People Online Are Cracking Up At How Foo Fighters Trolled Westboro Baptist Church Protesters With Disco Music

Picketing is a pretty common activity that people use to draw attention to some major and crucial issues. But is that the only reason why people go to protests? Usually, pickets are driven by anger with the current situation and desire to change it. It unites people who have the same views and express similar emotions towards the issue. Sometimes protests are necessary to finally acknowledge a certain problem, but sometimes these are simply used to confront people and to spread hatred.

Recently Twitter user @Talkie86 shared a video where members of Westboro Baptist Church were picketing right before the concert of the rock band Foo Fighters.

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The American rock band Foo Fighters were met by Westboro Baptist Church members, who are known for their extreme views

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The band’s performance was scheduled for Thursday, August 5th, in Kansas.

The video shows protesters were already ready and standing with signs stating “God hates your idols,” “God hates pride,” “Free will is a satanic lie,” etc. when Foo Fighters arrived in a flatbed truck, playing disco. Dressed up as Dee Gees, inspired by the band Bee Gees, the band was ready to talk to the protesters.

Image credits: Talkie86

Foo Fighters member Dave Grohl addressed people by stating: “This is not what you’re supposed to do. Can’t you just love everybody?” As he got everybody’s attention, he continued, “You shouldn’t be hating. You know what y’all should be doing? You should be dancing!”

It seems that no matter how into protesting a person is, it is hard to resist a good beat. As the band played “You Should Be Dancing,” one of the protesters, a woman in a red shirt, was “caught” actually dancing to the song.

The band was prepared to meet the protesters with a speech and a song: “You shouldn’t be hating. You should be dancing!”

Image credits: Talkie86

This isn’t the first time the band has had to repel Westboro Baptist Church protesters in a funny manner. In 2011, after Foo Fighters released a song called “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns),” they became a picketing target of Westboro Baptists. According to them, the band promoted anti-Christian values and the LGBTQ lifestyle. Foo Fighters responded to this by playing the song in front of their church.

Image credits: Talkie86

Westboro Baptist Church is known for its pickets against gay people, anti-Americans, and people of various religions. This active hate group has held protests at military funerals as well as celebrity funerals and public events.

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A Twitter user shared a video showing the encounter between protesters and the band

People online also shared their thoughts on the situation

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Westboro Baptist Church is known as a hate group

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