactly that. With nearly three thousand members, it is home to a vast collection of images covering all sorts of irritating things and situations. Scroll down to find them, but view them at your own risk, as they might make you quite annoyed just by looking at them.

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#1 I Just Wanted A Piece Of Tape

Image credits: ScuttleSE

#2 This Isn’t How You Use A Bookcase!

Image credits: mrsthompsoon

#3 Yum! Sourdough… Hole?

Image credits: MindingMine

#4 Can I Be Bothered Bending Down To Swap Them? Had To In The End. Couldn’t Stand It

Image credits: whooyeah

#5 The Toilet In The Local Brewery

Image credits: MossytheMagnificent

#6 So I’ve Been Ordering Pizza At This Small Local Place For Years, They Got A New Guy Last Week

Image credits: Bulky-Computer-6299

#7 The 6’s Are Not The Same

Image credits: lainwla16

#8 I Just Wanted Some Coke

Image credits: HomocidalBunny

#9 Postman Gives A Zero F**ks

Image credits: jakednake

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#10 This Guys Headphone Situation

Image credits: rivo-l

#11 Opened Up A Pack Of Skittles And Saw This

Image credits: theTRUEChEeSeMaN

#12 This Temperature Control On My Slow Cooker

Image credits: sluggerb

#13 Mistaking A Hearing Aid For Fake AirPods

Image credits: jakednake

#14 The Varying Lengths Of These Lines

Image credits: Duckie1713

#15 This

Image credits: fegefafufu

#16 Nooooooo

Image credits: JosZo

#17 These Lights Are Not Lined Up

Image credits: Steady_Aim

#18 I Guess It’s A Pattern?

Image credits: ZeeMan89

#19 So Close

Image credits: BogusDuck

#20 Bird Poop On The Garden Hose Nozzle

Image credits: Ignatz_42

#21 It’s Not A Square

Image credits: zenith66

#22 The Way These Windows Were Installed

Image credits: ZL42

#23 Can’t Remove This Label

Image credits: wayl

#24 The Worst Cork Material…ever!

Image credits: DefiantCondor

#25 This Security Question

Image credits:

#26 My The Time I Got This Packaging Open I Also Needed A Xanax. One Little Pill!!!

Image credits: Caesar100

#27 This Shelf Gives Me Anxiety

Image credits: CheesyRadish

#28 This Restaurant’s Takeout “Chips” Are Literally Half Tacos. Not Even Broken Up Like Proper Chips. I Can’t Fit This Is My Big Mouth

Image credits: Scarlet109

#29 Politicians In Indiana Can’t Even Get On The Same Page When It Comes To Time Zones

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#30 Someone Scratched Of The WiFi Sticker In The Cafe To The Point Where U Can Barely Read It

Image credits: ThouNickle

#31 The Silver Foil Didn’t Come Off The Milk Thing

Image credits: TheGamerWithMore

#32 The 8 In My Math Test

Image credits: the-good-dm

#33 Kinda Hard To Drink Out Of A Sealed Straw

Image credits: naysay3rr

#34 Opened My Cabinet To Find My Favorite Bowl Randomly Split In Half

Image credits: FknRepunsel

#35 Lifesaver Without The One Thing It’s Supposed To Have

Image credits: undead-doorsman

#36 Bought A New Pen, Only Had A Couple Pages Worth Of Ink In It

Image credits: Wandering-Vagrant

#37 People Who Do This

Image credits: ChulaCharlie

#38 That Is My Package. That Is Not My House

Image credits: lungbuttersucker

#39 My Box Of Tissues Hasn’t Been Cut Properly, Meaning That I Either Carefully Pull Apart Each Tissue (Using Both Hands), Or End Up With A Handful Of Confetti

Image credits: Plumb789

#40 I Was In The Process Of Renting A Movie When I Noticed This. There Is No Other Quality Options Available

Image credits: cat-man-

#41 There’s No Exit In The Maze Just Look Closer

Image credits: Polar_ice_101

#42 This Post Was Agonisingly Close To The Centre Of The Tree!

Image credits: Rudle455

#43 The Tube Cap Lacks The Puncture Spike For This Glue

Image credits: garaboly

#44 The Tiles From My Wall To My Floor

Image credits: blikblikkyuh

#45 Either Let It Finish, Or Hit “Clear,” You Mouthbreathers

Image credits: OldManBrodie

#46 My TV Remote Has An Ad Moulded Into The Plastic

Image credits: FilthFlarnFilth

#47 Door Opens Outwards

Image credits:

#48 Who Are These People Targeting? Who The Hell Has $500 In Subscriptions They Just Aren’t Using?

Image credits:

#49 The Larger The Pack, The More Expensive It Gets

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#50 The Way The Levels Of Spicy Heat Are Arranged

Image credits: h2opolopunk

#51 Cannot Unsee In The Bathroom At Work. Spot The Tile!

Image credits: Doctors_Companion01

#52 It’s Supposed To Be The Same Item But The Photos Have Different Numbers Of Shelves

Image credits: _who_farted_


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