People Share 104 ‘Then And Now’ Pics To Show How Time Changes Everything (New Pics)

Rephotography is the act of repeat photography at the same site, with a time gap between the two images; the so-called “then and now” view of a particular area.

Some of these images are pretty casual in terms of their artistic expression, usually taken from the same viewpoint but without trying to recreate the same “vibe” of the original shot. Others, however, are produced very precisely. Either way, they provide very interesting insights into the passage of time and its effect on the world.

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Hands down, the best online archive of such pictures is the subreddit r/OldPhotosInRealLife. Natural wonders, urban settlements, you name it, it has it all. Continue scrolling to check out the most popular recent posts among its members, and be sure to check out our earlier publications on the subreddit here, here, and here when you’re done, too.

#1 1980s And Nowadays, Forestation By Hikmet Kaya In Turkey

Image credits: Mahammad_Mammadli

#2 Haarlemmerdijk Street In Amsterdam, Netherlands (1971 And 2020)

Image credits: Mackelowsky

#3 1910 Great Flood Of Paris

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#4 Tiergarten, Berlin (1945 & 2021)

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#5 My House – Lillington, Nc – 1914 And Last Year

Image credits: aarontodd82

#6 Manhattan In 1851 And Today

Image credits: ParaMike46

#7 A German Aa Battery In Aasenfjord, Norway. A Transparent Screen With A Photo From The War Is Placed So You Can See What It Looked Like When New

Image credits: Anderssorte

#8 Kharkiv, Ukraine 2015 And 2022

Image credits: Twizzyu

#9 Positano, Italy A Century Apart (1920/2022)

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Image credits: smartfuse

#10 Boston – Elevated Highway Moved Underground, Replaced With Green Space. (1990s V. 2010s)

Image credits: rrsafety

#11 Roman Theatre Of Cartagena (Province Of Murcia, Spain) 1991 vs. 2021

Image credits: dctroll_

#12 Besikli Cave Tomb In Hatay, Turkey

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#13 1946 vs. 2021 – Poznań, Poland

Image credits: DataOperator

#14 Butchery Lane, Canterbury, In 1895, 1920, 1992 And 2022

Image credits: cricklecoux

#15 Ent To NYC And Had A Free Day So I Visited Some Iconic Album Cover Locations

Image credits: bloon18

#16 This Is A Photo My Great Grandfather Took In Youngstown In 1951 And A Photo I Took Yesterday

Image credits: Sclusive88

#17 Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. 100 Years Apart

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#18 Redlands Fire Department Group Photo 1958 And 2012 @ Intersection Of 35 Cajon St, Redlands, Ca

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#19 Mount Rushmore (1905-2019)

Image credits: Maniso

#20 Poznań Old Square – Ww2 vs. 2021

Image credits: DataOperator

#21 Roman Forum (Rome, Italy) Before 1864 vs. Today

Image credits: dctroll_

#22 Gooderham Flatiron Building, Toronto (1895 vs. Today)

Image credits: jayatil2

#23 Baroli Temples, Baroli, Rajasthan, India. Built 10th Century Ce. Sketch From 1850 And Picture From 2018

Image credits: 1NbSHXj3

#24 1916 vs. Now- Verdun Battlefield, France

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#25 1000 Year Old Toghrol Tower In The City Of Rey, Iran. First Photo Taken In 1840’s

Image credits: JohnBernhisel

#26 Torun, Poland

Image credits: KomisarzLudowy

#27 Loket, Czech Republice 1900 And 2019

Image credits: T-Pack

#28 Vishram Ghat – Mathura, India

Image credits: sonsofearth

#29 The Ancient Theatre Of Delphi, Greece

Image credits: unyatayo

#30 Süreyya Beach In 1940s And Nowadays, Istanbul

Image credits: Mahammad_Mammadli

#31 Minami-Sanriku (Japan) 2011 vs. 2020

Image credits: dctroll_

#32 Roman Theatre Of Mérida (Extremadura, Spain) Around 1912 vs. 2018

Image credits: dctroll_

#33 St.andrew’s Church, Kyiv, Ukraine. Then And Now

Image credits: VikMo91

#34 1878 – 2022. Tetons. Not Much Has Really Changed In This Photo. But I Still Think It’s Neat

Image credits: andeo1996

#35 Twa Terminal In Jfk In 1968. Now A Hotel Lobby

Image credits: cfanone

#36 Fascism To Kebabs, Durham 1934 V 2020

Image credits: DanLT1

#37 Sarajevo 1996 vs. 2012

Image credits: dctroll

#38 Shahabad Castle, Rampur, India. 1911 And 2021

Image credits: 1NbSHXj3

#39 Pantheon (Rome, Italy) 1871 vs. 2019

Image credits: dctroll_

#40 U.S. Patent Office In 1924 vs. 2018 (Now The The National Portrait Gallery And American Art Museum)

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#41 10 Years In Detroit. 2009 And 2019. House Proud Lawn Mowing To Abandoned Debris

Image credits: Christopherfromtheuk

#42 Elio Callistio Square (Rome, Italy). Around 1900 vs. 2017

Image credits: dctroll_

#43 Prague, Czechia

Image credits: butterscotchland

#44 Quai D’anjou, Paris. 1926 (Eugene Atget) And 2020 (Me)

Image credits: Historic_Owl

#45 1930s vs. 2021, Same Location, Ona Lighthouse, Norway. Lighthouse Constructed In 1867 And Still Active

Image credits: JoarEJ

#46 Chaukhandi Stupa, Sarnath, India. Originally Built Between 4th And 6th Centuries By Gupta Dynasty To Mark The Site Where Buddha And His First Disciples Met. Octagonal Tower Was Added In 1588 By Raja Todar Mal To Commemorate The Visit Of Mughal Humayun. Photos From 1860 And 2020

Image credits: 1NbSHXj3

#47 Oxford Street, London – 1941 vs. 2022

Image credits: CountLippe

#48 Avril Lavigne’s First Album Shoot 2022 vs. 2002

Image credits: Assbait93

#49 San Francisco 1920 And 2020

Image credits: Redditmemebotlol

#50 Intersection Of Beaufait And Darby Avenues, Porter Ranch, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles – From A Scene In “E.t.” In 1982 And In 2022

Image credits: theemmyk

#51 Trevi Fountain, Rome

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#52 Pollok House Gardens, Glasgow, 1908 And 2022

Image credits: OliverAJHunt

#53 Lombard Street San Francisco 1920s And Today

Image credits: mrl33602

#54 Fifth Avenue From 34th Street In NYC, Around 1912 And 2016

Image credits: ceaselesslyintopast

#55 The Road To Grandfather Mountain Today (June 2, 2022) And When Forest Gump Ran There In 1976

Image credits: ikemrrogers

#56 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#57 NYC: 8th Ave/32nd St (Penn Station & Msg), 1910 (Colorized) vs. 2019

Image credits: TheSandPeople

#58 Hilltop View Of El Paso Texas, 1880s vs. 2010s

Image credits: No-Information6658

#59 Before 9/11 And After 2015

Image credits: rafaelpascini

#60 The First McDonald’s In Worcester – 1964 vs. 2021

Image credits: Garchy 3

#61 Hawa Mahal In Jaipur, India (1895 And 2021)

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#62 Tomb Of Mughal Adham Khan And His Mother Maham Anga. Delhi, India. Built 1562. In 1830s, A British Officer Named Blake Of Bengal Civil Service, Converted This Tomb Into His Residential Apartment And Removed The Graves To Make His Dining Hall. Only The Grave Of Adham Was Restored By Curzon In 1901

Image credits: 1NbSHXj3

#63 Waterford, Ireland – 1910 vs. Today – Markets Took Place In This Little Village As Far Back As 1680

Image credits: Jamiegrr

#64 Churfürstliche Fuchsjagd, Tiergarten, Berlin (1945 And 2020)

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#65 Salem Street Jail | Salem Ma | 1992 & 2021

Image credits: Devi8tor

#66 Market & Castro Street, San Francisco, Ca (1920 And 2019)

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#67 The Dining Cars Cafe In Buellton, California. Open From 1946 To 1958, The Diner Incorporated Two Former La Streetcars Into Its Architecture. It Had Been Closed For Almost Two Decades By The Time The Top Photo Was Taken. (1976 vs. 2012)

Image credits: TheBitterSeason

#68 Downtown Toronto (1953 vs. 2017)

Image credits: jayatil2

#69 Ray Liotta And Joe Pesci Outside A Queens, NY Diner In The Movie Goodfellas (Filmed In 1989)

Image credits: HarryKnots

#70 Church Of The Redeemer In Toronto, 98 Years Apart

Image credits: jayatil2

#71 Ransom Gillis House Detroit

Image credits: hybr_dy

#72 Rail Station In Bak, Poland 1930 And 2004

Image credits: Cats_rock_dogs

#73 Ypres, Belgium During Ww1. How It Looks Today

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#74 The 2100 Year Old Chaitya Hall Of Ajanta Cave 10 In Maharashtra, India. As Seen In 1839 And As Seen Now

Image credits: reeeeeeeeeetarded

#75 Corner Of School And Main Streets, Brockton, Massachusetts In 1940 vs. 2018. (1940 Photo By Jack Delano Via Library Of Congress.)

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#76 San Jacinto Plaza, El Paso, Tx. 1900ish vs. 2022 (Not The Same Angle But Close Enough)

Image credits: Jtown575

#77 Gonzales County Courthouse Gonzales, Texas. (1939 And Today)

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#78 Smith Square, Westminster – 1920s vs. 2022

Image credits: CountLippe

#79 Buddhist Pagoda, Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India. Brought To Kolkata In 1854 From Prome, Burma By Lord Dalhousie As A War Trophy After 2nd Anglo-Burmese War. Built 1852. Photos From 1885 And 2019

Image credits: 1NbSHXj3

#80 Monaco In To Catch A Thief In 1955 And In 2021

Image credits: BricksHaveBeenShat

#81 Michigan Supreme Court Judge James V Campbell’s House, 261 Alfred St, Detroit, Mi (1882 And 2017)

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#82 Mulberry Street, Little Italy, Manhattan – 1900 & Now

Image credits: DavidDunne

#83 The View From The Empire State Building In 1931 And 2011

Image credits: ceaselesslyintopast

#84 The TV Western ‘Gunsmoke’ Ran For 20 Years From 1955 Until 1975 With 635 Episodes. Below Is A Picture Of The Set During Filming And Again As It Appears Today

Image credits: mrl33602

#85 Manikesvara Temple, Lakkundi, India (1880 And 2017)

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#86 Hiran Minar Or Ivory Tower, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, India. Built By Mughal Emperor Akbar Between 1571 – 1585. Photos From 1893 And 2019

Image credits: 1NbSHXj3

#87 Qingdao 1914 – 2022

Image credits: davidauz

#88 A Hallway In My High School, 1973 vs. 2022

Image credits: hhthepuppy

#89 The Hotel Kaaterskill On A Mountaintop In The Catskills Of New York, Around 1900-05 And The Scene In 2021

Image credits: ceaselesslyintopast

#90 Eastwick, Philadelphia, 1927 (Colorized) vs. 2022

Image credits: TheSandPeople

#91 Colossal Statues Of Varaha Lifting Bhudevi (Earth), (11 Feet High) And Vishnu (Back, 13 Feet High). Carved Between 500-600 Ce. Eran, Madhya Pradesh, India. Photos From 1893 And 2018

Image credits: 1NbSHXj3

#92 The Day The Sky Turned Orange In San Francisco vs. Today

Image credits: okgusto

#93 Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love With Frances Bean In 1992 At Their Hollywood Heights Home

Image credits: thebandwashere

#94 Random Street Corner In Queens, NY (Date Unknown)

Image credits: HarryKnots

#95 The Ontario Legislative Building In Canada – 1981 And 2022

Image credits: dennismarr

#96 Hong Kong Harbour. Hms Indomitable, September 1945 vs. Today

Image credits: mikeh117

#97 1921-2020 Ogden, Utah

Image credits: andeo1996

#98 A Group Of Child Laborers At The Indian Orchard Manufacturing Company In Springfield Mass In 1911, And The Scene In 2014

Image credits: ceaselesslyintopast

#99 Irvine, Ca. 1976 vs. 2022

Image credits: flykikz

#100 City Hall In Vicksburg, Mississippi (1906 vs. 2018)

Image credits: morganmonroe81

#101 Gavi Gangadharesvara Temple In Bangalore, India. Renovated In The 16th Century Ad By Kempe Gowda, The King Who Fortified Bangalore. Artist And Engraver: Daniell, Thomas (1749-1840). Medium: Aquatint, Coloured. Date: 1808

Image credits: GoobeIce

#102 Gadermal Temple, Madhya Pradesh, India

Image credits: moonstruck9999

#103 Cheomseongdae In Gyeongju, Korea

Image credits: Crafty_Wrongdoer_177

#104 Grand Synagogue, Lodz (1881 – 2022)

Image credits: hankmeisterr

#105 Corregidor Island Hospital In Philippines, 1942 And 2018

Image credits: hankmeisterr


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